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Support Geert Wilders’ request for a visa!

(Geert Wilders protest has been cancelled)

The Australian Protectionist party is calling for freedom-loving Australians to join us in protest on Monday 8th October outside Chris Bowen’s office in Fairfield, Western Sydney. This protest has been called due to the Minister of Immigration delaying Geert’s visa request.

Chris Bowen is the most useless Minister in the Labor party’s frontbench. He has overseen a complete breakdown of our once envied border protection. Bowen’s hopelessness now extends to all areas of his portfolio with a litany of double standards and a blatant disdain for Western free speech.

Bowen has gone beyond the measure of decency by granting a visa to the hate-filled crackpot, Islamist Taji Mustafa. Taij Mustafa was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference held in Sydney on the Saturday 14th September. The conference encouraged Muslims to rise up against the West. One of the most disgraceful elements of the conference was a nine-year-old girl speaking about the need for haste to establish a caliphate in her time. The next day Australians witnessed the spectacle of Muslims rioting in Sydney over a satirical film on Mohammad.

Mustafa is the UK Spokesman of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. HZT’s ultimate aim is to establish a pan-Islamic caliphate. The HZT constitution is riddled with bullet holes, hatred and chauvinistic attitudes. The group calls for Muslims to reject democracy, Western values, support Jihad and support segregation of the sexes, yet Bowen believes this group should not be proscribed and nor should its speakers be denied a visa.

The hypocrisy of Bowen is immense to (so far) deny Geert Wilders his request for a visa to visit Australia. Geert has been invited to come to Australia for two speaking engagements in October, so time is running out. If Bowen continues to sit on the application, Geert may have to cancel his ‘messenger of truth’ tour to Australia.

Geert is the leader and an elected representative of the Dutch Freedom Party or PVV. Geert opposes the failed experiment of multiculturalism and calls for its abolition to halt any further damage to Dutch culture and Western values. Geert also rightly calls for restrictions on Muslim and third world immigration to protect his people against cultural and racial genocide perpetrated by the political elites.

I recommend that Australians get pro-active by contacting Chris Bowen’s office or emailing him to lodge a compliant due to the unfair intimidation and delays Geert has experienced at the hands of the Immigration Minister. Send your complaint to Chris Bowen at ‘’.

Please inform your friends and family of this urgent protest. The protest is open to all Australians regardless of political affiliations. If you value freedom over censorship consider making some spare time to attend this vital protest.

Where: Chris Bowen’s Office, Shops 3 & 4, 398 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield West NSW

Time: 1pm start to 3pm finish, Monday 8th October 2012.

Contact: Nick Folkes at ‘’

RSVP: Friday 5th October 2012.

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  1. Anti-Islamist Dutch politician will get visa


  2. Have sent an email to Bowen asking why he issued a visa to Mustafa and not Wilders. I wait with baited breath for an answer. I wonder if I will get one??

  3. I am overseas at the moment – it has taken months and months for a islamic preacher to get extradited to us
    he lost his hands while making a bomb for those who dont know.

    I and the silent majority dont want an islamic country – put the do gooders in an inner city and let them live there for a while and see how at home they feel it is the only way – the only way.

  4. Way to go Chris Bowen, just keep letting these dangerous extremist Muslim clerics/preachers into the country while blocking visas for people who speak the truth in a peaceful manor about violent Islam.

  5. Good luck with the protest. I can't make it but I have sent an email to our minister.

  6. aussie 5 generations says

    I don't know Sydney much but just out of curiosity……Is Fairfield in an area with high muslim ratio?…..if so odds are he's just too scared…..Too scared to lose their votes to THEIR "MOVING FORWARD"CANDIDATE , the one who has been told to pull their head in recently and stop showing themselves by rioting , do as the elders teach them now and TAKE OVER AUSTRALIA THROUGH POLITICS & BREEDING LIKE RATS :-)…..Too scared to get his office or home targeted with the MUSLIM LOVE eg a good ole beheading threat……..TERRORISM WINS AGAIN……I will send an email as too far away & scared to be there in person but they will just ignore it

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