Terrifying findings of Australia’s immigration system

A recent report by Fairfax media has exposed alarming rates of abuse and fraud within Australia’s immigration system.

Hundreds of pages of leaked confidential departmental documents reveal a grim picture of Australia’s ability to handle potentially dangerous criminals able to abuse our immigration systems.

Dr. Bob Birrell, an immigration expert from Monash University, who reviewed the documents, said that these findings were a “massive double standard” regarding the Coalition’s promises to control those immigrants arriving by boat, while the previous failings of the system under the previous government were never rectified. The prevalence towards the abuse of the system by those who arrive here is alarming, and its prevalence cannot be overstated. The current government was elected by the Australian people with this pledge as a major aspect of their campaign. That such information is now revealed, paints an alarming picture of our immigration system.

The implications of this information are widespread with reported instances of people-smuggling and potentially terrorist-linked groups and individuals being capable of moving through the system without penalty or repercussion. If our government cannot protect us from its own immigration system, then these risks and threats to our society demonstrate the folly of our continued mass immigration programme.

Rates of system abuse are particularly notable in some areas, with estimations that 9 in 10 skilled migrant visas may be fraudulent. It was also assessed in an internal inquiry in 2012, that more than 90 per cent of migration applications from Afghanistan involved “fraud of some type”. These findings have raised “people smuggling, identity fraud, suspected child trafficking and national security implications”. A confidential memo from an Immigration Department manager warned agency chiefs that there was a rise in the risk to national security from immigrants as the department’s ability to investigate had “collapsed”.

It was found in 2013 that the department’s investigation capacities for immigrants is in “far worse condition than at any time in its history” and that “major organisers of fraud on Australia’s immigration and citizenship programs realistically need have little fear of detection”.

Rates of fraud have also extended out to the General Skilled Migration program with investigators also estimating that the fraud is at approximately 90 per cent as well.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has expressed scepticism towards this information and has now ordered a departmental report to determine the severity of the system abuse. Whether this will confirm the compromising information, or come to deny it, is unknown for now, but it is certainly a terrifying unveiling of Australia’s immigration system.

There are no excuses for the government’s inability to ably manage and monitor our immigration systems to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Australian people. We allow immigrants into this country with the insistence and assurance that those who arrive here are to our nation’s benefit time and time again. Yet when the true face of the modern immigration system is revealed, we are left with no choice but to question these claims once again.

That these alarming trends have taken place, and with no real assurance at this point that they will be stopped; shows it is clearly time for Australia to stop its mass immigration program. All of these damning findings are another reminder to question the supposed benefits mass immigration brings to our nation.

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  1. Aussies have known this for years, that there is fraud happening within the Immigration
    Department. There needs to be a Royal Commission into who put these rat bags into
    these high positions within our Government Departments?

  2. Now we have a “suspected” beheading of a random member of the public by these mongrels. Who let these people into Australia?

  3. the ringer from the west says

    The Labour and Liberal parties are joined at the hip.

  4. The g Factor says

    The whole immigration system is becoming a joke – in fact it’s about time the system was seriously wound down or cut out completely. Australia’s immigration rate is more than double that of Britain or the US but our economy is only growing marginally better than theirs. Japan – with a falling population – is managing healthy economic growth, so its obvious you don’t have to flood a country with migrants just to get the economy growing.

  5. What do you expect?, they come from third world countries and that is what they are taught,from cradle to grave.
    Survival at any cost and they are good at it, probably that is why you never see any coloured homeless people in the CBD.
    Instead of doing research on stress for dogs why don’t they give our Brothers a shelter and some food.
    “NO CHILD SHALL LIVE IN POVERTY BY THE YEAR 2000” give me a break!. Child? Well, we have more than that to contend with now because of these ineffective stupid Labor policies.
    I pray Abbott will stick it right up them all, and STOP all this middle class welfare and give it to the real poor of this so called LUCKY country.

  6. It’s quite simple really, stop all non White people coming here.
    Enoch Powell had it right nearly 46 years ago. Migration from other countries with different work ethics,religion, or morals is doomed to failure.

    • Eddy

      Spot on…Enoch Powell was right on the money.

      Perhaps someone here can help me out. I have been saying for awhile that there are no successful multicultural societies. By successful I mean fully integrated, peaceful, and without need of special laws for enforce “harmony”. And by multicultural I don’t mean Australia’s experience of post war European migration either….that is just multicult lite as all Europeans share a common culture with differing variants.

      Fiji…….Indian vs Polynesian
      Indonesia………..Malays vs chinese
      Malaysia……….Malaysvs chinese vs indian
      Singapore………Chinese vs malays and indians
      Philippines……..various cultures, muzzies in the south and their insurgency
      China……..muzzies in west vs han chinese also han vs Tibetans
      India……….hindus vs muzzies vs sikhs
      Sri Lanka…..Sinhalese vs Tamils
      Africa…..tribal shitstorm all over
      Middle East…..say no more
      Europe….Muzzies wanting Sharia law, sucking welfare dry, raping white girls.
      US……..Whites vs blacks vs hispanics

      So can anyone point out to me a successful multicult society? If not, it’s a great trump card to play against our brainwashed friends and associates and to help free them from PC programming.


  7. Maybe we should halt all immigration into Australia until revered and much loved pollies and bureaucrats can fine tune this mess.
    It’s what we have all known for ages but use common folk like us have been gagged by racial vilification laws.

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