Australian Protectionist Party’s 5th anniversary

A message from the National Chairman:

On September 7th this year the Australian Protectionist Party celebrates five years since it’s foundation.

In 2007, several nationalists from across the country recognised the need for a moderate yet steadfast patriotic party to represent the needs and concerns of traditional Australia. Through regular phone and internet contact it was decided to offer the electorate a sensible and stable nationalist movement to give voice to those who are not represented by our current parties.

The response has been encouraging. From across the nation, primary producers, small business owners, manufacturing workers and retirees have voiced their support and signed up with APP to help us register with the Australian Electoral Commission so our party can endorse candidates to speak out for Australian interests when no one else will.

No one can say it has been an easy road. The party was initially founded through the efforts and financial support of a few people separated by thousands of kilometres, some with families to support and jobs to attend like most Australians, yet the efforts gave reward and we have seen the party continue to grow over the years.

Over the last five years, the party has developed a number of websites, stood candidates in an independent capacity in both federal and local government elections, promoted a well-presented and informative magazine called Destiny, and attracted new members whose individual talents and drive can only ensure the party continues to grow and develop into the premier patriotic party in the country.

However, there is still much work to be done. The continued sell-off of national assets, threats posed by cheap imports and dictates by the World Trade Organisation, disastrous immigration policies pursued by governments of both political hues and the restrictions upon freedom of speech one has witnessed in both media and the political arena is a clear warning that time is short for those of us wanting to save our nation for future generations.

Indeed, we can celebrate having survived and grown over five years under arduous circumstances and pause to reflect upon what we have created through our collective efforts – it’s a credit to all those who have given up much time and money to ensure the democratic principle of freedom of speech survives. That aside though, we must always bear in mind that time is short for those who love their country.

We have created the political organisation to represent the interests of our nation, but we also need more resources. It is important that any members with skills, time or money can step forward to help the party to grow further. We need researchers, writers, technical staff and candidates to help our party become the viable Opposition to the globalist parties dominating our political scene today.

On the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Australian Protectionist Party, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who have put in the time, effort and financial support to help bring the party this far as well as all of you from across the nation who have sent in membership forms, donations and letters of support and encouragement – it has been greatly appreciated.

Without your efforts and support, none of this would have been possible.

On a final note, I am sure readers all wish our two candidates in the NSW local government elections, Nick Folkes and Nathan Smith all the best in Saturday’s poll. Their efforts in their campaigns have been commendable and brought much needed publicity to both local issues and the party in general.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Australian Protectionist party. The best is yet to come!

  2. I got a pamphlet in the mail showing where $100 dollars goes for my electrictity. $9 dollars goes to carbon tax. That $9 is supposed to go to funding green power but is actually being used to supplement poor people that can't pay their power. How screwed up is that?
    There is a shortage of housing for the poor but we are giving $150m to assist in overseas support programs. How screwed up is that?
    There are old folks that can't afford heating or even proper food but we house and feed all the asylum seekers. How screwed up is that?
    No, APP, it's time to put a stop to all the crap going on. Happy birthday!

  3. recently the defence minister said we were to spend some billions of $ to buy new ships for the navy. WHAT FOR.? to act as a better and faster taxi service for the boat people. the so called refugee's are dictating now to the australian government to bring more of them and the government agrees. the iraq immigrants in california said tonite on t.v. they do not want to integrate. presumably the same here. the government spends seemingly unlimited amounts of money on latest detention centres. why not make the bastards build their own accomodation on nauru and manus. the list goes on and on. another fed up aussie

  4. Congratulations and thank you for giving us a party worth voting for.

  5. Stan Claypole says

    Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us!

  6. Terrence Odgers says

    Any thinking Australian who bothers to study up on where our country has been heading for the past fifty years will soon realize that they can no longer afford to support Labor/Liberal/Green governments. Our human rights industries, and none of them are constitutional, now cost us into the billions annually while multiculturalism is aiding and abetting the tribes of various cultures that will never assimilate or be productive in this country.We now have the absurd, and some would say treacherous situation, of governments of all colors now selling off Australian land to a Communist nation. This would have been unthinkable only thirty years ago! And the spectacle of a prime minister (unelected by the people) and a treasurer sliming employers like Gina Rhinehard, the very people who employ thousands, because they simply tell people the truth. This is not the fair dinkum Australia I grew up in and I want it back!

  7. well done protectionists!

  8. MartinProtect says

    Well done APP! Getting stronger more and more as every day goes on. Glad to have been there from day one!

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