Are the Liberal and Labor parties serious about democracy?

This is one of the most important questions on the future of Australian democracy.

Are the Liberal and Labor parties seriously committed to having a proper democracy, or are they just out to “fix” things so that they can jointly keep hold upon the reins of power in this country?

The major parties recently DOUBLED the fees for candidates intending to run in the federal elections.

The story was that it was being done to weed out non-serious candidates; that only serious candidates would put up such large amounts to run for public office.

Of course, this move just happens to give a really big advantage to the Liberal and Labor parties, who have millions upon millions of dollars given to them by big business (and, for the ALP, by the unions as well).

On the other hand, for independent candidates and minor parties, handing over thousands of dollars to the Australian Electoral Commission can effectively wipe out their advertising and leafleting funds. Therefore, this move takes away from all of those candidates any serious chance of doing well in an election, leaving the field clear for the Liberal and Labor parties (who, by sheer coincidence, just happen to be the ones who brought in the new rules in the first place).

We would hope that the Liberal and Labor parties wouldn’t want everyone to think that they were being shady operators, using underhanded tactics in the style of a stereotypical Banana Republic, where the ruling elite create so-called “democratic” laws which just happen to ensure that the ruling elite remain in power.

So, therefore, we are putting forward a solution to the problem.

Change the electoral rules so that every candidate deposits an election fee with the AEC, then when the candidates pay for election leaflets, placards, etc., they just take their invoices to the AEC and get a refund (up to the full amount of their election deposit).

Problem solved. “Non-serious” or frivolous candidates are discouraged from entering into the election process (which is what the Liberal and Labor parties are said to have wanted), and the independent candidates and minor parties are not priced out of the democratic electoral process, thus ensuring a better democracy.

This is a simple solution, and can be implemented very quickly.

So, Liberal and Labor, are you committed to having a proper democracy in Australia, or are you really a pack of dodgy operators?

We will judge the answer by how you respond to this simple and effective idea. By their fruits ye shall know them.


  1. William Jones says

    Totally agree Both the ALP (Australian LIARS PARTY) and the Coalition have policies which are basically TREASON to our once great nation.
    What about this muslim labor politician “Ed Husic” being sworn in on a KORAN !
    Surely that can’t be legal !
    I read the other day also that the National party member for our area “Luke Hartsuyker” supports blueberry farms employing 457 visa holders over local Australians !
    No doubt because they don’t want to pay a fair wage to Australians and would rather employ slave labour.

  2. This past week sure was interesting in federal politics. Instead of letting the people decide who should govern,again its about changing the captain of the Labor Titanic. Same rabble,same policies,just a differant leader.
    It was fun watching these children scrambling to save their precious seats,thinking only of themselves,rather than the voters or nation.
    I plead with voters not to be so fickle.Rudd,Gillard or Abbot for that matter………they have nothing to offer.

  3. The g Factor says

    With little real differences between Liberals and Labor the attempt to discourage smaller, and less well funded, parties means we are becoming less of a democracy but a one party state, albeit the one party having two hats.

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