Can Tony Abbott be trusted?

Many Australians were, quite rightly, unhappy with Julia Gillard when she promised, before she won the 2010 election, that her Labor government would definitely not introduce a Carbon Tax, but then turned around and broke her promise once she got into government. People felt that Gillard could not be trusted, and they were right.

But now we have a similar situation with Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government. They went into the 2013 election promising that they would bring in measures to ensure freedom of speech in Australia, by getting rid of the Multiculturalist legislation against people making comments about race and ethnicity (such as was used against Andrew Bolt in the notorious Eatock v Bolt case); but now that the Liberal Party has attained power, Abbott has turned around and broken that promise.

Of course, this should be no surprise to those who have followed Tony Abbott’s political career, from his organizing of a shady campaign against Pauline Hanson, to his well-publicized comments about not always meaning what he said when speaking to the media, somehow drawing a distinction between “standard conversation” and “scripted remarks”; a shady bit of spin-doctoring if ever there was one – certainly not an attitude you would want to hold up before the children of Australia as a shining example of how to conduct yourself as a person of strong morals.

The Multiculturalism laws were put into Australia’s law books by Liberal and Labor politicians with an agenda of silencing people who spoke out against Multiculturalism, Third World immigration, and other aspects of their disastrous Multiculturalist immigration policies. The Multiculturalism laws are potentially very wide-ranging in their capacity, and our nation has not yet seen the full extent of the fascist-style ramifications that come with such laws against free speech.

The real test of a country’s commitment to freedom of speech is whether all points of view are able to be publicly expressed on all cultural, political, and social issues, especially opinions which are not approved of by the ruling establishment. If a nation’s citizens do not have the freedom to speak openly on all topics, then that country has failed the test.

The Multiculturalism laws in this country are not about people being “offended” or “vilified” (words which are open to broad interpretation, and are matters of subjective opinion), they are about the advocates of Multiculturalism deliberately and fascistically stifling a broad and full debate on issues which are of concern to Australians about matters of public policy.

If a conservative government were to bring in laws banning the “vilification” of capitalists and rich people, claiming that such vilification could lead to violence against people of wealth, then there would be a major outcry in the media against such an obviously dodgy and sleazy attempt to silence political opponents. The same applies to the Multiculturalism laws; they are an obviously dodgy and sleazy attempt to silence political opponents, they are an authoritarian attempt to silence criticism of the policies and effects of Multiculturalism and Third World immigration. The media in general do not criticize those laws, because the majority of journalists adhere to the authoritarian concept of Political Correctness.

The Multiculturalism laws in this country are nothing but laws against freedom of speech. The fact that Tony Abbott and the Liberal government have now reneged on their promise to get rid of such laws shows that they cannot be trusted. As if they ever could be.

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  1. ringer from the west says

    At the next election vote LIBOR.

  2. I think that these amendments to the multi culti were a red herring to toughen up the anti terrorism act.
    What I do believe is that Australia is a far more violent and fractured society since we’ve taken in all these refugees especially some of the middle eastern folk. It would be far better to be a bit more discerning about who we take in and we the Australian people should have a say on the future composition of this country by way of a referendum.
    Immigration is by far too important a topic to be left to politicians, they just aren’t smart enough or savvy enough to care or understand the long term ramifications of their actions.

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