France today, Australia tomorrow? Who is to blame?

[From an APP member]

The events of the past few days should be a wake-up call to the Multiculturalists, demonstrating that their ideology is severely and fatally flawed. The attacks by Muslim militants upon the innocent men, women, and children of France, killing 129 people and injuring at least another 350, have made it blindingly clear that Third World immigration, especially Muslim immigration, is a bad idea.

However, it is more than likely that most Multiculturalists will not hear the wake-up call. Multiculturalists will continue to sleep soundly, even though there is an alarm clock blaring at full volume right near their head, blithely snoring on whilst murder and mayhem rage all around them.

They will tell us that it the fault of a few individuals, that Muslim immigration is still a good idea, but that we just have to avoid Islamic radicals. However, the fact is that Islamic radicals are a part and parcel of general Muslim immigration; you can’t have one without the other.

Immigration screening procedures have proved ineffective time after time after time. Exactly how are the immigration authorities going to determine if immigrants are radicals or not? Just ask them? Or spend $10,000 per immigrant on hiring private detectives in the Third World to check them out; as if bribery, corruption, and incompetence were not constant problems in such places, let alone the prospective immigrants having family, friends, and neighbours who are willing to lie for them, or who have a different idea to us in the West as to what constitutes a “moderate”?

The fact is that Muslim immigration encapsulates certain dangers. Violent extremists and murderers are a small percentage of the Islamic population; however, that percentage consists of a large enough number of people as to enable a whole range of terrorist attacks in Australia. And the proportion of the Muslim population who are not moderates is a lot higher than many may think (some of whom may give material aid to the enemy, or may hinder or mislead police investigations).

In fact, various terrorist actions have already been planned for Australia. It was only due to the diligence of our country’s security services, and a bit of luck, that the terrorists were caught before they could carry out their murderous deeds. The planned bombing of the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in New South Wales and the planned bombing of the Melbourne Cricket Ground are just two examples. Can you imagine how many people would have been killed if a bomb went off at a crowded MCG, or how many would have died from a nuclear plant rupturing outside of Sydney?

Now, whenever Muslim terrorist attacks occur, whether it is at the Lindt Café in Sydney, or in the streets of France, the Multiculturalists’ main aim is not to minimize the threat by stopping Muslim immigration, but rather to rush about saying “Don’t blame the Muslims, don’t blame the Muslims!” — because their priority is not to ensure the safety of the nation, but to ensure the continuance of their anti-national ideology.

However, in one respect they are right. People should not be blaming the Muslims for these terrorist attacks; they should be blaming the Multiculturalists; for, despite all the dangers, they deliberately created the situation we are in now — and they continue to make it worse!

Multiculturalists are the most evil and dangerous people within our society. They are complicit in thousands of bashings, rapes, and murders committed by disproportionately violent immigrant groups; they are guilty of arranging the genocide of the Aboriginal peoples and the Australian people by demographic destruction, via massive amounts of Third World immigration; and they are accomplices in all past, present, and future terrorist activities carried out by Islamic extremists in Western countries.

Stop and think about it. These are no fictional exaggerations, these are real-life problems with real-life consequences. Just ask the thousands of victims of Third Worlder bashings and rapes, or ask the families of the victims of murder and terrorism carried out by Third Worlders. If the Multiculturalists had not enabled Muslim and Third World immigration, then our nation would have been saved from this level of horror.

If you want to encourage terrorism, murder, and rape, then support Multiculturalism. If, on the other hand, you want to protect your nation, then become a Protectionist and fight for the future of your people!


  1. Captain T says

    For the love of God Australia needs to re-arm her citizens! The cops will always be a day late and a dollar short after one is murdered at the hands of a Muslim. How do you people plan to protect yourselves? Shovels and pitchforks? Really? Most people don’t even have that. My bad, butter knives and… forks? You’re sitting ducks!! AND you guys have one of the biggest Muslim ass hats running around saying how Muslims should be killing everybody else at universities in Melbourne! Muslims in America are being slow to kill because they know they’ll get blown away by (mostly) any citizen they threaten. How much Australian blood is it going to cost for you guys to get the picture?

  2. Predictably, following the attacks in France,the ‘leaders’ of most Western nations-including France-fronted up to the cameras to say all the right things and reassure the public that ‘they will do all they can’ to keep the public safe. What they won’t tell you is the role they played in creating the mess in the first place-putting their noses into wars that don’t concern them, having an open door policy and accepting thousands of Syrian refugees whom they know nothing about. Rather than protecting us, they’ve left us highly exposed. It’s negligence on their part.

    They should not be sending troops to another war-that’s exactly what they want. Just ignore them, let them kill only each other, and keep our nations safe by deporting those already living in them.

    As for the screening process…..they can’t screen the future jihadis not yet born-and plenty will be. Given the way they breed and are raised, the problem will lie with the Australian born element down the track.

    As for what happened in Pakistan, I’ll give it five years max before a similar attack occurs, or is attempted here.

  3. Replace this ineffectual Government.

  4. A line has been drawn in the sand. There are 1.2 billion muslims and Australia has taken enough of these so called refugees. I see now we have a muslim political party. What’s next, their own sharia laws? Stop muslim immigration and deport the ones who will not integrate into Australian society before it’s too late.
    If as the feeble minded say 75% of muslims are peaceful then that leaves 25% or 300 million muslims that want to destroy our way of life. Just how many of these are in Australia and other Western countries?
    There is urgent need for a referendum to be put to the Australian people on whether Australia is to be turned into an Islamic caliphate or do we stay with our cultural heritage.

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