APP policy: Families

Income-splitting for married couples, enabling their joint taxable income to be reduced.

To give support to families, especially larger families, by giving a reduced income tax rate to families with children, such as a 2% reduction in the income tax rate per child.

A “baby bonus” shall be offered to new parents on a voucher basis for baby-related goods and services (that is, not to be spent on products, such as cigarettes and alcohol, which are unrelated to baby care). There shall be a government-issued list for parents and stores to outline the specific products covered by the voucher system. This should help parents with their new-born babies, whilst the voucher aspect is designed to ensure that a minority of parents do not wantonly spend cash funds on goods not related to baby care.

Free state schooling to be made available to all families, whereby there shall be no extra or hidden fees charged under the guise of “materials charges” or the like. Home-use textbooks to be the responsibility of families, but school-based materials to be the responsibility of schools. It is recognised that the charging of fees to parents for their children’s schooling is a contradiction of “free schooling” policies and can be especially hard upon larger families who can end up having to pay thousands in such fees.

Fully oppose any moves towards a Death Tax, including that proposed by the Greens. We believe that a family’s fortunes should not be financially destroyed or disadvantaged by an uncaring Death Tax, whether such tax be labeled as “estate taxes”, “death duties”, or by any other name. We believe that a family’s wealth should be able to be passed to the surviving children or family members without the survivors having to break up the family’s assets to pay a government tax being imposed due to the death of a family member. We believe that having a Death Tax is a cold, heartless, and uncaring anti-family policy that should be avoided as a matter of principle.

Rates on residential properties, as set by local governments, to be made on the basis of per property, not on the basis of the value of the land and buildings (house blocks that are not built upon are to be charged at one-half the general rate). This is to stop the inequitable situation where families go into debt to extend their homes to cater for their larger family or older children, but then subsequently have to pay higher council rates because they have improved the value of their own property. Therefore, people will be able to improve their homes and land, and the life style of their families, without being penalised by yet more government taxes for doing so.

Stamp duty on real estate should be abolished, thus making it easier to buy a family home.


  1. Dane Stewart says

    Hello. I would like to know if you support Christian values. Also, do you consider Australia to be a Christian Nation?

  2. Melinda Golding says

    What is the party’s view on abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, any proactive thoughts on reducing the high divorce rate?

    • Thanks for your query Melinda. As you’re aware, these are emotional and sensitive subjects which tend to polarise people (justifiably). We all have strong views on the issues and as such, APP tends to allow a conscience position on the issue of abortion. However, the Party is pro family and pro traditional values and seeks to further these facets of our society as much as possible.

      Clearly, with our ageing population and demographic changes it is in our national interest for Australians to have larger families in a secure environment. Issues like abortion and divorce stem from a decay in the values of our society and a rejection of traditional values. The lowered respect for the institution of marriage and families clearly contributes to the unstable environment within the home and society in general. The ever increasing pursuit of self interest results in a reduced recognition of responsibility and consideration of others, be it the elderly or the unborn.

      We would like to see increased support for women and couples faced with pregnancy, be it through professional counselling and pro family financial policies such as income splitting, to reduce the burden on families. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy it would be ideal if the child in question could be offered to childless couples for adoption.

      In regards to embryonic stem cell research, while no expert I am led to believe that the use of cord blood serves exactly the same purpose in research as the use of an aborted child, so I cannot see the need to use the latter in research and personally find the idea abhorrent.

      Regarding divorce, as stated above it is a symptom of our changing society and it’s disregard for traditional values. These include responsibility and respect for the spouse and children (irrespective of the gender) and a lowered respect for the traditional institution and definition of marriage. Of course, no one believes that a person should stay in an abusive home or tied to a violent relationship- but again these are the destructive symptoms of a wider problem.

      There is possibly a need for some form of counselling prior to entering the bonds of marriage. However, this could also be perceived as the intrusion of a “nanny state” mentality, but such counselling could be offered by a variety of groups or professionals, be they religious based or otherwise. It would appear though that the institution of marriage has been thoroughly devalued by modern society, a bond which is all too easy to enter and all too easy to exit ( provided one ignores the financial and emotional costs-but that is another issue altogether when one examines the issues of custody etc).

      I hope I’ve managed to give some indication of our position in regards to the issues you have raised. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss the issue further!

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