“End of the Road” for our car industry — a must watch!

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Four Corners, on ABC TV, have produced a show about Australia’s car manufacturing industry, called “End of the Road”. It aired on Monday the 14th of April 2014, but it will be repeated on Saturday the 19th of April, and it is also currently available on the internet.

This is a brilliantly created documentary, which should be watched by all Australians. It shows the disastrous effects of Australia’s politicians dismantling the effective system of tariff barriers which once supported our car industry.

As a subjective view, it could be said that in the 1950s and 1960s the tariff barriers had been placed too high, which stifled the creativeness and competiveness of our car manufacturers. However, approximately by the 1970s Australia’s tariff barriers were at a sensible and moderate level. There was enough protection for our car industry, associated industries, and all of the workers who were employed in those areas. The Australian car industry had become innovative, servicing the Australian public very well, and the vast majority of cars on our roads were Australian made.

But, from the 1980s, both Labor and Liberal governments began dismantling our country’s tariff barriers, which led to the destruction of our once-valued car industry. If the Labor and Liberal governments were doctors, they could have been sued for criminal negligence, for the wanton disregard they showed for the health of their patients.

The automotive industry in Australia is one of the most important parts of our manufacturing sector. If you have an interest in the future direction of our nation, then watch “End of the Road”.

End of the Road”, Four Corners (ABC), 14 April 2014 (Stephen Long and Clay Hichens)
Four Corners: The End of the Road”, ABC Iview [“available until 9:30pm on 28 April 2014”]


  1. Bet you that these exec’s with enormous payouts put their “hard earned” cash into overseas corporations whilst at the same time urging the government to go easy on “excessive” welfare programs.
    You can see it now: the exec’s and pollies alike having a back scratching contest over the swill trough

  2. The real problem with the Australian auto industry? It is foreign owned. Australia cannot make decisions like export or export more. Another new factor thanks to carbon dioxide is the need to produce a ratio of big engine and small engine vehicles, which could make it difficult to specialise in big engine cars. Australia must make its own small medium and large cars plus wagons, utes and SUV’s.Australia could develop a huge export on ute sales alone.Germany Mercedes VW and BMW do it, so can Australia.It is interesting to note there are no Australian vehicles purchased or hired by the mining industry. It is 95% Toyota. The hire companies do not provide Ford Or Holden I spoke to Ford about this, they were uninterested.Australia must act right now to create an Australia auto industry. To wait will be to late. In 1972 Ford exported 25%. We did it then we can do it again. Cabs get 1,000,000 k’s from a falcon engine. Australian auto manufacturing is world class. Ford 5 star safety. Latest Holden receiving high status reviews. America will resist. The fight will be on. With the right leadership it could be done.

    Please forward a copy of this email to me

    Brian Johnston

  3. Our ‘leaders’ are giving away our manufacturing sector,farms,real estate and way of life to the (mainly) Chinese,among others. In the near future there will be nothing left to give. Even with the manufacturing we actually still do have, the floors are staffed mainly by Chinese,and other Asian immigrants.
    Multiculturalism and ‘free’ trade agreements……..yes they’ve really helped Australians haven’t they??
    And now politicians want us to work until we’re 70! How lovely……..smash ourselves for 55 years,retire at 70,have maybe 5-10 years for ourselves before dropping flat. In stark contrast, look at former pollies like Gough Whitlam. He’s nearly 100,hasn’t worked since Elvis was still alive and has costed taxpayers how much in that time?
    Its time we stood up and made it clear this isn’t good enough.

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