Prime Minister Gillard and the AWU–WRA scandal

Prime Minister Gillard was a lawyer during the 1990s who was employed by the law firm Slater and Gordon in Melbourne. She was also a partner of that firm and as such there were certain legal obligations that were required of her while being employed in such a prestigious position. Ms Gillard was employed as an industrial lawyer and was given the responsibility of looking after the Australian Workers Union (AWU) legal interests.

During the latter part of 1995 Ms Gillard was interviewed by the senior partners at Slater and Gordon over her handling of the AWU portfolio. Following this interview and during the early part of 1996, Ms Gillard left the law firm and sought employment elsewhere, but interestingly, not as a lawyer. Coinciding with her departure from Slater and Gordon a police investigation was launched by the Victoria Police into several matters to do with serious allegations raised by the AWU that had not been raised by either Ms Gillard or Slater and Gordon to the suitable authorities. To this day answers have not been forthcoming as to what actually occurred at that time and now after 17 years of mothballing, stonewalling and thwarted investigations, several documents have come to light that raise some very serious questions about the behaviour of our current prime minister who was then the person in charge of the AWU portfolio.

It is not the intention of the APP to allege any misdeeds or wrongdoings by our current prime minister while being employed by Slater and Gordon 17 years ago, however, some very serious allegations are now raised that require the prime minister to fully explain her part in what has now become known as the AWU-WRA scandal. The allegations now being raised are of a felonious nature and involve fraud and other related criminal offences and the prime ministers refusal to adequately address these allegations is causing the office of prime minister and the parliament, to come into disrepute.

Ms Gillard must address these allegations which have now been raised in the parliament, and to which she has so far not given any satisfactory answers, and she must answer them in parliament under Hansard which is akin to giving evidence under oath in a court of law and not by ambushing the press gallery whose collective knowledge of those events from 17 years ago is limited at best.

Her refusal to adequately explain the questions now being asked are obtuse and deflective, and would not be acceptable as suitable answers by the police or a court of law. Ms Gillard is the leader of our nation and as such her personal bona fides must be beyond reproach.

The APP now calls on Ms Gillard to immediately give the Australian people via Federal Parliament, a frank and full account of her part in the AWU-WRA scandal which is now being demanded in Federal Parliament by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

Those readers who are not up to date with the documentary evidence now available and in the public domain would do well to visit, Michael Smith News



  1. and i understand that a figure of over half a million dollars went missing and is still unaccounted for to this day….

  2. and take your rotten ABC with you

  3. Christopher King says

    This is what happens when we have a Lying (fact), Atheist (fact), Prime Minister who swans around the world representing Australia with her (current) boyfriend in tow!

  4. Terrence Odgers says

    Yep! All the above!

  5. I think its fair to say we need a Royal Commision into the AWU! Hopefully Michael Smith has photocopied these files! Julia Bishop is right onto it and I guess Abbott needs to stand back,otherwise they will use the Misogyny card! Julia Bishop walks all over Gillard, lets hope they will oust this corrupt government and all their Union Thugs!!! Might be nice if the ABC reports a bit more on this….over 1,000 journalists working for the ABC and the only thing they are talking about now is Julie Bishop should answer some questions?? I can’t understand how the Australian people are so dumb!!! Gillard’s party sends out christmas invitations with Abbott as the Grinch and Abbott is a “woman hater”?? Why are the media backing a Lying, thieving Adulteress??

    • Terrence Odgers says

      Most of those journo’s, if indeed you can call them now, have been taught what to think at university, not how to go about ascertaining the truth about issues raised.

  6. Corrupt, liar, communist.

    She has to go.

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