Asylum seekers – where will it end?

No one can deny the compassionate nature of Australians. The desire to support the underdog, the offence we feel towards obvious injustice and cruelty and our willingness to pull together when times are hard are hallmarks of our national character.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly obvious that our altruistic nature is being taken for granted and, at times, turned against us to our own detriment.

Despite the self righteous outrage we periodically witness from the anti-national Greens and the associated left-wing extremist fellow travellers, unauthorised entrants in Australia have a fairly easy ride.

Our “detention” centres cater to their dietary requirements, supply entertainment, communication, free legal advice and education. In South Australia, the pampered service took on a whole new level by taking individual orders for shopping and having the local supermarket deliver them straight to the doorstep – all at the cost to the taxpayer.

Not that this impresses the extremist or the residents of these facilities. The Greens and unauthorised entrant advocates declare it to be “inhumane” and a breeding ground for “mental illness”.

Apparently this criticism has deeply wounded our internationalist politicians with the government now tackling the issue head on by housing unauthorised entrants in Aged Care facilities, once again at the taxpayers’ expense.

Australians have a right to hold the government to account on this issue. It is well known that the waiting lists for Aged Care are quite long throughout the nation. Elderly Australians, most of whom have paid their own way throughout their lives and contributed to our nation’s taxes, surely have a right to expect their special needs will be met when they reach their twilight years? All fair minded and reasonable Australians should be outraged at these developments, developments which are, yet again, just another obvious snub to our nation’s elderly.

It is not enough for the government to hide behind the claim that the particular accommodation used is the “property of a private developer who collects the rent”. The fact is, these people are living under the same roof, the same complex as our elderly. Given the government’s dubious record of ascertaining the identity and character of many unauthorised entrants, it is clear this is not an ideal situation and shows scant regard for the safety and peace of mind of our elderly and their families.

An interview with one of the foreign residents asked if they were happy living in the retirement home at no cost and received the following response: “oh like, very much like, very good.”

Indeed, but not so good for our own elderly who have once again been pushed to the sidelines.

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  1. Shut the gates, all seats are full. says

    To G Factor, I agree in principle with your comments. Well done.
    Having witnessed first hand the freebies given to illegal maritime arrivals, it irks me what our oldies have to do to survive. My parents live on less per fortnight after having both worked their whole life than what these illegal immigrants are given. Enough is enough. I read there is networks of people smugglers overseas reaping millions from people wanting to come here. Send them back, they claim to be poor victims, see what jewellery they wear, listen to what they did as employment, these are not poor people. Send em all packing.

  2. D.Williams says

    spot on g Factor. I’d vote for any party willing to stand up to organisations like the UN and free our country of international agreements telling us how to run our affairs. It’s stupid to think we’re bound by an agreement created to deal with post WW2 homelessness over 60 odd years later, and such agreements are now used to change our country’s identity. I wish APP all the best!

  3. The g Factor says

    What’s worse is that as long as Australia remains a First World country we will always attract refugees and asylum seekers, including plenty who will add nothing positive to society but will be fed by the welfare state for years – if they don’t end up in prison. A sensible government (sounds like an oxymoron) would get us out of the UN Refugee Convention so we decide who can come into this country.

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