Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere

The leaders of the Liberal and Labor parties have started off 2014 with a healthy dose of hypocrisy.

Liberal leader Tony Abbott, in his New Year message, talked about Australians being able to “build a better future for yourself and for our country” whilst Labor leader Bill Shorten said “The kind of job losses that occurred towards the end of 2013 can’t be allowed to happen again this year.”

Oh really? And just how do they expect Australia to have a better future, without lots of job losses, when the policies implemented by the Liberal-Labor parties have decimated Australian manufacturing?

Once upon a time our country had a thriving manufacturing sector, but now it has become a shadow of its former self, in large part due to the Liberal and Labor parties dismantling the protective tariff barriers that had been raised up against cheap foreign imports, which enabled Australia’s manufacturing industries to both survive and thrive. In the 1960s our manufacturing sector was employing 26% of workers, but by 2011 that figure had dropped to 9%.

Liberal and Labor, parties of nation-termites, are both committed to a globalist ideology that calls for the destruction of tariff barriers, particularly in Western countries, and so they destroyed the economic protection that had assisted the survival of our industries for so long.

Then these treacherous parties throw up smokescreens in an attempt to cover their tracks. The Liberal Party’s site claims “Australia has a strong manufacturing history and will have a strong manufacturing future” and that “The Coalition is committed to a strong Australian-based manufacturing sector”.

But when you consider the reality of what the Liberals have actually done, it is very obvious that their statements are really not much more than hot air and public relations spin-doctoring. Liberal and Labor may wring their hands and weep about the demise of our manufacturing industries, but it’s all just an act.

StabbedInBackTo cry crocodile tears over lost jobs in Australia, whilst holding the bloodied knife that stabbed our nation’s manufacturing sector in the back, is the height of hypocrisy.

Liberal and Labor have nothing to offer for our future, except a slow death for Australia.

The challenge before us is to wake up the ordinary people of our nation to the threats that are looming before them, and to kick the Liberal and Labor parties out of office and replace them with a viable alternative that is willing to put the interests of the Australian people above all else.

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  1. My answer for this mess would be a 70% tarriff on all products imported from countries with low wages, safety and working conditions, and a 20% tarriff for countries with similar conditions to us. This would ensure these low-cost nations-who are totally devoid of any moral compass-either lift their game or are priced out of our market.
    We’re a nation full of clever, advanced people, yet even our paperclips are imported!
    Look around your house…….wall to wall Chinese made products! Soon ‘our’ Holdens will be made there.

  2. Stephen Lake says

    This short article is absolutely 100% correct. The theory of globalisation and free trade is that the countries that are most efficient at making a particular product should make that product. Therefore, each county ends up producing what they are good at. That is all good in some academic’s text book, but in the real world it’s a fallacy. All that happens is that ALL manufacturing shifts to low wage cost countries. These countries will keep their wages low to keep the manufacturing. In the meantime high wage cost countries will lose their manufacturing and are left with …??? Just look at what is happening in the states. Entire cities are closing down and the factories and streets are emptying. Whole suburbs are abandoned, etc. Entire cities and states are going bankrupt!

    Labor and Liberal are selling us out, in the name of propping up the economy in the short-term to win votes – and to please the UN. It’s time we as a nation stand up for ourselves, kick both parties out and start afresh.

  3. Sooner will a camel pass through a needles eye than a great man be ‘discovered’ by an election.
    Close all pubs bars night clubs at 10 pm,means test everything. That’s just a start. What is wrong with these idiots, they don’t run the country we do don’t we?????.

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