That “tiny minority” of Muslim extremists is raising some big money for terrorism

A recent report has revealed that according to The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), terrorist sympathisers in Australia are suspected of having raised many millions of dollars for groups like the reviled Islamic State.

AUSTRAC has apparently “black-flagged” 536 financial transactions that were deemed suspicious in 2014-15 — a 300% increase in one year — and 367 payments were reported to the Australian Federal Police and ASIO for the suspected financing of terrorist groups like Islamic State.

From those payments, disguised mostly as charity donations or education programmes, 170 Australian Muslims are suspected of directly supporting groups or individuals fighting in Syria or Iraq. A total of $53 million is being investigated.

That’s a lot of money, that would certainly be welcomed by any legitimate charity organisation in Australia, as well as any foreign terrorist group. You could buy quite a bit of arms and ammunition with that kind of money in the Middle East. But Muslim apologists keep telling us that Muslim extremists are “only a tiny minority”. But that “tiny minority”, be it terrorists or terrorist sympathisers, seems to be growing all the time, with the potential for a lot more growth it seems. And they obviously have some wealthy contributors.

This is despite all the warnings about financing terrorist groups in the Middle Eastern conflicts, and all the negative publicity the reviled Islamic State has received. It’s food for thought.

It highlights once again the consequences of Australia’s highly questionable immigration, Multiculturalism, and refugee policies.

Aussies funding terrorism: Cash disguised as charity donations went to Islamic State”, The Daily Telegraph, 18 November 2015 (Andrew Carswell)


  1. Let’s cut to the chase and translate that “tiny minority” into numbers.
    Let’s talk of estimated numbers instead of bullshit politically correct minority groups. That way we can better translate how many in actual numbers are coming to Australia. My preferred number would be zero.

  2. Blow up their satellite dishes in the Middle East and agent orange their poppy fields. That should stop them communicating their anti Western ideologies and dry up their money source. Get real and get on with it. Leave it to Mr Putin. Nuke the bastards.

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