Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy

As we draw near to April, once again the thoughts of Australians turn to the sacrifices made by previous generations in past conflicts. In regional towns and cities around the country hundreds of thousands of Australians take the time to honour and pay respect to the many Australians who risked their lives for the welfare and security of future generations – but exactly for what did these men fight to defend?

At the time of the Great War, Australia had only been a united nation for a short time and in many ways was still shaking off the colonial mentality. Men from around the nation were thrown together on the battlefields of Europe and the Middle East and through the hellish experiences they endured forged a true notion of nationhood, a sense of national identity and a recognition of what the quintessential character of an Australian really was.

It is easy for the social engineers to scoff at the motivation of these men who fought on the front and the women who served long hours in support roles, often in arduous and archaic conditions.

To these people, our Diggers were nothing more than foolish pawns thrown into the meat grinder of foreign battlefields for the glory of King and Empire.

However, as with all matters historical, it is important to take the facts and motivations in the context of the times.

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  1. We seem to be losing the battle for a true and recognizable Australia. We had an ANZAC spiriit that has now been replaced by knobheaded cockheads that support the non execution of drug runners that knew the risks they face and the cruel damage that the drugs they carry do to Australian youth.
    For Pete’s sake let’s put the Australia back into ANZAC.
    A bit of reality based feedback is needed in this country. If you transport drugs that kill our kids then you deserve what was doled out to these mongrels in Indonesia.

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