Islamic extremists in Australia

The arrest of alleged Islamic extremists in Australia, and the issues raised regarding the alleged planned beheading of random Australians, has once again raised the problem of Islamic extremism in our country. Some past articles on this subject may be of interest to readers:

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  1. Pauline Hanson and Jackie Lambie are the voice of mainstream Australia that the two ‘major’ parties refuse to give us. Even Scott Morrison in his many interviews refuse to go off message and condemn Islam as a threat to our way of life,like Communism is considered to be.
    As Lambie is part Aborigional, her saying this gives the argument additional credibility. The leftards won’t jump on her so readily.
    Women,Gays, Christians,Jews,Aborigionals……and the Greens will have no reason to celebrate if Islam becomes a majority in this nation. We’ve all seen what a pest they are when they’re just 2% of the population. Imagine them at 5%,then 10% then 70%………..

  2. maria martin says

    These people make me sick – if they don’t like Australia and our way of life, you all go back to your own countries.

  3. the ringer from west says


  4. I have to be honest. I’ve listened to extremist moslems and I’ve listened to moderate moslems and I can’t really tell the difference. Their message is only differentiated by the degree of fervor and expressed hatred.
    What puzzles me is that if moslems hate us to the degree as is being currently expressed then why do they come to Australia and why do they stay? And why do racial vilification laws that apply to European Australians not kick in for all racists including the moslem hate merchants? It seems to me that only whites are targeted as racists and these non-whites are exempt from racist vilification safeguards.
    Its an odd way of encouraging racial harmony.

  5. If you want to get rid of a cancer you have to cut it ALL out. Stop mucking us around and get the job done before it is too late. You have no choice or you will perish.

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