Support Nathan Smith’s election to Forbes Shire Council (Saturday 8 September 2012)

The Australian Protectionist Party have endorsed a candidate for the Forbes Shire in the NSW Local Government Elections, to be held on the 8th of September, this year. A local family man, Nathan Smith, who is a fifth generation Forbes resident, is seeking the opportunity to represent the people of Forbes, who want positive change for the area.

Nathan’s family have helped develop and progress Forbes since the shire was in its infancy. Nathan has spoken many times about the need to develop businesses and employment opportunities for all shire residents.

He has definite goals to achieve during a term as a councillor. These goals being:

* Business Prospectus. Development of a professional Business Prospectus, that is of a standard that businesses looking for a new opportunity, and location, decide that Forbes has the potential to ensure growth.

* Freight Hub. Development of a Freight Hub within the Forbes region, to tie in with the new Livestock Management Centre.

* Abattoir. The possibilities of attracting an Abattoir once again into Forbes, bringing needed jobs and prosperity.

Nathan feels that the policies of the APP are in sync with country values and beliefs. They can be related to the local area in the following ways:

* Ensure that Forbes is supported as an essential food source region
Nathan believes that sustaining a viable food source for Australia’s population is directly related to Forbes, in that Forbes supplies a great deal of Australia’s sustenance and export surplus. Therefore we should ensure that this capability is not hampered in any way by the actions of council, or by the actions of State and Federal Governments.

* Family values
Nathan feels that the traditional family unit is the cornerstone of life within Forbes. Local families have the blessing of having family members close to each other. By ensuring that Forbes has the facilities to enable them to stay together with employment, schooling, and services, the family unit will thrive.

* Citizen Initiated Referendums
Nathan is totally committed to leading the way for Forbes to be the first shire to enact Citizen Initiated Referendums. This means that citizens of the Forbes Shire will be able to initiate a referendum on any issue that is raised. This will aid the community in allowing people to feel that they can take control when needed.

* Local responsibility, local knowledge, local rights
Nathan feels that a local council should have more say in what happens within its own environs. That the local people should have the right to determine their own local regulation requirements, rather than a person sitting in an office four hundred kilometres away.

Nathan needs your support and your vote, people of Forbes.

If you want change for the better; if you want more freedom; if you want to be able to help yourselves, then vote for Nathan on the 8th of September.

To contact Nathan to offer assistance:
Phone: 0419 572 686

Donations can be made at


  1. Sorry please ignore my last comment because I have just read the posts on this subject.

    Sorry to hear the APP were unsuccessful. Could be due to the fact that many people haven't heard of you. I only heard about you by chance whilst reading a comment on the Q & A TV programme forum.

    I agree with Paul's comment:

    "Given the the APP only stood two candidates and there wasn't too much publicity, all in all this wasn't a bad first outing under the APP banner".

  2. How did Nick Folkes and Nathan Smith do in the election on 8.9.12?

  3. Nathan Smith says

    Well the Tally's are final. It is with regret that the APP and myself did not get elected here in Forbes.
    I would like to take this oppertunity to Thank everyone who helped me, gave support, donated, and gave a lot of time for this election.
    If I could buy you all a beer I would.

    We now need to focus on recruiting and informing people about the APP and all it stands for, and look to the future.

    Once again

    Cheers mates!

    • Don't feel too bad about it mate, for starters you came within a whisker of getting 4%. For seconds what you got on just the primary vote, duplicated Statewide would be about 0.8 of a quota to secure a seat in the State Upper House (Legislative Council) which means you'd probably make make it over the line there on preferences, and would be over half a Senate quota in a double dissolution Federal election, not that these are happen very often.
      Given the the APP only stood two candidates and there wasn't too much publicity, all in all this wasn't a bad first outing under the APP banner.


    BTW – Good Luck Nathan – more power to your arm.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thank you Patricia!

      Australia needs more people such as yourself who have the GUTS to stand up and simply say what they feel and who can supply us all with some much needed common sense.

      WE will suceed!


    We need a strong political party like APP – to help keep secure our Australian way of life. We do not want to end up like Great Britain. Stop the boats and curtail refugee intake. Let us not bow down to pressure from outside influences that seek to impose their politically correct attitudes upon us and our children. We are Australian – we are Young(some of us) and We are FREE(at least for the moment.

  6. Nathan Smith says

    It's interesting that the other candidates are saying "don't bring politics into the politics of Forbes". It's funny because I, through, the APP am doing just that. We are not 'bi-partisan'. We are here for the Local shires, and ALL the people of this great nation called Australia.

    Thank you.

  7. Nathan Smith says

    Just an update for everyone.

    The elections are at full swing, we have had a community forum last Thursday where everyone could meet the candidates. It was very well attended and I enjoyed it greatly. there is another public forum on this Thursday at the RSL. It should prove to be an eventful night.

    There has been a LOT of positive feedback towards the APP from people from all walks of life here in Forbes. The message we bring is getting out and the APP and myself have a lot of support from APP members here. We are donning the White and Blue and talking to a lot of people, with great results.

    It is the people around this area that give me my faith that we are asking the right questions, that we are speaking what the majority are thinking. The we CAN make a difference here in the Forbes Shire.

    What is need though is your support here. Words of encouragement towards the members who are out and about. Support on the day, by Voting for myself and the APP.

  8. Terrence Odgers says

    Eating meat is a part of any healthy diet VivKay. The Human species is meant to be omnivore, not straight carnivore or vegetarian. If your concerns are really about the sustainability of our natural resources I would suggest to you that well planned and managed livestock industries promote rather than destroy the flora and fauna. The APP does not need to be 'radical' in its policy direction to be an effective poltical party. The APP adheres to those policies that have been tested over time to actually work as against those policies that have been dreamed up and based on fancy ideals rather than practical and workable thinking.

  9. "Abattoir. The possibilities of attracting an Abattoir once again into Forbes, bringing needed jobs and prosperity."
    It's time to actually Protect Australia, and scale down our livestock industries and the inevitable atrocities that go on inside – away from public scrutiny. Are we going to protect our native species, address conservation, food priorities, and the horrific impact and use of resources of livestock? Australia's extinction crisis is largely due to our unsustainable livestock industries. Up to 90% of species in the north of Australia are disappeared. Eating meat is not mandatory, and quite contrary to maximising good diets. APP needs some fresh, new and radical ideas, and the livestock industries should be wound down.

    • Mr. Snrub says

      It is good to see VivKay that you want to protect Australia from abominations like multicult propaganda – good on you. I do see a problem in your logic that sheep and cattle are responsible for 90% extinction in the north of Australia. Nature herself has killed 99% of all species that have existed – seem a bit of cherry picking to blame sheep and cattle for a real insignificant number in comparison.
      No one is telling anyone to eat meat – only a statist sycophant would let the state (another person) tell them what to do and what to think. Socialism is indeed the road to serfdom.
      An it is good that you have informed yourself on the evils of Islamic Halal animal slaughter – no self respecting person would condone that.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thank you for voicing your concerns Vivkay.
      May I ask a few questions though?
      "…actually protect Australia," , That is the APP's aim as far as I can tell. But not by taking a socialist, i.e. greenie, point of view. The APP in my opinion, is there to help farmers, and small businesses by furthering what Australia has been good at for the past 100+ years. That is …. producing yummy meat that slides over the pallet.
      "….scale down our livestock industries and the inevitable atrocities.." . What atrocities are those? those of overseas cultures? Incompatible Cultures that we are letting into our country ?? I cannot see how the Australian farmer is responsible for any atrocities outside of Australia's juristiction. If another culture wants to commit attrocities, then thats something that multiculturalists have to have on their conscience. Not us. As to the implication that OUR industries commit attrocities…. well the only atrocities i can recall at this moment are the slaughtering of animals by the 'halal' methods. i.e. Islamic non-stunning of the animals.

      • Nathan Smith says

        Protecting our native species, address conservation…. already underway but is being undermined by one thing… the population explosion that is being perpertrated on the Australian people. Unchecked third world immigration sponging off the taxpayer, that is creating more and more people. Australia has a FINITE food production ability and THAT needs protecting. Why? Because the people of Australia (Australian or otherwise) need feeding. All the ideals that can be created by a deluded brain will not feed the people. Only the farmers will.
        Eating meat is not mandatory? Where did this come from? Of course it is not mandatory but it makes me happy (and I rekon a whole lot more Australians).
        The APP are not radials, in any sense of the word. If we are not radical enough for you may I sugest looking into the policies of a socialist party. You know the ones. People who want to steal from people who work and give to the people who are lazy.
        Are you a vergitarian? Would you like to make a law that no one can eat meat cause it upsets your sensibilities? It's exactly that kind of attitude that helped me make the decision to join the APP…. to FIGHT against the totalitarian ideas of Karl Marx.

      • Surely you have heard the news reports of the animal abuse going on inside some abattoirs by the staff and I don't mean Halal slaughter, which by the way, should be banned? That is 100% unacceptable. If these animals have to be killed for food then it should be done in the most humane way possible, with no exceptions. I am in no way a Greenie, but I do believe that animals have rights and must be treated humanely and I support the Animal Justice Party. The animals in the live trade industry were and are still being treated horrifically. An industry that was unregulated has now been regulated due to public outrage and the cruelty involved. If people think it is perfectly acceptable to allow this kind of cruelty then you have some screws loose.

  10. Just wanted to share this with everyone who may not have seen it before. Just so you can see Nathan in action. And for all the detractors out there … in the end the mosque was stopped…. guess why 🙂

    Nathan is a do'er.

  11. Don't like the idea of an abattoir though. Surely there are other business opportunities that could be implemented.

    • Nathan Smith says

      I do appreciate your concerns Damnit, but a bussiness that had been a part of Forbes since my Grandfather was a boy closes down due to the drought, and if we can get it going again (even if it is only a small chance), thus bringing hundreds of jobs and economic growth to Forbes, shouldn;'t we be trying?

      May I ask why you don't like the idea of an Abattior? I will continue the reasons why it would be a great boon to the shire after you answer. That way I may address your concerns as well.

      • Because I'm a vegan and proactive in organic and vegan activities. That though is my own personal choice. Every individual has the right to choose what they want to be – a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore etc.

        If the abattior in Forbes closed down because of the drought then isn't there a chance that that would happen again if it was reopened? As far as bringing employment to the area that is a great idea and probably much needed, but as I mentioned in my original post that there could surely be other business opportunities.

        This is just my personal opinion. If an abattoir is what the people of Forbes want in their town then it should be left up to them to decide..

  12. Good on you Nathan…best of luck….Forbes would benefit by a passionate person who stands by their beliefs and supports the community….I'll see you on voting day. All the best.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thank you Peta for your Support.

      I won't back down, I will help the people of Forbes in all my endeavours. I Love this town and how generous, and welcoming the people are. It's how we were brought up here.

      If you or anyone needs to chat about any subject I am always at your disposal.

      My mobile number is 0419 572 686.

      If you dont get through at night it's more then likely Im on the phone or screening prank callers. But they wont stop me.

  13. Stan Claypole says

    Good on you for standing, Nathan. I'm sure Forbes could use you. Best of luck.

  14. Looking forward to your election Nathan and the subsequent shake up of an otherwise stale council

  15. Well done Nathan!

    Stay strong and hold true to your values, and know that you have alot of support out there!

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thanks Walter,

      My family and friends give me strength. Thats what local Government is all about. The people who live next to you.

  16. Good Luck, but I hope that the abbatoir will be EXPLICITELY ANTI- HALAL !

  17. This is great news for Forbes! The people of Forbes have an opportunity to elect a Patriotic Conservative candidate. Nathan is an ideal candidate to represent the people of Forbes on local issues.

    It is time for Australians to stand up against the traitorous political establishment.

    It is time to take out country back from out of touch representatives and anti-Australian globalists.

    All the best mate.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thanks mate,

      You are needed even more in your electorate. With a third of people there voting for the Greens its hard to immagine how the council survives.

      I'll be thinking of you on the 8th!

  18. Len Davis says

    Good luck Nathan, wish you were in Brisbane as stated earlier, we definately need a candidate like you up here.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thanks Len.

      Would you like to run for an election up there? I'm sure the APP would give you anything you needed…

  19. Save Australia says

    Fantastic !!

    Great to see a true blue Aussie standing up for Australia.

    Everyone needs to get in there and help Nathan Smith to win this election.

    Good on you Nathan !!

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thank you Save Australia,
      The APP have given me so much, including the drive to stand up and listen to the people around the shire, so that I can act for them in the council.

  20. Well done. I thank you for making a stand.
    Wish you were in Brisbane.

    • Nathan Smith says

      Thank you Rodney,
      We have a Long way to go, but all you need to get to the end of the journey is the first step out the door.
      I may not be in Brisbane, but I will offer my support, time and money to any person who wants to stand in any election for this great party.

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