Rivers of blood: Is Australia next?

The horrendous attack by extremist Muslims against a unarmed man (a British soldier) in full public view on a London street, should be a wake-up call to everyone about the inherent dangers involved in having a multiculturalist immigration programme.

The savage barbaric attack was carried out by two men, both of whom are believed to be UK citizens. They shouted “Allah Akbar!” as they hacked at the British man with knives and a meat cleaver, murdering him. An unconfirmed report suggested that they had tried to behead the victim.

They then ranted at people nearby, saying “We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. . . . We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. . . . You people will never be safe.” The two terrorists tried to advance on the police when they arrived, but were shot down, and subsequently taken to hospital.

How did this happen? This certainly isn’t an isolated incidence of violence from Muslims of Third World backgrounds against Westerners. Bombings of the World Trade Center (New York), British railways (London Underground), British bus transport, Spanish railways (Madrid), and the Boston marathon are just the tip of the iceberg.

Will Australians be a target? Not only is it highly likely, but it has happened already. 88 Australians were killed in the Bali bombings (an attack known to have been directed against Westerners, mostly Australians), and the Australian embassy in Jakarta has been bombed. A number of extremist Muslims in Australia have already been arrested and jailed for planning to set off bomb here.

But Islamic terrorism is only one aspect of the violence to come. Far more people will be killed and hurt in Australia by violence from Third Worlders than we can expect to be killed by terrorist bombings.

The truth is that there are some ethnicities that are more inclined to violence than others. In fact, this has been known for years; but, despite this knowledge, the immigration programmes of both the Labor and Liberal parties have been dedicated to bringing in people from everywhere, not matter what the cost will be to the ordinary men and women in the street.

Decades ago, we were warned that the massive immigration of people from the Third World would bring problems. Not only were warnings given by patriotic prophets in Australia, but in many other Western countries as well.

In 1968 Enoch Powell, a long-standing Member of Parliament, gave a speech warning about the problems of Third World immigration. Powell was a brilliant scholar of classical Greek and Latin; he taught at Cambridge (UK) and was Professor of Greek at Sydney University (Australia), although he gave up his post to join the army to fight against Nazi Germany (he started as a private and rose to the rank of Brigadier General). Considering his interest in the ancient classics, it is not surprising that a reference to a classical Latin poem was included in his famous speech on the dangers of immigration:

But while, to the immigrant, entry to this country was admission to privileges and opportunities eagerly sought, the impact upon the existing population was very different. For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision by default, on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country. . . . As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood”. . . . In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.

Enoch was right, of course. There were race riots in Brixton (1981, 1985, 1995), Toxteth (1981), Broadwater Farm (1985), Oldham (2001), Birmingham (2005), London (2011), and more. But even worse is the amount of blood spilled by the disproportionate amount of Third Worlder criminal violence; something that applies throughout the Western world.

The importation of massive amounts of Third Worlders in Australia and other Western countries has had drastic consequences. Higher rates of violence (assaults, muggings, and rapes) are known to be connected to certain immigrant populations. These acts are not being committed by all of those people, but they don’t have to be; all it takes is a significant minority, and the lives of the rest of us are affected forever.

Under the devious, duplicitous and dastardly sham of Political Correctness, multiculturalists ignore what is right in front of them. They cannot admit, must not admit (even to themselves), that there are problems with Third World immigration and the new destination that they are pushing our society towards. If the multiculturalists admit that there are deep problems with what they are doing, then they would have to give up their globalist ideology; apparently, as far as they are concerned, it is far better to destroy a nation that to admit the truth.

The multiculturalists don’t care what happens to ordinary Australians, so long as their globalist goal of multiculturalism is furthered. Multiculturalist academics, journalists, and politicians just stick their fingers in their ears and chant “La la la la la la” to block out the cries of anguish from those Australians who are “lucky” enough to be “enriched” by the diversity of being assaulted or raped by a Third Worlder, let alone being made to feel a stranger in their own country.

The plain fact of the matter is that there are certain parts of the Third World which are backward in culture and social ideas. Multiculturalists tell us that “all cultures are equal”, but that is simply not true, at least, not to anyone with any proper sense of morality and decency.

For someone without a moral compass, cultures steeped in barbarism, savagery, mistreatment of women, female genital mutilation, voodoo witchcraft, etc., may all be “equal” to the standards of Western Civilisation; but, for those of us who live in the real world (instead of living in some kind of bleeding-heart airy-fairy land), the Western way of life is far better.

Importing people from Third World countries and cultures, who bring their way of life with them, and pass it on to their children, will have far-reaching consequences.

If we want our way of life to continue, without being changed forever into an “experience of diversity” of the most negative kind, then we need to change our immigration policies. We can continue on with massive Third World immigration, or we can keep our Australian way of life; choose one, because you’ll find that you cannot have both.

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  1. I really can’t say anything about people like this that I haven’t already said. They don’t even disgust me anymore. I was just in London. The people are generally nice and don’t deserve this. They shouldn’t jail this feral-just deport him imediately. I’m sure his ancestral homeland of Nigeria has everything that he feels is missing in Britain.
    May the traitors of every Western government hang their heads in shame for the role they played in every death caused by third world immigrants.

    Curiously,these Islamists arn’t prepared to live in a country that is Muslim by law and custom.
    All Western governments are cronies of the U.N. and other various leftwing outfits that were never elected. This would explain the shocking predicament we are now in.

    This murderer was right about two things-their government dosn’t care about them (because they’re letting too many of this lot in) and,yes, we should get out of Afghanistan NOW. The human rights of other countries people is none of our concern. Our troops should be in Australia patrolling our north with clear instructions to turn boats around,not act as a taxi service to boats that conveniently break down once they’re well inside Australian waters.

  2. Brad Pope says

    I was appalled to witness the horrific attack on this English Soldier. What struck me more so was the apologetic response from David Cameron stating “Islam is a religion of peace” and condemning of the public and organisations such as the EDL. Whilst the EDL may not have all the answers and are always portrayed in a negative light, at least they are standing up and objecting about Islam. After watching some of the videos posted on the EDL site featuring Tommy Robinson, (the EDL’s most prominent speaker) I was shocked to learn some of the problems that the media seem to conveniently cover up about Islam. The grooming of young girls by Muslim gangs, no go areas controlled by sharia law. When are the public and politicians going to wake up and address this problem. It is not a “War on Terror” as the media put it, but a “War on Islam”

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments on this post and I am very interesting in joining the only political party in Australia with Australia’s best interests at heart. May God bless us in our struggle against the mainstream muslim community and radical islamist mass murderers and satanists.

  4. Stephen Lake says

    The trouble is that we are all preaching to the converted. The politicians live in their denial simply because if they don’t, they know their careers will be over in this current PC and United Nations driven environment. When I hear people like David Cameron say in response to the vicious, sub-human attack on the poor man in London “Do not be concerned, we will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this attack, find out why it happened and bring the guilty to justice” I just want to scream. This is like saying don’t worry everyone we’ll find out why the gate was open after the bulls have bolted. How about our politicians start saying “don’t worry we’ll make sure this never happens again by …… ” But of course they can’t because that would mean they would have to stop importing immigrants from third world nations and an Islamic background. I’m sick of politicians that put blinkers on to benefit their careers, make policies to suit the UN, immigrants and foreign companies all at the cost of their own people including their own children and families. We are on a path to destruction because of these traitors.

    • daniel w daley says

      Stephen, all what you have said is correct , we just some how have to get them to think what they are doing to us and this country, It must stop.

      • outcast says

        You will not get the current crop of PC, self-vested interest politicians to change. If you want to change the country you have to stand up & replace them.

        The key sentence is: “….the impact upon the existing population was very different. For reasons which they could not comprehend, and in pursuance of a decision by default, on which they were never consulted, they found themselves made strangers in their own country. . .”

        An English refugee.

  5. Daniel W. Daley says

    I hope a lot of Australian MPs will open this up and give it a good read, as it just may open their eyes, to what is happening with multiculturalist programmes.

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