14 September 2013 election announcement is good for the democratic process

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement that the next federal election is to be held on 14 September 2013 is welcome news.

The usual tactic of federal governments is to announce an election shortly before the election date, normally timed to give the ruling party an advantage.

Having an advanced warning of an election gives all candidates and parties more of a level playing field, particularly for minor parties and independents who do not have the same resources and access to funding from big business, unions, and other players with deep pockets that the major parties do.

As has been seen by the attacks in recent years against the rights of Australians to freedom of speech, our democratic rights are liable to be eroded bit by bit by various politicians and anti-democratic elements in the establishment. We must be forever vigilant in watching over the maintenance of the democratic rights of the Australian people, or else we will lose our democracy.

Whilst we disagree with Julia Gillard on many issues, she should be congratulated for this step, which is a positive development in the democratic process, and one which we hope will be repeated in the future.

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