Volunteer for election time [handing out how-to-vote cards, 8 Sept. 2012]

The New South Wales election is rapidly drawing near.

For those who have not yet done so, there is still time to help with the election

Members and supporters can assist by handing out how-to-vote cards on the day (Saturday 8th September 2012).

If you live in or near Leichardt or Forbes (or are able to travel there), please contact our candidates to offer your assistance.

Nick Folkes (Leichardt), phone 0417 679 972
Email: protectionist.nick.folkes@gmail.com

Nathan Smith (Forbes), phone 0419 572 686
Email: nathan.smith.app@gmail.com

Also, people can still help by donating.
See the webpage at: www.protectionist.net/donate/

Again, we appreciate all your help.


  1. Nathan Smith says

    Thank you Stan,

    It's going to be an interesting day on Saturday, thats fer sure.

  2. Stan Claypole says

    Good luck Nathan and Nick.

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