Beheadings planned, but politicians ignore the underlying problem

According to news reports, Islamic extremists in Australia had planned to behead random Australian citizens. It has been reported that there was an intention to kidnap someone off the street, behead them, and record the act on video. The Islamic extremists are allegedly linked to the dangerous ISIL movement (also known as ISIS).

The Western world has already been witness to the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker David Haines, as well as dealing with the attempted decapitation on a London street of murdered British soldier Lee Rigby. Apparently, it was intended that Australia would also be the recipient of some Islamic jihad violence.

Over 800 police officers were used to mount simultaneous raids upon people suspected of extremist activities. Police seized various materials, including a sword with Islamic or Arabic markings on it. It has been alleged by prosecutors that Islamic extremists had planned to “shock, horrify and potentially terrify” the Australians public with their brutal actions.

The Prime Minister, Liberal leader Tony Abbott, said “There are, I regret to say, networks of people here in this country who, despite living here, despite enjoying the Australian way of life, they would do us harm and it’s very important that our police and security organisations be one step ahead of them and I think this morning they were.”

The raids were conducted just a week after the terrorism threat level to Australia had been raised from medium to high. In relation to the raising of the public security alert, Labor Party leader, Bill Shorten, had announced that “The prime minister and I are partners when it comes to national security . . . We are in this together”.

The Attorney-General, George Brandis, said “If ASIO and the AFP and the Queensland and NSW police had not acted today there is a likelihood this would have happened”.

The Premier of NSW, the Liberal Party’s Mike Baird, announced to would-be terrorists “If you have any intent to bring overseas conflicts here, if you have any intent to threaten the security of this community, we will hunt you down.”

Yet, with all these fine words and collective puffing of chests by Australia’s political leaders, they have all ignored the underlying problem. And that is because they dare not deal with the problem, because it is an inherent part of their political ideology. Both Liberal and Labor politicians have politically invested themselves in the continuation of the failed political ideology of Multiculturalism and highly dangerous programmes of massive Third World immigration.

All of these Islamic extremists did not just drop out of thin air. They were brought here under the immigration programmes of Liberal and Labor governments (and recruited further adherents), and their alienation from the Australian way of life was furthered by government promotion of Multiculturalism and its spin-off problems.

If groups of school teachers brought thousands of dogs into school playgrounds, and then all puffed out their chests about how they foiled attacks by pit bulls, should they be congratulated for their fantastic actions, or be condemned for their stupidity, if not wanton endangerment of innocent lives? Condemnation should be the obvious response.

Yet, when Liberal and Labor politicians bring in hundreds of thousands of Third World immigrants, known to include elements with high rates of criminal violence and political violence, we are supposed to congratulate them on how wonderful they are for stopping some attacks?

The menace to Australia that comes with huge numbers of Third World immigrants is clear to anyone with common sense and who takes the time to investigate the facts.

It is all very well for those Liberal and Labor politicians who live in plush suburbs or million dollar mansions to endanger the future of ordinary Australians, because they will never have to experience the day-to-day problems of people who are forced to flee suburbs like Lakemba, or who live or work in areas with high crime rates.

The current leaders of this country care nothing for the future of the Australian People. We should not be fooled into thinking that they are doing us any favours when they are the cause of the problems in the first place.

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  1. Who is willing to work with me to start off a petition for referendum on Islamic immigration?

  2. Its o.k. for mosques to open their doors to promote better understanding of Islam, but, the above placards say it all. I reckon most of most of us have a pretty good understanding of what Islam is all about.

  3. The sign reads “Islam will dominate the world”

    I blame God. What was He thinking when He sent His archangel to meet Mohammed ? Being omniscient, He must have known what was going to happen!

  4. The spaztards who are in control of every Western nation are leading our culture, race and way of life into the history books. Let me cite some examples-

    – Endless hordes allowed in from Africa, Asia and the Muslim world who could be anyone who could have Ebola or god knows what. They could be terrorists. We really know nothing about them.

    – They’ve involved us in another bloody war in the Middle East that will make us targets of the many hordes of Muslims they’ve already let in for years to come.

    -The Ebola crises in Africa-of course the West has to sort it out for them when really it should just run its course. Too many are dying because too many are being born.

    -They’ve surrendered our manufacturing over to China and Thailand by dropping tariffs, rather than the unions.

    -They’ve forced Third World immigration on us, without first taking it to a referendum-then boast on TV that ‘Australia has embraced multiculturalism’. Obviously, they didn’t ask me.

    And finally, when a terrorist finally does strike us on home soil, the PM of the day will take the credit for cracking down on terror cells. Akin to him bringing a beehive into your house and then taking the credit for going to buy the Mortein.

    Our ‘leaders’ are the problem. It began with them.

  5. The sign reads “Islam will dominate the world”. Well it will certainly dominate Australia if the Greens have anything to say. It will also certainly dominate Australia if we don’t stop Islamic immigration here. It’s up to the Australian public to push for a referendum on immigration.

  6. the ringer from the west says

    United we stand divided we fall – looks like we fall.

  7. Australia, I beg you to deport every last Third World immigrant. The produce nothing except violence and hate, they are a burden on the public, they are envious of all your great country stands for and have no abilities that would enhance your society. Look at America, particularly liberal run major US cities, and you’ll see what the future will bring if you do not change course.

  8. Aussiescot When will all Western governments and the long list of Islamophiles come to realise that there in no such being as a non-radicalised Muslim?

  9. We need to round them all up, revoke their Passports, tell the lawers to go to hell and send them back where they came from. Even if they were born here they will neve assimilate. We did it in WW2 and we can do it now.
    Different times require different measures, I am sick of them hiding behind our weak laws that they are using against us.
    Time to toughen up and stick it up them.
    Filthy swine.

  10. It’s only when we conceive of the Nation as an extended family, rather than an economic unit hosting a bunch of mutually suspicious and often hostile tribes, that we will ever enjoy peace.
    To integrate the tribes that we have allowed residence since the late 1970’s, we need at least 20 years of no more immigration at all. There is no moral, economic, cultural or environmental justification for continued mass immigration. End it now.

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