A report from the Reclaim Australia Rally, Melbourne, July 2015

If one were to believe the news reports concerning the July 2015 Reclaim Australia Rallies, one might be forgiven for thinking the Reclaim people to be nothing more than violent thugs who hold rallies for the Left-wing to attack. The mainstream media, who despite being in attendance, actually seemed to see something entirely different than what I did, and not just a from a different point of view, but as if we had seen two completely different realities!

ReclaimAustraliaRally20150718I arrived at the rally site around 9am, via Collins Street, an hour before it was meant to begin — even at this stage the Left could be heard somewhere down the northern end of Spring Street. The police had formed a huge no-go-zone in front of Parliament House, completely blocking off Spring Street at that point. To begin with, the police I spoke to at the barriers, which formed the no-go-zone, didn’t seem to have any idea what was happening with the Reclaim Rally. At some stage an officer with some sort of rank informed me the rally would be taking place on the opposite side of the fenced off area, between Bourke Street and Little Bourke Street. This meant trying to circle around this area using the back alleys and side streets, which of course were infested with Leftards, who had blocked off a number of these streets illegally. Along the way I found two other lost Reclaimers and the three of us managed to make it to the rally site well before it had begun.

Before I explain my eyewitness account of the Reclaim Australia Rally in Melbourne, I should first explain the circumnavigation of Spring Street to get to the rally site on the other side of the no-go-zone. The Left are a pack of cretins, but their organisational plan for the day has to be respected when compared with Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front. The Left had formed groups for protection and were either standing guard over a number of entrances to the Reclaim Australia rally site, and had what appeared to be roaming groups moving around the back alleys and side streets. Compared with the disconnected individuals and small, scattered groups of the Reclaimers wandering around trying to find the rally, the Left was working in perfect unison. RA should work to replicate this sort of organization. This sort of organisational structure is something Reclaim Australia should strive to equal. I hope it’s not going to take a lone Reclaimer getting him or herself stomped by a gang of Leftist thugs for some sort of safety plan to be put in place to protect supporters.

When we first arrived at the rally site, there was a line of officers spread from one side of the road to the other, standing a few feet apart at the Little Bourke Street end. To begin with, there were no Left-wing thugs, but it didn’t take long for them to start arriving. Not all that long after arriving, the Lefties began slowly assembling in front of this police line. But that too was soon closed off once the lefties began attacking the police lines there, and very quickly escalated into violence as masked thugs began combat with the police. Police quickly reinforced the line by forming a solid wall of officers to halt the Leftie attempts to break through into the rally, the main Leftie horde arrived and halted at the police blockade. There was, to my knowledge, not one single Reclaimer facing off against the Left at that line, as they had gathered around the speakers to listen to them talk. We had our backs to the Left at the Police line, and we had gathered at least fifty metres from them. That fifty metres between us and them was empty of people except for police who would not allow anyone into that area, because the Leftie lines had quickly exploded into violence. The police were taking no chances. Just like what happened on April 4th at Federation Square, Reclaim Australia supporters were cut off with no way to enter or leave, no access to toilets, seating or shelter.

Whilst the violent Lefties clashed with police, we listened to an excellent group of speakers starting with Rosalie Crestani and Daniel Nalliah, then finishing with Mike Holt from Restore Australia. In the background the Left, like a pack of attention-starved children with Attention Deficit Disorder, blasted music, and abused at us to little avail. Very little of what was happening between the Police and the Left could be seen from where we stood. Now and then an object, thrown from the Leftie horde, would land somewhere nearby, but no-one was struck. At about 1pm (?) a large contingent from the United Patriots Front appeared and entered the rally area through the police no-go-zone – this was toward the end of the speeches by R.A. For a short time the UPF gave some short speeches, and people began leaving via the passage which the UPF had entered from.

Many mainstream media outlets begun manipulating the facts almost immediately, by implicating Reclaim Australia in the violent episodes committed by the Left-wing, even when Reclaimers were not involved at all! Obviously the relatively peaceful protests of Reclaim Australia were not fitting the narratives told by their Leftist commentators, and so they had to make up and even fabricate the truth to make it appear that the Right-wing was what they said they are. In an article, ABC News claimed that there were violent scuffles, reminiscent of when the two groups met during the demonstrations at Federation Square. Having been at both rallies, I find this somewhat hard to believe, as both the April and July Melbourne rallies played out in a similar way, with the Left as the main protagonist of violence on both occasions.

So when you are reading the media reports, remember what you have been told here, and understand that the reason the Left was doused with capsicum spray by police was because they, not the Reclaimers, were acting like violent thugs toward police officers! Remember the only racist bigots there that day were the Left-wing ones hurling abuse at white Australians! Remember the only “fascists” to be seen anywhere were actually the trade union Communists behaving in the same way that they like to paint patriots! And most importantly, remember the greatest source of lies, hatred and abuse stemmed from the obviously biased media intent on deceiving the public about what really happened this day!


  1. A little off-topic here, but if you cast your eyes over to the United States and the shooting of a six year old white child by two black police officers …… umm, the silence is deafening. Apparently it didn’t seem shocking enough to warrant a riot or two.
    On the real-life police show, ‘COPS’, a black policewoman arrests a white man for-wait for it-walking along a quiet road. Granted, he was intoxicated, but simply walking, and not driving home. How was he a danger, or a menace to the public, you tell me.
    Similar stories are occurring in every Western nation today-whites are the victims of racism and injustice daily.
    I for one will refuse to suck it up to minorities who’ve done nothing for the world, yet expect everything back in return.
    Endless waves of Muslim, African and Asian refugees are the last thing that Australia needs. Why can’t our government seek the opinions of the Australian people-rather than the UN-before accepting more?

  2. Yes, it amazes me that the immigration department completely ignore the “social fit’ of an immigrant into our society. All they are concerned about is the applicants economic benefit to the country and a possible police record and also the applicants ability top speak English.
    That last one is hardly of concern to these officials since many of the immigrants that I have seen speaking on TV or in person can barely make themselves understood – even if the can speak the language, their accent is so heavy that the words hardly make sense.
    The hundreds of different minority groups we have in Australia all suffer from social exclusion from the mainstream which only goes to prove that multi-culturism simply does not work.

  3. Good account, wish I was there.


  5. As we see with the recent shooting of a police employee by an insane muslim fanatic is only underscoring that many muslims have great difficulty fitting into a christian civilised country.
    Lets have a referendum on future immigration into Australia before its too late.
    Australia for Australians.


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