Stand up and be counted! NSW Local Government elections, 2012

* Volunteer to be an APP candidate for your local council
* Volunteer to help APP candidates with leafleting and polling stations

The upcoming NSW local government elections will take place on Saturday, 8th September 2012. There will be 150 councils holding elections across the state.

This is the first time the Australian Protectionist Party will contest an election under the party banner so it’s naturally an exciting time for the party and its members. The APP is looking for Candidates to stand up for our local communities and battle the treasonous political establishment. The timing has never been better for patriotic APP Candidates to contest elections especially considering both the Labor and Green political parties are on the nose with the voters for good reason.

The primary policies of the Australian Protectionist Party portray a political party dedicated to putting the national interest first. The same applies on a local level where we believe local issues should take precedence over the constant meddling and left wing advocacy perpetrated by out-of-touch Mayors and Councillors. Councils need to get back to basics by putting local issues first and forget the constant meddling in areas that have nothing to do with local government.

APP candidates contesting their municipality are given a degree of autonomy to formulate local polices that benefit the local community. For too long representatives on all levels of government have ignored the concerns of their constituents. In many cases the voters have been just as guilty by rewarding treason and dishonesty at the ballot box. We want to provide a decent alternative for voters.

Many NSW Councils have been corrupted by the madness and lies of climate change supposedly caused by human activity (which is only a theory, upon which much doubt has now been cast). Green and Labor governed Councils have been at the forefront of spreading misinformation on the hoax of human-induced climate change. This type of intellectual garbage and other forms of left wing propaganda do not belong in local policies and should be challenged for removal.

Times are tough for local residents and their families, due to difficult economic times created by poor policies implemented by federal and state governments. Local governments have also made life more difficult with excessive parking fines, lack of childcare facilities, and policies that are irrelevant to local government (but which they spend local ratepayers money on), as well as bureaucratic red tape and charges for struggling businesses.

If you are able to volunteer your time before local government elections or on Election Day please contact Nick Folkes [contact details below]. Donations are also welcome and are tax deductible.

Electoral Commission nominations open on Monday, 30th July and close on 8th August 2012. For those wishing to become a candidate please contact Nick Folkes on 0417 679 972 or via email before the 30th of July 2012.


  1. Daniel batman says

    good luck to all Australian protectionist party candidates on Saturday,its about time we had something to vote for that doesnt believe that this society should only exist for the property owner and immigrant who the property owner wants so much to push up rents with

  2. Is there a candidate for the Blacktown Council?

  3. Nathan Smith says

    The time for us is now. This election is an excellent oppertunity for you. Not just the party but you yourselves.

    Haven't you ever thought that you could make a difference? That you could make better decisions then those that are in power, weather it be local, state or federal levels.

    You can. Join Nick in standing for a council seat. It costs Very little in time and money and it will show the rest of Australia that we do have people with guts and determination.

    You may give yourselves many excuses to not run. Some of them may be very valid. But, in 15 years wouldn't you like to say to a friend, your children, or even those that would have Australian Culture destroyed… "I did my bit".

    You can make a difference mates. You really can, even if you dont believe in yourselves. I do.

    I'll be standing right next to Nick. I will put my hand up and contest the local government elections in my shire. Forbes, NSW. If anyone wants to team up, or if you can help in any way, please send Nick an email.

    Cheers mates!!

    The road may be long but all it takes to get to the end is that first step.

  4. Dave &Tracy Moir says

    What a shame it's only in NSW, we live in Derby WA and would love to participate in such a cause, we are sick of having so called refugees coming into Curtin Detention Centre, we are being inundated with illegal persons and Australia is a laughing stock of the world, it's a joke, if we don't nip this in the bud now it will be too late.

    D&T Moir

    • Nathan Smith says

      Your time will come Dave and Tracey. We have federal elections coming up. Whats to stop you running for for a seat in the senate? I'm sure there would be many people over in WA willing to give you a hand.

  5. tigerleo says

    Here we go. It's about time. How do you find out if there's a candidate in your area?

  6. Steve Eisenberg says

    I would be delighted to assist in the effort, but I live 12,000 miles away.

  7. I wish the best to AAP candidate, the local N.S.W patriot let's vote for the candidates who protect nation out of the devil threats. If the candidate in my region, my family have to vote for AAP and I will tell friends support. There is only AAP can protect the border and people.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( a concern refugee, author of two books: the dark journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

    • Good for you, Hoa Minh Truong. And I will do the same as you.

    • Nick Folkes, APP Syd says


      Thank you for your supportive words. It is time for people to get involved and support APP. The situation for an independent Australia isn't looking too good at the moment. The Australian people are apathetic when it comes to politics – this has to change as deceitful and corrupt Politicians are taking advantage of our ignorance and laid back attitude.

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