APP policy: Border protection and asylum seekers

Stopping the refugee racket
Australia should not accept any “boat people” refugee claimants who are economic immigrants. All alleged “asylum seekers” who head to Australia, passing by or through several other countries on the way, have clearly changed in status from refugees to economic immigrants. Those claiming asylum seeker status, after having bypassed or traveled through a number of other safe havens, are committing a moral fraud against our society. We believe that people who commit fraud should not be rewarded.

We recognise that many so-called “refugees”, in their attempt to enter Australia as economic immigrants, will use all sorts of tactics to circumvent their rejection, including the destruction of their passports and identity documentation, as well as using millions of taxpayer dollars to continually dispute and drag out immigration department determinations, to the extent of going through that process for years, with some then even claiming that as they have been in Australia for years that they should then be allowed to stay.

With this problem in mind, it is intended to provide no taxpayer-funded legal aid to enable or encourage so-called “refugees” to appeal deportation orders. Considering that it has been a tactic of “refugee advocates” to stretch out the stay of alleged “refugees” by prolonged use of the immigration appeals process, often funded by taxpayer monies, it is considered appropriate that decisions of the immigration authorities regarding those claiming refugee status shall not be subject to appeal. This move shall save the Australian taxpayers from wasting millions of dollars upon the legal fees and court costs that are currently being spent on the “refugee industry”.

Bearing in mind that many Australian battlers are rejected from having government-funded legal aid, it should be Australian citizens who are receiving the overwhelming benefit of legal aid funds, rather than wasting millions of dollars upon “boat people” who are simply trying to score a better deal than those immigrants who actually apply to migrate here through proper channels.

The UN Convention on Refugees
Australia needs to withdraw from the UN Convention on Refugees, as it has strayed away from its original values and has instead become a legal blunt instrument that is being used to hurt Australia. The Convention was established in 1951 to facilitate the resettlement of genuine European refugees affected by World War Two; however, the modern refugee influx is based more upon economic aspirations than genuine political persecutions, and therefore the UN Convention on Refugees has become largely irrelevant.

People smugglers
Foreign boats using Australian waters for nefarious purposes should be discouraged and halted, whether those boats are involved in illegal fishing, conveyance of contraband, people smuggling, or whatever. Those found to be conducting illegal operations in Australian waters will have their boats confiscated and immediately be returned to country of origin.

International agreements should be sought with other countries regarding laws concerning confiscation of the assets of people smugglers under laws governing people profiting from the proceeds of crime.

Those who have solicited the services of people smugglers, being accomplices in their criminal activities, will be dealt with under the appropriate procedures.

Country selection to be based upon cultural compatibility
It is far better that refugees be re-settled within communities that are culturally and ethnically compatible, rather than creating social disharmony in other countries, as that could create situations of social unrest which could lead to even more instances of people fleeing on the basis of concern for their safety and that of their families.

Therefore, country selection for refugees should be based upon cultural compatibility; for example, Muslim arrivals would be directed to compatible Muslim countries, whilst those with a Christian background or a secular outlook would be directed to those countries with similar values. The Australian authorities should work with the international community to distribute arrivals to other countries, based on their cultural compatibility.

Where any processing of alleged refugees is required, any long-term processing should be conducted offshore or in remote areas, as a prelude to resettling refugees in compatible countries. Those who fraudulently claim to be refugees should not be rewarded; fake refugees should be returned to their country of origin, to their country of last embarkation, or to a culturally compatible country.

Genuine refugees should be helped, but not at the risk of destroying our community cohesion, social stability, and our way of life. We should help others, without destroying ourselves.


  1. John Duggan says

    our only recourse is to run for your Electorate at the Election
    OR Vote for APP in your Senate Election
    you can demonstrate all you like But a meaningful demonstration is a VOTE for the APP
    John Duggan

  2. We need to organise some sort of rally to protest against the continual abuse of our good will. The UN Convention on Refugees must be scrapped but we all have to stand up and let the pollies know we are serious, this has gone on for too long. Leaving a comment about the topic is all very well but it just isn’t enough. Surely protest marches could be organised in each state to occur at the same time. I have no idea of how to organise something like that but I sure would attend! Please is anyone out there?

  3. The g Factor says

    It’s high time we got out of the UN Refugee Convention, it’s outdated, it’s costing us a fortune and we are getting stuck with a lot of unassimilable asylum seekers.

  4. As much as Muslims and others,we also need a halt to Asian immigration urgently.As much as Islam,they are not compatible with our way of thinking, and have little sense of whats right and wrong. They hold no regard for the environment,human rights or animal welfare. They think nothing of skinning cats and dogs alive, or aiming rocket launchers at live cows (a popular pastime in Cambodia). They think nothing of stealing all our manufacturing by offering labour and production costs we cannot compete with. Australian brothels are staffed largely with Asian women who sell themselves just to remain in the country. They’re clearly a race of people with little or no morality. They just aren’t like Europeans, and they don’t allow immigration to THEIR countries. Next time you visit your polite Asian bakery up the road remember this……they’re politely taking over our country.

    • Yet another person blaming women for the existence of prostitutes. If you don’t want an undeground sex slavery ring (And that is what it is), don’t see prostitutes, and condemn anyone who does. If no Australian man wanted to have sex with a woman forced into prostituion, then guess what? There wouldn’t be a sex slavery ring, involving repeatedly raping Asian women to make them compliant.

      Incidentally, the sex slavery is well known to involve Russians as well-so we can’t allow Russian either? Russia has a huge crime problem, but to you, that doesn’t mean they don’t have values, or a problem with right and wrong. Amazing what skin colour can mean.

      “They think nothing of skinning cats and dogs alive, or aiming rocket launchers at live cows ”

      This has never happened in Australia. You seem to be worried about an image of Asian people that does not exist in Australia. But please, let me know exactly how Asians are hurting you personally.

      • JM,
        lets reverse the race roles here.Would you have pulled me up if I was an Asian on here writing about white prostitutes and calling for a halt to white immigration,etc,etc? Not likely.

        The reason I have no time for people like you is you never call to account the racism of other races.Thats why people like me have to exist-because of your appalling double standards.You somehow believe only whites own racism.

        ‘Skinning cats and dogs alive and firing rocket launchers at live cows has never happened in Australia’. No,because at present its against the law.Yes,we eat meat but by law they must die quickly. However,the above mentioned does happen in Asia. I was pointing out little things that could come to Australia if our minorities become the majority.

        Jobs going offshore-have you been tapped on the shoulder yet? I have. I lost my job to cheap labour in China. How many others have? As long as THEY have employment……..

        Prostitutes from Russia? I don’t believe its common. I’ve never claimed whites are free of the gutter element. Indeed deport or jail anyone of questionable character.

        And why don’t you question the racism of Robert Mugabe,Anthony Mundine or the Chinese or Japanese governments to name a few? Or firebrand Islamic clerics who call for the destruction of Israel and the West? Examples of tolerance and peace in full play there!!

        Finally, yes maybe we should accept a few people of differant race,religion and thought to show the world we’re not racist……but must we blindly just let them take over completely?

        Australians have good hearts-to a point.When you allow your heart to override your brain,you head into trouble. Wake up man.

  5. The UN Convention on Refugees needs to be substantially rewritten or revised or perhaps better still scrapped and replaced by a new Convention. It was intended to facilitate the resettlement of genuine European refugees affected by World War Two, plus a very small number of refugees coming from behind the Iron Curtain. However the world is very different now and it is clearly outdated.

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