APP vote recommendations for the WA Senate re-election, 5th April 2014

The APP recommends a vote for any of the following: Rise Up Australia (Group Z), Katter’s Australian Party (Group AC), or the Australian Voice Party (Group K).

Or you may also wish to vote for the Smokers Rights Party, Australian Christians, Freedom and Prosperity Party, Building Australia Party, The Mutual Party, the Fishing and Lifestyle Party, the Shooters and Fishers, or the ungrouped Independent Teresa van Lieshout (you must number all the boxes if voting for Ms van Lieshout).

If you choose to number all the boxes, we recommend the Socialist Alliance and the ungrouped independent Kim Mubarak be placed last, just behind the Greens, Labor, Sex Party and Liberal candidates.


  1. GROW UP AUSTRALIA!!! Who has time for all this rubbish, Mr Abbott will fix you all up.

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