Multiculturalism giving us more “diversity” violence on our beaches

A minor news item produced by the Mordialloc Chelsea Leader, a local newspaper, has been highlighted by Andrew Bolt. The article in question reports on the problem of varying ethnic groups coming to Melbourne beaches, not always getting on well, with violence occurring as a result.

The Leader quotes the president of a Surf Life Saving Club as saying “We’re getting a lot of multicultural visitors from outside the area coming to our beach and a lot of time the different cultures don’t mix . . . They congregate in their hundreds near the pier and unfortunately we see fighting and damage to cars.”

Violent incidents occur in all societies, but those with governments which import many people from very different ethnic and racial groups are just asking for trouble.

At the very least, European immigrants should be able to fit into Australian society, as they normally share values and culture similar to Australians; but when the government deliberately encourages even European ethnicities not to assimilate, the result is social disunity.

Add into the equation large numbers of people from drastically different cultures and races from the Third World, and the “diversity” mix can become more even divisive and more violently explosive.

When the government imports large numbers of young adult males from war-torn African countries, with experiences of violence, rapes, and murders, one could ask the rhetorical question “What could possibly go wrong?”; the answer, of course, is increased social mayhem and violence. The Labor Party government knows this, and the Liberal-National coalition government before them knew it too; but still the government continues to import these problems.

Large-scale Third World immigration is a nightmare just waiting to happen. Although, for the victims of the heightened crime rate, one increased by careless and corrosive immigration policies, the nightmare has already arrived.

New taskforce to tackle beach violence”, Mordialloc Chelsea Leader, 5 December 2012 (Jesse Wray-McCann)
Multiculturalism sure adds spice to a day at the beach”, Herald Sun, 6 December 2012 (Andrew Bolt)


  1. Trevor Newton says

    I can remember when subway travel in New York City was extremely dangerous because of gangs and thugs creating mayhem. Mayor Juliano at the time introduced a policy called ” Zero Tolerance ” and over a very short time put a stop to the crime , perhaps that is what we need here in Australia ?

  2. tackle beach violence??? who is gonna do it/the so called police force here are too busy revenue raising under the guise of road safety to bother with real crime. what we need is a group of citizens with guts to fix these scumbags right up.

  3. Stan Claypole says

    Yeah, it’s just what we need. More of that “cultural enrichment”!

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