Government resettlement policy of returning home asylum seekers should be expanded

It has been revealed that the federal government has been willing to increase its offer of payments and support to asylum seekers residing in Australia on bridging visas, so that they can voluntarily be returned and safely resettled in their countries-of-origin.

These assistance packages have apparently been in place for some years, but until now haven’t been highlighted; perhaps because of concerns that it would merely encourage more asylum seekers to chance coming to Australia.

It’s fair to say that Australia now has in power a new federal government finally seriously about stopping the people smuggling trade, and, for now, they have successfully done so. So they’re now willing to discuss these resettlement policies.

Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer speaking on Sky News stated that “These are people who are voluntarily returning home and . . . it is safe for them to return home. It is simply to allow them to set their lives back up when they do return home. And it is done on an individual basis.”

“We want to make sure that when people return home that they are set up for success,” she continued.

The packages being offered are in the amount of $10,000 for Lebanese, but considerably less is required to help resettle other asylum seekers from other Asian or African countries. Considering the very high rate of unemployment amongst asylum seekers, once they have been accepted as refugees in Australia, and hence the ongoing amount of money required from the Australian taxpayer, the resettlement packages seem very much like a win-win situation.

But why stop at asylum seekers? The policy should be expanded, and resettlement assistance packages should also be offered to migrants from a range of culturally incompatible backgrounds.

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  2. Perhaps Malcolm Fraser,Sarah Hanson too Young or Ian Rintoul should spend a week with the long suffering officers in the Middle Eastern crime squad (notice how they now have a crime squad dedicated to only them?) or the poor witnesses to the stabbing carried out in Parramatta Westfield two days ago by a refugee who arrived by boat and given protection by the useless Rudd/Gillard circus. Notice how Sarah has remained silent over that stabbing,yet wouldn’t shut up over the asylum seeker who was beaten to death in Manus Island who ‘came to us for help’?
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  3. There needs to be a change in public perception of what it is to be Australian. We don’t need nor do we want our heritage and traditions to take second place to any overseas Johnny come lately that refuses to assimilate into the Australian culture and look down on our hard fought for traditions. We don’t want multi cultural clap trap, we want Australian culture.
    As for paying illegals to return back to where they come from, we should garnish the cost to the Australian taxpayer from their assets and just ship them back to international waters as far from Australia as possible.
    There is proof that many of these so called refugees are anything but poor.

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