Shane Warne gushing over Bob Hawke, what was he thinking?

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Shane Warne was doing the commentary at the cricket recently when former Prime Minister Bob Hawke turned up. Warnie gushed about Hawke, telling everyone what a wonderful Prime Minister he was.

What . . . the . . . Friar Tuck? What was he thinking?

Hawke’s government gave a lot of funding to sports, so maybe that was what Warnie was thinking of. Because, in so many other areas, Hawke was a traitor to his nation.

Hawke’s great strength was that he looked and acted like “one of the people”. He came across as a “larrikin” type, who talked like an Aussie, looked like an Aussie, and acted like an Aussie. He talked Strine, drank beer, and loved cricket and footy. But the look was quite different to the reality.

Hawke sold Australia out.

The government of Bob Hawke took great delight in destroying the tariff barriers that protected our industries, set up a vast network of socialist bureaucracies, allowed foreigners to buy up huge chunks of Australian assets, put our currency at the mercy of foreign speculators, brought in massive amounts of Third World immigration to change the face of Australia, and imposed policies of government-paid multiculturalism to undermine our national culture.

Bob Hawke was one of the worst Prime Ministers that this country has ever had the misfortune to suffer. The damage that he did to this country was massive. He ranks right up there with Malcolm Fraser and Paul Keating, as far as bad PMs go.

We should never forgive or forget the successive Liberal and Labor governments that have pushed globalist policies upon our nation, as none of them have had the interests of the Australian people at heart.

Shane Warne can be forgiven for his poor political commentary; after all, his field of expertise is cricket, not politics. However, informed patriots may find it a lot harder to forgive Bob Hawke, because of the long-term damage that he and his government did to Australia.


  1. Sorry Paul. Malcolm Fraser was a disaster! He pretended he was on the right but he
    was a “Far Leftie”. He started SBS and what a piece of work that has turned out to be!
    He pushed this MultiCulti without telling the Australian people what it really meant.
    The Australian People expected after the incompetence of Whitlam they would revert
    back to what Australia could really become. That never happened and we have been
    going backwards ever since then. They have set-up Aussie to be destroyed by Marxist/
    Communism/Humanism it is all the same. Mad Malcolm is still getting Tax-Payers Money
    and does not care about his Fellow Australians because he is too busy rearranging
    Aussie to become a basketcase. It is time to bring out of the dark and into the light what
    these dreadful people have done to our Beautiful Country. We are sick of carrying them!

  2. Shane Warne can’t even put a sentence together. He has had his day, and he was never
    Captain material. There are plenty of people that play cricket better than him!!
    Well Bob the Yob is still part of the Ex PM’S Industry making sure that they use the Aussie
    Tax Payer up. It is always about Money, Power and a Deviant Brain! There are a lot of
    Aussies furious that Whitlam is still being paid by the Tax-Payer. It is time this rort was
    discussed and finished. We have contacted our member of Parliament, it is time this came
    out of the dark into the light.

  3. In fairness to Malcolm Fraser, while he wasn’t by any means the best PM Australia’s had, he was better than Hawke or anyone since. The real tragedy is, that the circumstances in which he came to power in 1975 undermined his legitimacy in the long term and when the economic going got tough, the electorate readily turned against him.
    There was no need for him to do what he did; Whitlam was on the way out, Dismissal or no Dismissal. If Fraser had waited until 1977 when Whitlam would have had to go to the polls when Parliament’s term expired, and in a cooler political climate he would have probably won an even bigger victory than he did in 1975 and a clearly legitimate mandate. He would have been in for the long haul: even Hawke would have been flat out trying to unseat him. For better or worse Australian history would have been different, perhaps for the better.

  4. Shane Warnes field of expertise is cricket,texting and sleeping around……and not much else.Crickets answer to Warwick Capper.
    As for Bob Hawke,hes part of a congaline of useless PM’s dating back to the early 70’s who don’t seem to understand that high wages,combined with low tarrifs just don’t mix. Nor does Islam or third world immigration with the Australian way of life.
    Every PM since 1972 is still alive…..and I’m sure the taxpayer is paying for their upkeep.

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