Abbott fawns over World War Two Japanese

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It was with some shock that I read that Prime Minister Tony Abbott had said of the Japanese in World War Two that “We admired the skill and the sense of honour that they brought to their task although we disagreed with what they did. Perhaps we grasped, even then, that with a change of heart the fiercest of opponents could be the best of friends”.

What? Really?

Does he think that the Japanese submariners who killed Australians in Sydney Harbour are worthy of admiration? For what? Torpedoing HMAS Kuttabul and killing 21 sailors (nineteen from the Australian Navy and two from the British Navy).

Or does he think that the Japanese who killed prisoners of war in the Sandakan death marches were showing “honour”? Thousands of prisoners, Australians and their allies, died in that example of “honour”.

Or does he think that the Japanese guards in the Prisoner Of War camps, who brutally treated our soldiers, bashing them, mistreating them, starving them to death, and murdering them, were full of “honour”? During World War Two 22,376 Australians were held as prisoners of war by the Japanese, and 8,031 of them died whilst in Japanese hands, as an example of Japanese “honour”. Over a third of Australian POWs died whilst “guests” of the Japanese. Compare that with the 7,289 Australian POWs captured by the Germans and Italians, of whom 234 died whilst in captivity; that’s 36% dead, compared to 3%.

Or does he think that the Japanese war criminals, who carried out so-called medical experiments on people, were examples of “honour”?

Or does he think that the Japanese soldiers who beheaded Australian soldiers were demonstrating “honour”? Heaven forbid that they should follow the Geneva Convention instead.

Or maybe, just maybe, Tony Abbott is a moron and an idiot who has no business being the Prime Minister of Australia? He might appear to be doing a better job than Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd, but then a drover’s dog could do a better job than them, so that’s hardly a great achievement.

It looks like we have swapped Tweedledum Rudd for Tweedledee Abbott. We have swapped one idiot, who fawned over the Chinese, for another idiot, who fawned over the Japanese. Both of them are an embarrassment to true blue Australians.

Tony Abbott lacks a proper respect for the sacrifices our fighting men made in the past to defend this great nation of ours.

What this country needs are leaders who will put Australia first and foremost before all else, who will not throw away national loyalty for the sake of grubbing for money or trade. We need leaders who will respect our national heritage and protect Australia.

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  1. morbidcuriosity. says

    Sitting on the fence here… There have been factions within most armies including Australia’s armies who weren’t examples of excellence but I agree we shouldn’t be looking at the atrocities of Imperial Japan during WWII and claiming admiration….. However today’s Japan I do respect. They’re for the most part peaceful, and they seem to be saying “you worry about your shit and we will worry about ours” What a world it would be if we all took that approach. As for “pity we only had 2 nukes”…. Well actually I am speechless…..

  2. Robin says

    Never ever forget what Abbott did to One Nation. He is as anti White Australia as the rest of them. The LibLab party despise us and are determined to genocide us. The European, American, Canadian and U.K. White genocide began in earnest a decade before Whitlam/Fraser’s indigenous White hating coalition won office. The joys of diversity are coming to a neighbourhood near all of us.

  3. Trend Prophet says

    What does Abbott know of Australian history. He wasn’t even born in the country. Just like Gillard.

  4. Jamie Anderson says

    The Japanese submariners were ordered to do what they did. They were brave and patriotic. They didn’t start the war FFS!

    • Say what you like but, which ever way you cut it the Japanese did many brutal and cowardly deeds during the war and they will never outlive their cowardly treachery,
      Their cowardly acts and brutality will always overshadow any thin veneer of bravery.

  5. Yes right on bulldust!!!!!!!.pity we had only 2 nukes. Never must we forget their cruelty and contempt for our culture.
    Whats wrong Tony, have you gone a bit dipsy or troppo. They were bastards, never must we mix up the truth with bending the facts to make a quick buck

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