“Racism” on social media isn’t the greatest injustice facing Australia

Australia’s new Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane stated his concerns recently about Australians expressing “racism” on social media. He was in Perth the other day to address students at the University of WA, and mentioned an apparent “very marked increase” in cyber-racism complaints.

Australians are so often being lectured about the evils of “racism”, as though it’s the most pressing injustice that our country faces. It’s apparently so important that we even need to employ a full time Race Discrimination Commissioner to go around the country (at taxpayers’ expense) wagging his finger at his countrymen when they dare to think the “wrong” thoughts, or type the “wrong” things on social media.

And the current Race Discrimination Commissioner, as part of his public addresses, simply bleats the same old standard propaganda message that every other Race Discrimination Commissioner before him has always bleated; that Australian society is “winning the battle against racism, but more needs to be done”.

This would make any nationalists groan and roll their eyes. In reality, for a nation to leap into a vast, contrived socio-demographic policy like Multiculturalism (with no limits set), and insisting there to be no “racism” as a consequence, is very much like leaping into a river and insisting you not get wet.

Appointed to his position by the previous Labor government, Tim Soutphommasane (don’t ask us to pronounce his surname) is more than the Race Discrimination Commissioner. He is also a professional Multicultural propagandist, who has written and commentated extensively on the apparent value of Multiculturalism to Australian society. (Hence the previous Labor government rewarding him).

Like so many of his mould, Tim appears to view Multiculturalism as an end in itself, and any opposition to it as invalid and unacceptable “racism” that society must “battle against”. He is also on record as supporting racial vilification laws. And has Tim ever defined any point where he thinks Australia will be “diverse enough”?

But whilst the Race Commissioner may be concerned with protecting precious minority groups from adverse treatment or hurtful comments, we in the APP are concerned with an infinitely more important matter. We are concerned with preserving our country’s unique Western-based culture and identity, and with stopping Australia’s rapid demographic slide towards effectively becoming AusChindiastan.

Many Australians who don’t wear Tim Soutphommasane’s blinkers, want to protect their country from the degradation that unlimited Multiculturalism inevitably brings, and stop more of it going the way of crime-infested multicultural Western Sydney, where there’s now an average of two shootings occurring per week.

Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: …

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

From 982,519 in 2001, the number of Asian-Australians has swollen to 2.4 million in 2011 – or from 5.5 per cent of us to 12 per cent. The more than doubling of Australia’s Asian population has been happening every decade, and can only lead to White Australians becoming a minority in their own country.

Multiculturalism has a dangerous end-game, especially in light that its adherents will never set any limits. They have never, and probably will never, define any point where Australia becomes “diverse enough”, and can then stop taking in any more immigrants from the Asia or the Third World. The sinister influences of Cultural Marxism and Racial Nihilism are hard at play, and can only lead to one eventual outcome.

This process should be called for what it really is – a process of immigration-driven racial and cultural genocide being imposed on the White Australian people. When it comes to racial injustice in Australia, THIS, and not a few over-the-top comments made on social media, is the greatest injustice that’s occurring!

And surely it’s perfectly logical that when a people are being displaced in their own country, that they may express a few frustrations about it on Facebook or Twitter!

Yes, of course, some individuals may occasionally go over the top with making very offensive or inappropriate comments, but it’s not like they haven’t been provoked by the disastrous direction of our immigration policy! But to the Multiculturalist bullies, any attitude that isn’t completely favourable towards Third World immigrants is automatically unacceptable.

This epitomises the morally corrupt Multiculturalist mindset. They espouse a completely loaded value system. They actually seem to think that mainstream Australians should just lie there happily and not raise any objections at all to the vast numbers of alien peoples now colonising Australia. No matter what the cost to Australia, we are automatically obligated not to raise any objections at all!

Because if we did, that would be “racism”, and “racism” can only be wrong. Such is the loaded pseudo-morality and extreme dogmatism being imposed in today’s social environment by the politically correct thought police.

But as we in the APP have asked before “What could be more racist than a genocidal immigration programme?

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  1. Joseph Andrews says

    Great Article. Please be more active. We can’t win this discussion by preaching to the converted. As long as APP ONLY blog on there own site we can’t get any traction… Please start getting out there. Call 2GB and make an argument… PLEASE!!!

  2. A Good article, but unfortunately if Europe is anything to go by and the lack of comments on this blog, enough Australians won’t understand the dangers just like the people of Europe until its too late. Look at Paris this weekend, riots and Jewish places of worshipped attacked, but enough people won’t wake up until its way too late.

  3. In a way I agree that there is racism on social media but it does not come from Australians. Just take a look at the slurs leveled against the early Australian settlers. All settlers are being maligned at the expense of a few errant individuals. Just take a look at who is casting these aspersions and if this isn’t racism against Australians then obviously the definition of racism has changed to exclude certain minorities.

  4. I’m continually disappointed by the apathy of white Australians.

  5. So sad, and so true.

    Multiculturalism is a one way road: it always means that people of North-European heritage have to accept, give, share, understand, embrace, celebrate, welcome and become more humane towards other cultures, no matter how hostile or incompatible.

    How long is this self-inflicted self-destruction and genocide will be continuing for?

  6. The g Factor says

    Unfortunately it’s only deracinated whites that put up with this crap. I wonder if Tim Sout.. is worried about the continuous racial bias in the mainstream media – both in news and entertainment – that adversely affects white people in a number of ways.

  7. Racism, racism, you would think white folks had a monopoly on it, well I have news for those idiots if you have ever been to South America, I have never encountered such racism, they call us Gringo scum and try to rip you off at every turn. You don’t even have to go outside Australia even the Aboriginals don’t like their kids to marry blacker people of their own race; that goes for South America too. And as for Japan they are comparable to the Nuremberg laws of the 30s. I hate this bullshit these armchair white bourgeois idiots keep sprouting; you never see them marrying outside their own race, just a bunch of bloody hypocrites. Do as I say, not as I do.
    I am proud to be white and people in Australia should thank their lucky stars the British got here before the Japs, because these stupid whingers wouldn’t be here.

  8. There was a show on SBS last week called ‘Bradford-city of dreams’. If not for the British architecture and accents,you’d swear this was filmed in Pakistan. It was centred on PakiBrits talking about themselves and how well they’re doing for themselves. Goodo. No opinion was sought from the whites about the fact their city(and nation) is being indelibly changed. I watched it and weeped.
    If you view southern England from space,you’ll see they have towns of all sizes at least every twenty kilometres. They’ve virtually run out of space. Why are they still importing third world migrants who they not only don’t have room for,but who arn’t compatible with their culture or way of life? And once they arrive,they’re still yet to breed……
    I can see Europe,North America and Australia becoming Minority white in my lifetime…..and to think it was never put to a vote.

    • I would love to see Europe North America and Australia become white minority in your life time, so that you understand how one feels when they are discriminated based on skin color. Not sure why UK imported so many Pakis, but I know why Australia does. Australia needs well educated people who want to work and pay taxes. So here we are.
      Also it wouldn’t hurt too much if you are a bit more tolerant for other cultures and ways of life.

      • Ok Waqas, allow me to kindly eviscerate your logic here. Whites don’t need to become a minority to understand how discrimination based on skin colour feels because we already know, It’s called affirmative action. What is this new phrase I speak of ? It’s the process of setting aside vacancies to minorities such as in employment for example. Now that makes perfect sense doesn’t it, all people are equal it’s just that certain people need special treatment to prove how equal they are! Try researching how well South African Boers are doing under ANC governance for the last 20 years and tell me that’s an appropriate outcome!!!
        Put simply the U.K. “imported” so many Pakis because that is a side effect of having a global empire! As for Australia, are you trying to be funny? Well educated people who want to work and pay taxes you have to be joking? Explain why we stopped taking refugees from Europe with similar cultures to our own and started importing migrants from the third world? Vietnam, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq the list goes on. Fewer than 1 in 10 refugees find work and contribute to society and more gallingly have no interest in becoming part of society. As for the skilled migrants imported over the years I’m yet to see what they have to offer that Australian’s can’t.
        Your last comment Waqas is what pisses me off about people like you. You say we should be a bit more tolerant hhhhhmmmmm ok. We in this push over of a country allow immigrants their place of worship, their cultural dress, cultural food, protect them under mountains of anti vilification laws and allow all equal property and employment rights under the law and you have the hide to say we need to be more tolerant! I’m assuming by your name you are Pakistani so I ask you should we be as open and cultured and welcoming that Pakistan is known for? That wonderful nation that is known for honour killings, forced conversions for Pakistani Christians to Islam, feudalism, sectarian violence and terrorism.
        Waqas I would love a response, I’m only getting warmed up!

  9. For the most part a good article, and a good point you are making too, however, there are a few points I’d like to add. First off you mentioned: “White Australians becoming a minority in their own country”. Perhaps it would have been better to say nation instead of country, as i’m sure our indeginous fellas would take issue with this, and the left will tear into for that reason.
    We also need to understand where this madness of the multi cultural drive comes from in order to start to combat it. It comes from all the stalinists seeded throughout our universities who in order to ‘break’ the ‘west’ or ‘christendom’ decided the best way was to destroy us from within. How do you do that? Divide and conquer by creating a nation of ‘tribes’ rather than a unified nation.
    Last but not least, How do APP intend to combat it?

  10. Perhaps Tim Sout (I’m too lazy to complete his surname) should move to Japan,China or India and become race discrimination commissioner in one of those countries.
    If he wants multiculturism. then please encourage it in non-Western nations as well. The racism of these countries would surely keep him busy. But nup-it only applies to us.
    People like him have nothing to say about the real racism that goes on in South Africa or Grimbabwe.
    If these people stayed in their own countries where they belonged,there’d truly be no ‘racism’.
    Concern for your own culture,people and way of life is not racism,in fact its perfectly reasonable.

  11. Make way for the thought police. They can make laws till the cows come home but you can’t control people’s minds, thank God.

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