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Contributed article from Bruce Boerseun

I was born in the North West of England in 1965 to a working class family. Life was great. Society was safe and secure. We never locked our front doors and our communities were very supportive. We had a strong sense of belonging and we were proud of who we were. It was not much later that the first immigrants arrived in our small town. A handful of families arrived from Pakistan and India and later from Africa and the West Indies. At first they were such an insignificant minority that they were welcomed as a sort of curiosity and the community accepted them with open arms as a sign of changing times. But that small minority grew. And it grew fast. More and more arrived week after week, month after month, year after year. This happened throughout the region and throughout the country. Our very own right to promote our English heritage soon became challenged and was deemed as oppressive and racist. English people began losing their jobs to foreigners who were prepared to work for a fraction of the wages of an Englishman. Both my parents worked in textile mills and when the industry collapsed in the mid-1970s my Dad got a job in a booming textile industry in Cape Town, South Africa. We joined him a year later in Durban, Natal. I was ten years old.

Growing up in South Africa was at that time was great. The country was safe, education was good, the streets were clean and as a general rule people lived in harmony. Then came the reality of the armed struggle of the anti-apartheid armed struggle. Bombs started going off outside nightclubs, banks, libraries and even junior schools. My hatred for these cowards grew and grew. I was never racialist in my views. It has never been about colour to me. I like to see the good in all, but the actions of these communist-backed terrorists I loathed. Rhodesia was experiencing much of the same with Mugabe’s murderers demanding the ownership of what the European had built out of nothing. Things got worse and through mistrust and intimidation the hatred spawned and the races divided. The National Party government enforced the laws of apartheid not as a theory of racial supremacy, as is commonly thought, but as a survival strategy to defend the identity and social structure of a greatly outnumbered minority. It was always a given that the nation would be driven to wreck and ruin under a black government. This is not a racist motivated statement based on bias. Take a look around. As white Africans we were well aware of the poverty, corruption, violence and crime that would come with black majority rule. We were surrounded by it.

I was called up to do mandatory two years National Service as was law for all white males. Two years army, four years police, or six years in jail. That was our choices. Or pack up and leave. Get the hell out of Dodge! Anyway in 1986 I went off to the army. My older brother left for the police on that very same unforgettable day: 11th January 1986. I ended up on the frontline of some of the most violent township uprisings and witnessed some of the most brutal faction fighting ever (Zulu vs. Xhosa). Necklacing was common (a fuel-filled tyre placed around a person’s neck and shoulders and set alight). One of our men shot a victim dead because he could not bear to hear his screams; the victim’s distraught son had begged him to end his father’s misery.

Later I would resist the FAPLA-Cuban-Russian push south in Angola and took part in the first conventional tank battle on African soil since WWII. I went home to Durban in December 1987 and joined the South African Police in 1988. I will not go into details here but the violence and sheer brutality I witnessed for the next eight years will never leave me. Most will never believe it if I told them. My son here in Australia wants me to write a book. Maybe someday I will. After the release of Mandela and the birth of the “rainbow nation” in the early 1990s things looked ok for a short while. Affirmative action replaced apartheid. In fact, it was just reverse apartheid. The same old divisions started rearing their nasty head.

I left to return to the UK after having lived in Africa for 20 years. I went back to my home town in Lancashire. What I saw horrified me. The children of my childhood friends could no longer walk safely down the streets of their home town out of fear of violence and reprisal from the large gangs of Pakistani, Indian and other ethnic gangs all locked in a drug/crime turf war. Burnley, a small town near our town, has been a hot-bed of racial tension for decades. But the whites are not allowed to complain. They have no rights. They are branded as racists, nationalist and even nazis for promoting their own heritage. Mosques have been built all over the place. Entire towns and cities have become over-run to the point that they no longer look or feel like England at all. The flying of the Red Cross flag of St George is prohibited in many parts because it is said to inspire nationalism and segregation!

The British National Party and English Defence League and the likes are branded as racist organisations by far-leftist liberalist morons who don’t care about one’s right to identity and individualism. They play into the notion that we are all the same. They want to create a bastardised race of humans that behave as they see fit by taking away our right to protest and our natural justified right to self-preservation and our right to protect ourselves. Criminals have more rights than the innocent and the imprisoned get treated better than our elderly! But we must take it all on the chin.

With England well and truly doomed my wife and I emigrated to Australia in 2006. We gained full citizenship in 2010 and are proud Australians. Since being here we have observed Australian politics at both a Federal and State level and what a shambles it is. This bilateral mud-sling fest is an embarrassment to civilisation and something really needs to be done. Again I notice it is deemed as racist to promote our Anglo Saxon heritage, our European beginnings, and the rights of white people in our society. The government have completely lost control of our borders and yet no-one has the guts to stand up and take charge and do what needs to be done. Our defence policies are still dependent on what the USA decide to do, as we seem to follow them like sheep. The ADF should be for the protection of Australian soil and Australian soil alone. To hell with Iraq. To hell with Afghanistan. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Many Australians are doing it tough, yet we send billions of dollars overseas in aid. Why? Charity starts at home! If we have more than we need then yes, donate by all means. But we don’t. Look at the recent taxi driver strikes. How many white Australians do you see in the crowd of strikers? Yet they hold us to ransom. Black on white crime is increasing daily all over the country. All over the world in fact. White South African farmers are at level 6 on the UN Genocide Watch. They are meant to intervene at level 5. Genocide Watch is the perfect title because that’s all they seem to do, just sit back and watch. If the same happened here in Australia, who would come to assist us? No-one. We must ensure that we remain a majority or we will disappear into the mire of multicultural society. We must resist at all costs.

I have seen the scourge of multiculturalism all my life. It does not work. It creates indifference, mistrust and violence. It is a sure road to anarchy and I will not let it happen to me and mine again. I have joined the APP because I am living proof that multiculturalism is a farce. We are a Caucasian people and have much to be proud of. We led primitive man out of the darkness and ever since we have been made to feel ashamed for it. There are those that gain from the lack of identity and it is they that drive the notion of One race. One world. One order. Well, I AM WHITE and I AM NOT ASHAMED. It is high time we stand united before we, as a people, and our way of life disappears.


  1. Len Davis says

    Well I guess because this article was published in the APP web site, it will be seen as a logical but bigoted right wing story by those who have not experienced what Bruce has experienced.
    It comes down to the extreme left wing will not agree with this – until such time as their own community is over run by foreigners.
    Sarah Hanson Young of the Greens typifies this extreme left winger to me. I just wish that she would witness the anguish and sorrow that many in Europe have to live with daily due to the invasion of their communities, towns and cities by an alien race of people with vastly different cultures.
    Yes, I have experienced exactly what Bruce has experienced, perhaps not the armed forces or the police experience in South Africa but certainly the Britain that I no longer wish to visit or South Africa where I just don’t feel safe any more.
    As for Australia, I feel that democracy is showing one of it’s biggest weakness – that is that our politicians feel the enormous need to be politically correct and follow in the footsteps of Europe, even though Europe’s mistakes are obvious.
    I guess the APP will always be a fringe party until such time as voters experience the loss of their community, or social harmony breaks down completely. Having said that, look at the BNP in England. With all England’s racial problems the BNP has not been able to win one seat in parliament. The English Democrats who, in my opinion, have a greater chance of winning seats because their spokespeople seem to be more diplomatic in their approach.
    Pauline Hanson here in Oz suffered a lack of diplomacy and as such she didn’t amount to much.
    We need a charismatic individual who has the guts to say it as it is and get some good financial backing instead of relying on hand outs to finance the party.

  2. very good read Bruce! While I have only lived in Australia (several of the states and Territory) I have witnessed much of the above. Currently residing in Tasmania which I have heard described as the last bastion of the Anglo Saxon, I am disheartened by the Tasmanian attitude that multicultural lifestyle is to be welcomed. If just a few of them had lived for any time in some of the other Australian states and seen first hand the result of the influxes of other races, they would shut down the ferry and put a fence across Bass Strait! And the part about towns in England being unrecognisable is almost enough to make me cry.

  3. Well done Bruce, Thank you for writing that article . Its nice to know I am not the only one who is thinking the same things are going wrong with Australia.

  4. Bruce,a very good read. I was in the U.K. when I read this article for the first time-I just got back- and found it described pretty much what I saw.

    My journey began in Spain where African and Muslim minorities are quickly growing in size. Then I worked my way up to France and was horrified at the sheer number of Africans,Pakistanis,etc in even the smallest,most insignificant towns. nothing prepared me for Paristan however!! Once there, I had to pinch myself that I wasn’t in The Middle East or sub-Saharan Africa.

    Finally, I caught the train thru the tunnel to London and was met with a simular picture…….only differance was Muslim women could wear full face coverings……a hideous sight to any reasonably minded person.

    As an australian of British ancestry,I felt a real connection to Britain and the British people. It was,however, drab,cold and overcrowded. Nowhere you go is more than about ten km from a town of any size. You get the impression that there just isn’t any space.

    I was glad to finally be back in Australia.

    Why the British government continues to accept people who they not only don’t have room for,but also aren’t compatable with British way of life or culture, I really don’t know.

    To discust me even further,a a black British entertainer (famous in britain though I’ve never heard of him) complained of a lack of black people fronting Saturday night TV shows and that all the white faces on the shows “scared” him!! Well parden me……isn’t that racist?

    When are we going to rediscover some backbone and stand our ground again? We should at least speak up when the other side are talking nonsense.

  5. Brad Pope says

    God this is a great article Bruce! Maybe you should send it on to a few of our polititians. Just shows that Multiculturalism just simply doesn’t work anywhere. Great work again mate, from a fellow PROUD, WHITE AUSTRALIAN (an endangered species).

  6. Great article Bruce!

    You are spot on: Western society is the best society mankind has ever seen, and we should not be ashamed to admit it!

    Let’s get APP into the forefront of Australian politics so we can save this sinking ship!

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