Australia Day 2015

On Australia Day we commemorate the beginning of European settlement in this great continent. On this day we should pause to remember all of the great men and women who strived hard and built our nation.

It was on 26 January 1788 that the First Fleet came to Australia, led by Arthur Phillip. They provided a small beginning for what was later to become a thriving modern nation.

The British used convict labour as a tool to open up this wide continent. In time, they were followed by a steady stream of free settlers, especially after the gold rushes of the 1850s.

With the growth of the native-born Australians, we developed our own culture and way of life. This unique culture bloomed, especially from the 1880s and 1890s, and a wave of nationalistic feeling grew throughout the country.

In 1788 the mother colony, New South Wales, was confined to the eastern half of the Australian land mass; it grew to take over the entire continent and its islands, then split into several separate colonies, and then they finally rejoined each other as one great nation in 1901 with the advent of Federation.

All of the hard work of our forebears is endangered due to the damage done to Australia by multiculturalism, mass Third World immigration, political correctness, the demolition of our protective tariff barriers, the selling off of financial assets to foreign companies, and the pushing of a biased Black Armband version of history.

We acknowledge our pioneers and settlers, who poured large quantities of blood, sweat, and tears upon our great land so that it may become a great country for future generations.

We hope that our people of today will fight to defend themselves, their future, and their descendants’ future, and show themselves worthy of the name “Australian”. We owe to it our preceding generations, and to the generations yet to come, to fight for the future of the Australian People.


  1. Instead of worrying so much about the Muslims, you should be more worried about the Asian invasion which is in full swing, buying everything and leaving nothing for Australian born person’s. You worry so much about a burqa , I see more Seihk turbans than anything and their woman wearing nothing but sarihs, and the stink you can only imagine. They have turned suburbs into ghettos and this includes other ethnic groups. I am constantly surrounded by these Asians, Indians,Bangladeshis or worse the new invader on the block, all the peasantry coming from Nepal. Maybe you should concentrate more on these ethnic groups, because they are invading this place more faster than a couple of burqa wearers.

  2. Sadly we are in an era where being politically correct comes before common sense, it’s ok to call us racists, it’s ok to burn our Bibles, it’s ok to spit on an Aussie flag, the flag which my Grandad, Father and Two brothers in Nam fought for, it’s ok to hold up a banner calling for our beheading, it’s ok to be unemployed and never pay a cent in tax if you are a Muslim layabout, some work admittedly, but over 90% don’t according to some stats, all this is ok to both of our elected parties and Police force and Military which throw money, health care at them.

    Yet it is NOT ok to say bugga off, you are not wanted here, you and your ideology, as if any half thinker believes that the Muslim majority gives a rats about being an Aussie, all they seem to be happy with is, trying to bring down this Country to where we bow to them, we change our Laws to suit them, we either embrace them or are labelled bigots, racists etc., they openly tell the media, we hate you kafir, they openly practice Taqiyya and our leaders and liberal minded do gooders smile and say they are good and we no nothing about the peace loving immigrants, funny how all the Chinese, Buddhists, Sikhs etc. have fitted in nicely, we don’t see them blocking off our streets to pray 5 times a day as they do sometimes or did in NSW.

    Get used to it folks, there is no way our bleeding hearts will do anything to stop the spread of Islam, some Muslims actually agree and want things to change, all anyone needs to do is look at the UK now, Norway, Sweden etc., their open door policies have caused nothing but grief, thank God our Cops don’t allow the rapes as they do in the UK.

  3. They showed the citizenship ceremony on the news and sure enough showed an African family receiving their citizenship. They must have had seven kids. Australia’s future there. SBS treated it like a good news story. When inferior races such as these invade our nation, they need housing, welfare, special programs set up for them…..and all at taxpayers expense. Enemies of the state Sarah Hanson Young and Christine Milne would have been popping champagne corks at this sight. Our grandkids are doomed.

  4. It is all part of our very rare history and we should be proud of it, I have my flag flying and won’t take it down for anyone.
    I suppose it is only a matter of time before they replace the Jack with the ISIL one. I lost my uncle George for our flag against the Japs, stick it up them.

  5. I’m proud of Australia just as I have always been, but sadly today leans more and more to hammer the white man. Just when will Australia stand proud on its past?

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