More of the same Ruddy political game-playing

With Julia Gillard creating a poor name for herself in national politics, with so many Australians likely to vote against Labor with her as leader, it is not surprising that the Labor Party decided to replace her. However, the decision to resurrect Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia has been a bit of a joke in political circles.

In his ascension speech, Rudd promised to do all sorts of wonderful things for Australia, as if he hadn’t already been given the chance to work wonders when he was PM previously. He has promised to dramatically help Australia’s manufacturing industries, but no-one should hold their breath waiting for that to happen.

Both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party have been behind the destruction of Australia’s manufacturing industries; jointly, they have destroyed the tariff barriers that had been erected to give our manufacturing industries a chance to compete against the cheap products and cheap labour factories from other countries.

The major parties are steering the ship of state towards an iceberg. Whilst the good ship Australia is in mortal danger, Gillard and Rudd have been playing games over who gets to be the captain of the Titanic. It’s like some kind of bad joke.

Whilst the major parties play at re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, what is really needed is a group of people who have Australia’s best interests at heart, rather than just those who are out to play party games and further their political careers. Our nation needs people willing to steer the ship of state into safer waters, to protect the future of Australia.


  1. The g Factor says

    It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating – We won’t solve the problem until we repudiate the UN Convention of Refugees.

  2. According to Bill Shorten, He wanted Rudd back in to give Australians ‘real choice’. Twiddle dee or twiddle dum.
    Rudd created the boat people mess and the trip to Indonesia to resolve it likely amount to nothing. Even boats picked up in Indonesian waters by our taxi service are taken to Christmas Island, rather than handed over to Indonesian authorities. The Indonesian government approves of this……why aren’t we suprised?
    New Greens spokesman Malcolm Fraser believes they’re genuine refugees-not economic migrants….of course.
    Then there’s Rudd’s pink batts debacle, dying car industry, record national debt, foreign aid we can’t afford……need I go on?
    To any voter who will now vote Labor because of Rudd……..don’t fall for his charm. The party and policies are the same.

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