Australia Day 2013

The National Committee of the Australian Protectionist Party would like to wish members, supporters and the wider community all the best for Australia Day 2013.

It is a time when Aussies come together to celebrate the lifestyle and freedoms we have, a lifestyle which is sometimes all too easily taken for granted.

There was a time when Australia was listed as having the seventh highest standard of living in the entire world. It was a time when our society was cohesive, we welcomed newcomers but there was the expectation that they became like us, accepted our standards, obeyed our laws and basically assimilated. We were not a nation of tribes, and we were not apologetic for who we were.

Our people are resourceful, community-minded and hard working – traits to be admired. Yet, in spite of all these positive factors, our country continues to be undermined, often by the very people we expect to defend what is best about our nation. Politicians, media players, university academics, business leaders, and others – who were once a bulwark for our traditions and freedoms – have turned their backs on our nation, in pursuit of a globalist and multiculturalist agenda, one which is anti-national in concept, as well as being divisive and dangerous in practice.

The very same people who claim to love our nation continue to enact reforms of both a social and economic nature which erode the very essence of what we are. Our economy is opened up and sold off – threatening our self-reliance and sovereignty. Our society and its standards are attacked through the education system, producing another generation of people who often happily accept without question the changes happening around them, because they never get to hear an unbiased account of the other side of the story.

Governments continue to introduce legislation which curb the very right of Australians to discuss what is happening in their own country, under the guise of protecting various pressure groups from “offence”.

We are indeed lucky to live in Australia. The land is large, beautiful and with abundant resources. However, the sacrifices made by previous generations to give this gift to us are treated with contempt by those in positions of power. To be Australian, to have the benefits of these gifts of opportunity and freedom has now been devalued – you need only turn up at the door declaring you have a right to all that is within and, more often than not, you get to join the club.

The threats to identity and sovereignty as listed above are not restricted to just Australia, they are an affliction one witnesses throughout the entire Western world.

Australia and its people are unique. The lifestyle we enjoy and our nation’s history is well worth celebrating; through the high and low points in our relatively short history our national character has always come to the fore, showing a sense of resilience which promises much for future generations – but the promise is under threat.

While we celebrate together this Australia Day, perhaps we should also take a moment to consider the sacrifices made and hard work put in by previous generations to give us all we have today, and also consider the need to stand together and work to protect these gifts against those who would undermine our very national foundations.


  1. The g Factor says

    What too many people forget – and remember people have literally died trying to get into this country – is that our nation and society – surely one of the best in the world – had it cultural and racial origins in the British Isles and Western Europe. Current multiracial immigration is an attack on our nation at the most basic level.

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