The Black Swan Social Club

The Black Swan Social Club is a friendly monthly get-together (in Perth) where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, anthropogenic climate change skeptics, compulsory fluoridation opponents, and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC-free environment. It’s a good way of meeting like-minded people and forming new social networks.

This month’s meeting of the Black Swan Social Club will be held on Sunday 25 November 2012, from 1pm, in Perth.

Where: Perth

Time: From 1pm Sunday, 25th of November 2012

Contact details: or 0421-989-740


  1. I fear most Australians can not take criticism necessary to grow as a person and citizen…It is hard to practice and be tactful and incisive and not make people dislike you..

  2. Are they open to criticism and debate about society and people and responsibility of the individual…

  3. Wheres this meeting in Perth?

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