Attack on young woman at Macquarie University, where refugees are being housed

A story has been reported on Radio 2GB (873am) about an alleged indecent assault of a 20-year-old woman at Macquarie University, where it has been reported that approximately 80 male asylum seekers from Sri Lanka have been housed by the government in the student dormitories.

The Sri Lankan males are aged from 18 to mid-40s, and have been housed in proximity to young female students. The Department of Immigration has confirmed with Radio 2GB that Macquarie University is a site that is used for “short term accommodation” for asylum seekers.

Police are investigating the incident. The offender has been described as a “dark-skinned male”. The man appeared at the time without a shirt, giving rise to speculation on 2GB that he did not travel to Macquarie University like that and thus was more likely to be someone with the so-called “refugees” at Macquarie University itself.

Some time ago, the hosts of the 7PM Project (now The Project, on Channel Ten) laughed at the inference made by a female member of the public regarding the possibility of assaults by recently-arrived refugees (see the APP article “The 7PM Project stuffs up on refugees”, notwithstanding the fact that on the very same day the media reported on a woman who was sexually assaulted by a Third World refugee.

The fact is that having large numbers of single men coming here from foreign cultures that often have a poor regard of women, especially of women who “dare” to expose their arms and legs, is a recipe for disaster. Having one Australian woman raped by a Third World refugee is too much, let alone many more women being attacked by them.

There have already been various reports of refugees assaulting Australian women. The police in each state should be required to reveal how many supposed “refugees” have been identified as suspects in such crimes and whether the rate of crimes concerning “refugees” is higher than average.

Taking in Third World refugees is a mistake. It would be far better that they be resettled in countries that are more culturally compatible. As the APP policy document on refugees says, “Genuine refugees should be helped, but not at the risk of destroying our community cohesion, social stability, and our way of life. We should help others, without destroying ourselves.”

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  1. Turns out the attacker didn’t live there

  2. To understand the differance between whites and all others,explained an American friend of mine,you only have to look at Michelle Obama.
    He explained “Every time I read a newspaper,or turn on the TV,I see this show-of with her silly smirk appearing on Operah,dancing around,appearing on TV constantly.And what on earth was she doing at the oscars handing out awards?
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    Many white American first ladies supported their husbands and appeared for public viewing when required but were otherwise largely in the background.
    Thats the thing with other races in general-they won’t play by the rules,yet thrive when everything is given to them.
    Truth be told,America,Canada and Australia were nothing when whites arrived there,and they’d be nothing if they left.
    In Australia,where third world arrivals are,predictably crime,drive-bys,and unemployment levels have risen,and suburbs blessed with their presence have property values lower than they’d otherwise be.
    Why can’t our ‘government’ learn from the European and North American experience? The mayhem in their cities hasn’t taught them a thing.

  3. The g Factor says

    Don’t worry – it can only get worse as we take in more refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from the Third World. We now take in more migrants from India than from the United Kingdom and more from Sri Lanka than from Ireland – and so few from continental Europe that they don’t show up in Immigration Department statistics. As for crime, the large incarceration rates for Aboriginals means that native-born Australians have an imprisonment rate of 197.6 per 100,000 – which is so high that no migrant group could reach this rate – unless they come from Nigeria, Indonesia, Samoa, Tonga, Sudan, Vietnam, Romania, Indonesia, Iraq or Papua New-Guinea.

    • Most of our immigrants still come from the UK

      • The g Factor says

        I think you should check the Immigration Department website. It shows the citizenship of the main ‘program’ migrant groups for 2011-12. The first two are India (29 018) and China (25 509). The United Kingdom is third (25 274) and the Irish Republic eighth (4 938).

  4. Shortly after the settlement of Sudanese refugees in Tamworth there was a marked increase in the number of assaults and even rape of local women. Luckily for them the local men took matters into their own hands and encouraged these animals to relocate.

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