Anti-Islamification protest report

2013-03-17rally350a2013-03-17rally350bCongratulations to those taking part in the anti-Islamification protest.

There was almost 30 people who turned up to brave the cold wet Sunday morning of 17 March 2013, in Melbourne.

APP and other groups joined together to show that there is opposition to the Islamification of Australia.

APP had professional-style signs that looked really good on the day. Contacts were made with some good people who APP can work with in the future.

A big thank you to those who were able to attend. We were pleased to meet all the new faces, and greet once again all the old ones.

Australia is facing a big problem with the current numbers of refugees, Third World immigration, and the related Islamification that is taking place. It is up to all Australians to show their dislike of current government policies.


  1. Lets not forget how that idiot Gillard dropped 500 million dollars into a Muslims Nations hands, to build roads? to build Hospitals? to help the poor? None of the above, we send $500,000.00 to help establish Islamic schools
    Abbot is a moron, we are in a bad way and have no decent politicians before us to face the hard questions, we have to stop all these boat ppl and stop giving them far better quality of life as they wait in detention centers, would we get free everything if we landed on any Muslim Countries shores, nope, we would be fed lead

  2. Remember the Libs are not against third world immigrants and Islam-they’re only opposed to them arriving by boat. The Libs are usually in cahoots with big buisness who are constantly calling out for an endless supply of labor from overseas.

    Sarah Hansen Young and Christine Milne from the Greens-who always look like they’re talking to a classroom full of naughty children-just straight out want Australia to become Islamic. At least we know where they stand.

    For the average Aussie who values his culture, freedom and heritage, none of the major parties have the answers. None of them speak for me.

    Many Australians are homless, jobless and can’t afford basic dental care, yet come here by boat and get everything handed over on a platter.

    I just can’t believe the shocking road our country is going down now.

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