A small win for free speech.

(Geert Wilders protest has been cancelled)

 The APP has cancelled the proposed protest on Monday 8th October at Chris Bowen’s office in Fairfield, as Dutch Freedom party leader Geert Wilders has finally been granted a visa. Bowen’s conduct is to be condemned considering it took nearly six weeks for Geert to be issued a visa.

The constant holdups over the past six weeks have resulted in Geert postponing his Australian tour until February 2013. Bowen’s dirty tactics over the past six weeks will only attract more freedom-conscious Australians to his speaking engagements next year.

Many commentators in the media have remarked on the double standards displayed by Bowen and his mentally challenged decisions, or lack thereof. Any sane person who cherishes freedom would have issued Geert an Australian visa immediately but instead Geert and the Q Society faced hostile attitudes and aggressive language perpetrated by Muslim groups, leftist media and Labor’s Immigration Minister. The Australian people have come to expect this sort of conduct from Bowen, a small man with small ideas who is unable to make a decent judgment or bring public esteem to his important portfolio.

Some outspoken members of the Muslim community have expressed their displeasure of Geert being issued a visa on the trumped up and slippery charges that Geert is an “extremist” due to his calls for an end to Muslim immigration and equating the Koran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Geert also rightly calls for an end to third world immigration and abolishing the genocidal policy of multiculturalism.

Certain members of the Muslim community have no right to label Geert “an extremist” when cranky, bearded members of their community call for Jihad against the West. A few years ago, Muslim cleric Feiz Mohammad called for his fellow Muslims to “cut off the head of Geert Wilders”. It is this incendiary and aggressive language calling for Geert’s beheading, rather, that is extremist.

Bowen does not stand alone in the gutless stakes. The Liberal party has become a soft party machine willing to compromise Australian values to prop up the failed social experiment of multiculturalism, and in the process appease the rowdy and demanding Islamists. Hateful faux conservatives like Brandis and WA Liberal Premier Colin Barnett have joined the ranks of Bowen on this occasion for their unjustified attacks on Geert Wilders. Premier Colin Barnett went into a feebleminded frenzy as he announced to an empty room that Geert was not welcome in WA.

The granting of a visa to Geert is a small win for free speech. Our liberties are being challenged every day by dictatorial, corrupted elites. We must stand up as a people and nation to reclaim what is ours. It is time to take ownership back from the nasty Fabian socialists and their colluding Islamists. I hope you will join us when Geert visits Australia next year.



  1. shane cuthbert says

    I attended court in a clown costume severl months ago in protest to the way these extremists are ruining our country, particularly using children to insight violence, The costume was meant to signify that children should be outside playing and not out holding signs warning those who speak out against mohammed be beheaded, now the media loved my story…. not the meaning just the fact i wore a clown suit made costumes all around the world simply google the name shane cuthbert and you will see for yourself.
    however channel 9 aired a video on their website and used a small amount of words i had said in a statement to the media something along the lines of (KIDS SHOULD BE HAVING FUN PLAYING GAMES AND LOOKING AT CLOWNS NOT INSIGHTING FURTHER VIOLENCE TAKING PART IN RIOTS, THE RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS ARE A LOT LIKE HITLER IN THE WAY THE USE PACK MENTALITY TO GET THINGS THIER WAY AND IF U SPEAK OUT YOU ARE BEHEDED JUST LIKE HITLERS ORGANISATION) now that video was up for a few weeks just enough time for my family home to become targeted in what i feel is attacks against those who spoke out, the NSW police force told me not to contact the media for fear of more riots i did however contact steve price on 2gb and basically ran through the events of the last few weeks but as i began to name the people or ethnic background of the people i strongly beleived were behind these attacks (car bombing next to a bedroom totally destroyed my parents cars) i was simply cut off, i also attended court two weeks ago and spoke to channel 7 about the story and interesting enough as it were the whole thing was told to be silenced for fear of further out break i strongly beleive the australian public needs to know that these kinds of things are happening in our country and our politicians and police force are trying simply to shut me up..
    i have evidence, including investigating police officers statements and names and contact numbers, i have photos of the damage which has left my family living in fear and have since put the home on the market for few of more attacks i also have recorded tapes of my conversations with police asking me to not speak to the media etc>> these recordings are illegal and against the australian broadcasting act but australia needs to see and hear these. THIS IS HAPPENING

  2. I will look forward to attending pne of Geerts meetings, he really is one of the most promising leaders of today!

  3. Great Work! I have recently become a member of the APP in Adelaide! It concerns me greatly where Australia is heading, especially in regard to the Muslim threat in our Country. I Am sick to death of these left wing bleeding hearts. I will be doing my best to attend Geerts speech next year. For those after a good read I just finished “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam” by Robert Spencer. Regards, Brad

    • Welcome aboard!!!!Brad…..It concerns all Australians just how bad the situation has become….I have given this website to all whom i know are very concerned…..They have given this website to all the people they know that are very concerned….Every Australian needs to know about the Australian Protectionist Party and this website, so that they can support it and the people that are trying their very best to do so….Just ask your self this…….Where would we be without this site????????????????????

  4. A small win, but a win nonetheless. Looking forward to hearing what Geert has to say.

  5. someonewhocares says

    Finally.Step by step we will get there.Let us know when he is coming so can plan with work to see him.

  6. I emailed Bowen and told him to get his finger out re Geert’s Visa so hopefully many others did the same. Bowen is a fair dinkum twit!

  7. the muslim leaders when having a meeting mid morning were not at work and probably were living on wellfare. As a citizen of this country born and bred the only people i have representing me are the elected members. how come these muslims can talk to police and government from an independant group. one liberal suggested the boat people should not have the right to bring their relations here. minister bowen does not agree and says they can still bring their relatives here. i was horrified to hear recently there are about 250,000 muslims in sydney area. bob

  8. The world is catching on to this MENACE !


  9. Some of the gutlessness of the bleeding-heart multiculturalists, leftists and cultural relativists is astonishing and I often wonder where the line between treason and government policy is ie, when a government allows people to stand up and threaten to overthrow the government, why some action isn’t taken.

    Those of us who value Australia as a free, democratic and decent country need to do all we can to make others aware of Islam and it’s intentions for Australia and elsewhere. Nothing has changed in that regard for 1400 years.

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