APP policy: Multiculturalism

As a term, Multiculturalism is often misunderstood by many people, with some thinking that Multiculturalism simply refers to a country having within it people from other cultures, whereas the truth is that Multiculturalism is actually a political ideology, one that is anti-Western in nature, pluralist in concept, and divisive in practice. By its very nature, the ideology of Multiculturalism undermines the culture of the host country, lacks moral direction due to its divided stance on cultural issues, and divides countries by its practice of pushing different parts of society into competing ethnic groups, creating a nation of tribes, instead of unifying people around the nation’s core culture.

The political ideology of Multiculturalism has caused enormous damage to Australia’s social cohesiveness, cultural development, and future well-being. Multiculturalism has been a destructive force in Australia, as well as in those other Western countries which have had it thrust upon them. Multiculturalism is intrinsically linked to mass Third World immigration, to the undermining of national culture, and to the ongoing destruction of our way of life.

The integration or assimilation of immigrants and their descendants is beneficial to the general well-being of any country, and leads to social, economic and cultural cohesion. This cultural inclusiveness is much more preferable than the political ideology of Multiculturalism, which deliberately seeks to enhance existing differences, propagandizing amongst ethnic immigrants to tell them not to integrate, as well as perpetuating such divisiveness by funding ethnic organisations to ensure that they develop separate cultural and organisational structures, rather than naturally integrating into the national culture over time. By using government funds (for non-integrationist ethnic organisations) and government propaganda (in schools and in media campaigns) political multiculturalism even tries to ensure that the sons and daughters of immigrants do not become Australians as they otherwise naturally would. There are many Australians whose families have come from various different countries in recent decades and assimilation is the key to a successful and harmonious society.

Multiculturalism’s perpetuation of ethnic divisiveness creates disunity and distrust amongst Australians. We believe that social unity provides a far better future for Australian society.

As well as creating community disharmony, Multiculturalism is a source of all kinds of wasteful spending. Such misdirected spending should be scrapped, as much as possible; such as reducing public funding for translating and interpreting services used to access government services. There may be legitimate instances where translator services are required, such as dealing with tourists in medical emergencies, and we recognise that those situations may accordingly require special services. However, we also recognise that many translator services would not have been required if the government ensured that intending migrants had a decent grasp of our national language prior to migrating here. All migrants who have entered Australia should have a working knowledge of English and any non-English-speaking migrants who are receiving unemployment benefits should only do so on the proviso that they learn English. All new migrants should learn English before migrating.

Being able to communicate with others and fit in with a country’s way of life is essential to having a cohesive community. A suitable and satisfactory grasp of the English language should be mandatory for all people migrating to Australia, as for anyone who wishes to become an Australian citizen. The fact that there are government brochures printed in various foreign languages with regards to voting in elections in Australia is a damning indictment of past policies of immigration, multiculturalism, and citizenship. English should be the only official language used in government.

Cultural compatibility is an important element making assimilation easier. Cultural problems become social problems, and it does not make logical sense to encourage social strife within Australia.

A particular problem within Western societies has been the growth of Islam, with Muslim militants attempting to push their way of life upon Western societies, including demands for Sharia Law. Islam encompasses political and social aspects that are not compatible with the Australian way of life. As the Muslim population grows within a country, the influence of Islam intensifies at every level. Although it is indeed a religion, it is also a system of political, cultural, and personal domination which, as expressed in various countries, has been seen to violate common decency and respect for individual rights in numerous areas. Therefore, we believe that, in order to safeguard the Australian way of life, we should not enable Muslim immigration. There should be a moratorium on immigration from all countries with large Muslim populations, thus generally avoiding the migration of Muslims into Australia, inclusive of those who claim not to be Muslim for purposes of immigration fraud.

The push for Sharia law in Australia is a consequence of the divisive policy of government-backed Multiculturalism. Sharia law, with its denigration and mistreatment of women and non-Muslims, is incompatible with the Australian way of life. Certain cultural practices associated with Muslim populations, such as female genital mutilation and polygamy, are unacceptable and unwanted in Australia. We recognise the reality that an increasing Muslim population in Australia will also lead to increasing pressures for Australians to adopt aspects of the Muslim culture and Sharia Law; therefore, for the benefit of future generations of Australians, and for Australian women in particular, we would suspend immigration from countries with large Muslim populations.

Islamic immigration is a hand-in-glove component of Third World immigration. The major parties have deliberately changed the immigration policies of Australia so that immigration from the Third World now outweighs immigration from culturally compatible Western societies. In terms of maintaining social cohesion and national well-being, having massive Third World immigration is illogical; rather than benefitting Australians, it is leading to the Third World colonisation of our country, which would mean an end to the very existence of the Australian people and our way of life.

Many of these problems would not have arisen in the first place if the policy of Multiculturalism had not been so tied up with the immigration policies of the Liberal-Labor governments from the 1970s onwards. The failed and disastrous policies of Multiculturalism and mass Third World immigration need to be halted, and be replaced by policies that care for the well-being of the Australian people.


  1. I’m a muslim woman, born in Australia to non-muslim parents, who’s grandparents and great-grandparents where born in Australia. Islam is not “imported” into Australia solely by immigration, it is attracting hundreds of converts from cultural Australians. Don’t judge the religion by the actions of a few criminals, please come and find out about the beauty of Islam and why both Australian men and women are choosing to live their life in Islam.

    • Really? Few criminals? ?? You said a few??? For me, more like millions of them. Have a question for you – why wherever muslims show up is there is terror and abuse towards other religions and cultures?

    • Concerned Citizen says

      Any Westerner who truly values freedom could never see Islam as a viable lifestyle or religion. If they do, they don’t fully understand the Quran’s teachings and commands. Islam is an evil ideology which has no connection to or pursuit of peace. It only leads to killing and death! Research it properly, and don’t be swayed by smooth talkers!

  2. Although I agree with protecting Australia’s culture and ensuring it is the core of the community, I think your stance is a little extreme. I have traveled to many Muslim majority countries, sadly they are all repressed and have backward governments with the exception of Turkey which isn’t so bad, mainly because of its separation of religion from state. I have a few Muslim friends here in Australia, who work hard during the week and on the weekend practice Islam but also have a bbq and watch the footy, they don’t force their religion on me. I think instead of banning all muslims you should look at their background and intent and judge on a case by case basis. Judging a whole group of people on their religion is what Hitler did.

  3. Yes yes yes, love what you say 🙂

  4. love this party getting my vote

  5. When are the Australian people going to be given a say on this?

  6. If Wilders is wrong, explain this conference………..



    • Everything Geert Wilders said was depressingly true.And in a democracy,he should have every right to say it.The Left-wing rabble outside stopping people trying to get in-why wern’t they trying to stop people getting into talks given by radical Muslim clerics who condemn Jews,Christians,infedels,Homosexuals and women? Truly the rabble of the earth-and your taxes are paying their dole.

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