Commemoration for the victims of Islamic terrorism, Bali 2002

On this day we commemorate the lives of the 88 Australians killed by Islamic terrorists in Bali, Indonesia, on 12th October 2002.

The terrorists targeted these poor people, not because of any opinions they held, but simply because they were viewed as being White, Western, and Well-off – the three-W combination that is like a red rag to a bull as far as Third World terrorists are concerned.

Australians have also been a target for Islamic terrorists in our own country. Australia police have caught over 20 Islamic extremists, some of whom were connected to plots to set off bombs in crowded places. We are very lucky that hundreds, or even thousands, have not been killed or maimed by Islamic terrorism on our own soil.

The Australians in Bali were not the first, nor the last, victims of Islamic terrorism; but each one of them represents a world of hurt: of grieving families, devastated loved ones, and sorrowful friends.

We should remember them all, not only as a part of a foreshadowing of future problems for Western Civilisation in general, and for Australian society in particular, but also as innocent individuals who once had full lives ahead of them.

Rest in peace.


  1. Ken,9/11,the two Bali’s,London,Madrid,Christian churches in the Middle East….many of which we don’t hear about……..those incidents were not committed by Mormons,Buddhists or the Amish……they were ALL planned and carried out by Muslims!! Head out of the sand mate.
    Yes,some of the victims were their own,as collatoral damage,but the targets were Westerners or Christians going about their normal life.
    Why should a visit to any country be a risk to ones life? Visitors to Australia are not risking their lives.
    Your post is a bit all over the place,but you’ve nailed it with the amount of aid to Indonesia……it should be shut down at once and re-directed to Australians in need…the homeless,the ill and those who can’t afford dental care. Does our ‘government’ remember them?

  2. Ken Lyneham says

    Not all terrorists are Islamic. Terrorists are not all acting under the flag of Islam. The victims of those terrorist acts are not Just Australians, some are Balinese, some are Indonesian. Some of the worst terrorist activity is happening within Islamic countries. What do you plan to do about that?
    The bombing in Kuta killed 88 Australians and 114 others with 240 injured. Do you care only for the 88?
    Australians who visit ANY Indonesian country do so at the risk of their lives. I have known this since the Balibo 5 incident in 1975, when the Australian Government sided with the Indonesian Government’s explanation. NO Australian Government since has held the Indonesian Government responsible, if elected will you? Will you also cease the relief to Indonesia, ($541.6Million in 2012-13) ?
    Ken Lyneham

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