Julia Gillard accused of sacking Senator “for being white”

Andrew Bolt, in the Herald Sun, has accused Prime Minister Gillard of sacking Senator Trish Crossin because she is white, to be replaced by Aboriginal athlete Nova Peris.

At her joint press conference held by Gillard and Peris in Canberra, Gillard said that Senator Crossin had been doing a good job, but that she wanted her replaced by Peris instead. In effect, Gillard has admitted that she was making her appointment based upon racial grounds:

“I want her to be the first Aboriginal woman to sit in the federal parliament. . . . I believe Nova’s selection is a matter of national significance . . . because it would be the first time that our political party has put forward an indigenous Australian in a winnable position at a federal election; has said to Australians indigenous and non-indigenous, that if you elect this Labor team, you will see amongst its number an indigenous Australian”

There was certainly a big focus placed upon Peris being Aboriginal, rather than her being the best qualified person for the job.

It has also been pointed out that Nova Peris wasn’t even a member of the Labor Party, and had been asked to join the party so that she could stand as a candidate.

Aboriginal men and women deserve to have jobs just as much as any other person. However, the rank hypocrisy of multiculturalists giving people jobs on the basis of their race is astounding. Anyone advertising jobs for whites only would be crucified by the media and taken to court and fined heavily (and jailed if they couldn’t pay), but it’s smiles all round when white Australians are discriminated against.

There are lots of government jobs being advertised as only for people who are Aboriginal. Too bad if you are better qualified for the job, but happen to be white.

And all this comes at a time when federal and state politicians are planning on making their anti-discrimination laws even harsher (including the so-called “racial vilification” provisions), because they want to make sure that most people become too scared to publicly criticise Third World immigration, Islamification, etc. So much for Australians’ freedom of speech.

More than anything, this cynical use of a prominent Aboriginal devalues the Aboriginal vote and casts aspersions upon Aborigine’s abilities to make a measured decision at the ballot box as to whether to vote for someone based upon their ethnicity or instead upon the quality of candidates’ political attributes. Not only is this decision of Gillard an act of racial discrimination, it is also dismissive of Aborigines, as shown by the mutterings of dissent coming from many Aborigines in the Northern Territory.

The political ideology of multiculturalism is built on shifting sands, and can be hard to pin down sometimes; but, if anyone is looking for a definition of multiculturalism, perhaps they could best start by opening up the dictionary at the entry for “hypocrisy”.

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