Collateral damage [Australians losing jobs to the Carbon Tax]

Governments, particularly those of the globalist variety, seem to have a penchant for pursuing policies which severely damage the lives of those they claim to represent.

Manufacturing employees during the reign of Hawke and Keating watched as more and more factory jobs were lost and factories closed to move operations overseas in the wake of “trade liberalisation” and the pursuit of globalisation.

The Australian people were fed a line about Australia being the “clever country” and that most factory workers would find plush, well paid jobs in Information Technology; presumably leaving the boring factory jobs to those in “developing countries”.

Needless to say, the I.T. revolution was over-rated and there weren’t enough positions to go around, not to mention that not everyone working in a factory is suited to such a skill transfer. Furthermore, the much-applauded “services sector” soon followed the way of our manufacturing sector, and many positions have since been outsourced to countries such as India.

Unfortunately for working Australians, once again we have a government in the same mould pursuing the disastrous Carbon Tax which has already contributed to the closure of a smelter in the Hunter Valley, costing over 300 jobs in an area that can ill afford such a loss.

In a similar fashion to the “clever country” deception, Australians are now being told that job losses will be absorbed by the new “Green Technology” industries. The mantra sounds the same and the promises, once again, sound hollow.

Once again, we are faced with disastrous policies based upon poor research and grandiose dogma. History is bound to repeat itself.

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  1. Damn right. I have said this ad nauseum, sometimes I wake up at night screaming Do not vote for the left!. I might as well be shagging my pillow for all effect it has. Listen kiddies. The Socialist left are as bad as the small 'l liberal conservative Globalist right. They are all peopled by older UNi students brought up on a diet of Durkheim, Webber and Voltaire. Ideologues without the slightest idea of the reality of actually putting their loony policies into practise. FACT; Racial differentiation is normal. FACT; Islam is incompatible with Western values. FACT: Multiculturalism is a monumental failure and was predicted to be such by early 20th century politicians. Fact: the 'White Australia policy' was spot on and should be re-introduced.
    The point of this rant? Stopfacking whingingg about the state Australia is in. Come to the UK for six months and learn what is in store for you if you do not change your stratified minds. And then VOTE! for the APP.
    Then do not be surpriseded if the APP do well they will be attacked by the full force of the ruling elite. That is when the gloves will come off. (ask Pauline Hanson about this).

  2. All is progressing as it should. The carbon tax is intended to weaken Australia, to make the rich richer and to give us all a guilt complex. It was never intended to stop carbon dioxide "pollution". The money that does not go to the rich will presumably go to helping the poor in other countries. But these countries have already been destabilised by the rich to steal their resources anyway so it will be of no help to them.
    I note that Maurice Strong, who has a large landholding in America, has not seen his land in many years as if he steps foot in America he risks being arrested for fraud. Also his sister lived with Mao for some years and his daughter is married to one of the Illuminati.

  3. Carbon tax changes nothing the pollution while the most carbon releasing states as US, China, India..ignore. However the Labor hidden socialism want to use the carbon tax and the others as mining tax to beat the capitalist in the democratic country. Labor applies the capitalist beaten into the wrong place, but their taxes would be harmed long term for country, national interest, the rich could bring company to offshore or they could pass the taxes to consumer. The poorer, working class become the first victim of carbon tax.

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