Bob Hawke involved in selling Australian farm land off to China

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has been in the news again, this time for being involved in selling off Australian farming land to China.

As an ex-PM, Hawke has a whole lot of perks, with office, phone and travel expenses being paid by the ever-suffering taxpayers. The question was raised as to whether he was using his taxpayer-funded facilities when he was doing his wheeling and dealing to sell off Australian land to the Chinese; Bob Hawke refused to comment. It looks like Bob doesn’t think we should know what he’s been doing with our money.

During his reign as Prime Minister, Bob Hawke helped destroy Australia’s industries by dismantling our tariff barriers, he helped destroy Australia’s social cohesiveness by further wrecking our immigration policies, and then he helped destroy the promise of the “people’s bank” (the Commonwealth bank) by selling it off.

Hawke pretended to be a PM who was a man of the people, “one of the boys”, but he wasn’t; he was against the people, as shown by his political actions that were destructive to Australian society. Labor PMs like Hawke and Keating are just as anti-Australian as Liberal PMs like Holt and Fraser; selling out the future of our nation. It is due to the actions of such men that Australia is being destroyed.

And now Hawke is helping to sell off Australian land to foreign interests.

Thanks Bob Hawke. For nothing.

The great labour leaders like John Curtin and Ben Chifley must be turning in their graves.

Thankfully there are people who are willing to continue on the pro-Australian traditions of men like Curtin and Chifley; people who aim to protect Australia’s future; people who intend to repair the massive damage caused by white ants like Hawke.

The Protectionists are the answer to our nation’s problems. Because Australia deserves protecting.

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  1. Jo Hinch Flitter says

    Bob Hawke – what a complete judas.


    More people need to get behind the Australian Protectionist Party – they – and they only – have our interests at heart. Reclaim our country for Australians and turn the bloody boats back. We have far too many needy people of our own to help.


    Bob Hawke, Keating and others are only in Politics for what they can get out of it – money and over inflated egos. Their primary interests do not rest with Australia- but, like the present day incumbent – flying around the world and kowtowing to interests that do not serve Australia well.

  4. Thomas Isaac says

    The problem is that far to many Australians are falling into the oldest trap in the world, 'DIVIDE and CONQUER",
    While the powers that be backed by the COURTS, MEDIA, BANKS, POLICE defend the rotten policies and statutes it will only get worse.

    Unless the Australian people unite as one and start to realize that we elect the government to serve us and not enslave us as they are doing unfortunately Democracy in Australia will be doomed, and will become a third world country.

    Most of the Australian politicians are traitors and endorse treasonable policies, that is why there is over 200,000 homeless Australian people and the numbers are increasing, due to mass redundancies and the flow on effect.

    The immigration policy must be stopped until such time there is jobs and affordable housing for everyone.

  5. Any prime minister who sells a farm to China "is a bum".

  6. "no overseas experience now sponsered by centrelink " is this true there are stickers of these going around cause i want a thousand of them and slap on the banks front door and a few other choice businesses

  7. Wasn't it Bob Hawke who set up a vast network of new bureaucracies & new PC laws, signed

    hundreds of new United Nations agreements, floated the Australian dollar, and allowed massive foreign corporate takeovers of Aussie companies?

  8. Unfortunately democracy in Australia has been hijacked by the two major parties and the Greens which are cointrolled by unelected officials. Positions in Govenance at all levels have been infiltrated and are controlled progessively by Party favourites. This gradual process has undermined our free society. International agreements over many decades have eroded the peoples control of our Country and, we are have been continually selling our assets ( Utilities/Farms/Businesses ) and spending the cash. Apart from the huge amounts we give away to third world Countries. In addition our Government's freespending is racking up huge International debt we will eventually be unable to repay as we will not own the assets to generate the income required to make the repayments.We are being taxed out of existance and personal assets are being eroded, just look at your Super fund. When will all the State taxes promised for elimination by the GST, be eliminated? Never? Just more and more new taxes being created by the Accountants in Treasury! Both major political parties pushed for the GST until it was eventually accepted by the people when Howard promised it would replace State Taxes or, not be distributed to those States that did not comply. Hello !!! What happened about this? It is time our Nation woke up to what is happening instead of being mislead with all sorts of compelling "News" from our mass media.

  9. Why are we so gutless.Watch and see and do nothing.But then again have we got a capable Leader ?

  10. Well this just makes my blood boil. What a disgrace. It's like the pie factory I used to work in, it got sold out to some Japanese multi national and then I got the sack for some Bangladeshi crip coz he works for cheaper. His name may as well have been bloody Osama. That was almost a year ago and I still haven't found work coz our bloody so called "elected leaders" are too busy rolling out the red carpet to Jihadis to help out a common man like me. And my ex won't even talk to me any more and barely lets me see my daughter. Coz she's too bloody busy with her new fella, who wouldn't you know it happens to be Muslim. Not happy with stealing my country and culture he also stole my bloody woman. Well I tell you what mate, you can have her, I still got my dignity, what have you got going for you Mustafa? Nothing. NOTHING.

    • Your not alone we all have our own sh*t to we have just been trained to hide it and put on a fake smile and be fake as every one else.

  11. It goes to show what a commo PM led Labor Party will do to help her comrades buy up this country and it's assets. She then sends another of her commo mates to make sure that before long the Australian flag is replaced with a RED one.
    The whole Australian Labor Party Caucus including Hawke should be imprisoned for treason, they have done not one thing to benefit the people of Australia, except to put the next 3 or 4 generations in debt to pay for their treasonous actions since 2007.
    They fall all over the illegal boat people with handouts, accommodation, all sorts of other welfare, and yet they allow the under-privileged real Australians, who in some cases fought to make this country what it was, virtually live in poverty. As for traitor Hawke with his "No child etc…" Policy statement when he was PM, nothing has changed.
    How do you convert a one of the top countries in the world to Third World poverty – install the Australian Labor Party. Come 2013 let's see if we can replicate the recent Canadian election results – only 2 left from previous ruling party.

  12. There very few if any pollys that are doing anything for OZ, throwing bullshit polices back and forth at each other trying to bamboozle the masses. Time to wake up they are only there for their own selfish reasons

  13. The Kuta Kid says

    "Thankfully there are people who are willing to continue on the pro-Australian traditions of men like Curtin and Chifley"

    WHO? Pray tell. they would get my vote and why are they NOT campaigning?

    • Hi Kuta Kid,

      We are campaigning. It is the responsibility of Austrians to get involved and stand as APP Candidates. The only way we will stop the continued sell off is for people to stand up and become APP Candidates. If you live in NSW, why don't you become an APP Candidate for local government elections?

      Your country needs you!

      • Give us information on being a candidate, how many candidates do you want/need? Come on we APP supporters can do better than the riff raff that are currently destoying OUR country. We want to take Australia back and lead it in the good way with AUSTRALIANS having the say on how OUR country will go forward. Bring the jobs home, bring the soldiers home , stop letting companies bully their staff, get the infrastructure up and working, on and on. I only hope that APP can grow and become a force for the government to be aware of. Why are we waiting for 2013 for the next election, what will be left to govern by then???????????????????????

  14. The River Styx says

    You have it right on Tony B. This is the most sickening thing I have heard in a long time and yes, Hawke is someone who could never keep his appendage in his pants. O yes, and an alcoholic to boot.

    In fact since Joe Bjilke Peterson sold most of Queensland off to Japanese interests, together with the White Shoe Brigade as they were charmingly called. These "Developers" who wrecked the coastline of Queensland forever. Keith Williams is one I know who was responsible and the now dead Christopher Scasse. Before this it was Bruce Small of Melvyn Star pushbikes fame, who came from Melbourne and who scarred the Gold Coast forever with those foul smelling canals, full of the oil slick of the pleasure boats, and a breeding ground for the billions of cockroaches, and other vermin like the Plastic People.

    Bob Hawke is another Australian who, with Julia Gillard, have enraged the ire of the Australian people. They are and have committed treason as I have said so many times before. It makes me feel like crying. What the bloody hell have we, the Australian people, ever done to deserve them. The Greens we need to abandon, the Liberals have Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop, for the love of God, what can we do? Who will bring them all to account. They are a bunch of spoilers, They are like Islam itself where the Islamic Trilogy says:
    "The infidel can be mocked, tortured, punished, killed, beheaded, confused, terrorized, destroyed, deceived, caused pain, insulted, enslaved, raped, made war on, subjugated, plotted against and humiliated".

    No wonder they are bringing Muslims here by the boatload, leaving others, who are not Muslim, but wait their turn to come to this country in an orderly fashion, some waiting for 8 or 9 years. They have been passed to come to Australia, yet they wait. I cannot understand how both political parties, and the Greens, can justify this abuse of Power. The Greens get a taste of power for the first time, and become the monsters of the Australian political scene. F— Wits, the lot of them.

  15. Enriching himself? At the expense of the Austraaaaaaaalian working faaaaaaaamilies? Why is anyone surprised, that's what those who climb to Labor Power via the Unions do.

  16. Eddy Seven says

    Well surprise surprise why doesn't that surprise me,another marxist piece of crap selling his

    own people down the drain.Well as far as i am concerened nothing will change untill you

    unite the masses and tell them the truth about this travesty we have for a government,or any of the present pretenders of international bullshit. we should be nationalizing or australianising

    everything not selling it. they are only looking after themselves and there own cowardly activities. they don't care, they are all communist atheist bastards with no regard what so ever for there own race never mind any other. Not one of them has had a decent job in there entire life and wouldn't recognize a shovel if you put it in there slimy hands.



    • Well Eddy what can us Australians do especially now that our firearms have been taken away and we can't ship them off or put them in jail when they can buy anyone off with their authority. No one is going to do nothing about it and bend over like they always do i am disappointed in my fellow Australians.

  17. Seems like selling out Australia and Australians is the biggest game in town at the moment.

    The Seven Deadly Sins wrath, GREED, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony are applicable to the situation we find ourselves in. Bob Hawke is certainly sinfull.

  18. Australia First has written to the Chinese corporation that plans the purchase, warning them politely that it ain't on, and calling on all Australian political enities, regardless of differences of opinion on other issues, to join together to fight this invasion. I have advised AF that Top End Aborigines will oppose this, and that I am moving back to the Top End to drum up opposition in the bush.

    In my opinion, this is the greatest threat of actual invasion in Australia's history.

    • Tony, I agree that we shouldn't be selling out to foreign interests, but I believe the biggest threat to Australia comes from Islamization … creeping jihad today, possibly violent jihad tomorrow. I'm angry that successive governments have run the country into the ground and we need to win it back at every turn.

      • Dont think that the left doesnt sell to the Arabs/Muslims/Jihadists also. Their airlines are undermining Qantas, are we still allowed to call the Emirates Cup the "Melbourne Cup"? And I think it would be worthwhile to enquire how much of Australian farms and studs they already own.

        And I agree with you, the biggest threat to Australia and the rest of western civilisation comes from Islam – we are experiencing a planned invasion (what else would you call an armada of ships full of muslim males in breeding age) as we speak.

      • The Kuta Kid says

        Selling off Australia to same is double evil. You know vast tracts of outback NT has been sold to Indonesians and Malaysians? And good farming land is being snapped up by the Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries?
        Nearly every state's utilities have been sold to overseas concerns. Water, electricity, etc.
        Want more info?
        This country is no longer ours.
        Next the govt. wants to "store" our internet and phone behaviour for 2 years which will also be sold to the highest bidder.
        EVERYTHING we do and own for money.

  19. Tom Isaac says

    For many years I was an admirer of Bob Hawke and wrongly beleived he would do right by the Australian people and restore our peoples democratic inalienable rights. How wrong was I?

    I was an ardent member and follower of the Trade Union movement and falsely beleived Unions were good for the people to protect our jobs and inalienable rights. Gain I was wrong.

    Yes I was one of the many, mamy, many mushrooms of Australian people beleiving all the lies and garbage fed to us by evil politicians like Bob Hawke, Malcom Frazer, Paul Keating, John Howard, Goff Whitlam etcetera who only appear to feather their own nests and future all at the expence of us the Australian Tax Payers.

    Fortunately one day I awoke and began to research and learn and the more I learnt the greater my fear became for the future of Australia and our peoples future which if we do not reclaim our inalienable rights as guaranteed to us in our supreme document The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 we will not have a future.

    Australian Courts deny us the people the right to use the Constitution in our courts. Magistrates, Judges and Officers of the Courts openly state our courts are State Courts and that chapter 3 of our Constitution, the Judicature, does not comply to State State Courts.

    Any one who disputes them are referred as vexatious litigants and activists, they are then unlawfully dealt with by the authorities and Courts, look at the persecution being dealt out to James Johnson and Julian Assange who rightly reported and exposed the corruption of many of our politicians, governments Federal and State and the legal fraternity and Judiciary.

    Australia is supposed to be a democratic country and in a democracy the people rule for the people and by the people. Unfortunately for us the people our democratic and inalianable rights and safeguards have been removed by stealth and have been replaced by Government Corporation Tyranny and is being enforced by the Federal and State Police Forces and Courts.

    We the people must unite as one and reclaim our inalienable rights. We can do this by demanding referendoms on any unjust laws, rules, regulations which have been and are being unlawfully impossed on us, we can also do it in upcoming Federal and State elections by voting for independant politicians and parties who will represent us the people and not give their preferances to the major political parties.

    It is up to us the people from this day on to reclaim Australia and our democratic rights. We can do it by researching and voting.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      and educating the people

    • Tom

      I can empathise with your words but I would like to clarify a point. The unions alone were responsible for the egalitarian prosperity we enjoyed in the 1950s and 1960s. Along with tariff protection, which ensured that 80% of Aussie jobs flowed from manufacturing, distribution and retail, the unions made sure we workers got a fair slice of the cake, and there was zero unemployment in those times. But the Vietnam War protest movement pushed our traditionally right wing university students to the left and from 1972 onwards these elitists joined the ALP and Unions, eventually pushing aside our worker union secretaries. By 1973 several union leaders were philosophy and political science graduates and would not know a worker if they fell over one. By 1976 they had taken over the ALP, and Hawke's union amalgamations enabled carpet baggers to take over the remaining positions. I resigned from the ALP in 1976, and the MWU in 1974. I wrote to Hawke but got no reply.

      You will probably recall that under Hawke, the unions began pushing percentage wage increases, which meant that low paid workers got tiny increases and highly paid workers (watersiders, metal trades, seamen etc.) got rich. This was the beginning of the widening gap between rich and poor. Keating widened the gulf, as did Howard. But by then, regardless of pre-election promises, both major parties seamlessly implemented the globalist agenda.

      My point is don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. We need reconstructed trade unions or workers will get screwed even worse. We just need to rid the nation of crooked union leaders, treasonous politicians, and globalist media and NGO owners.

      • Excellent point Tony. You obviously have a good understanding of the situation. I always thought it odd that the general populous thought 'Hawkey is a good bloke'. He is now an unofficial ambassador to China, making several trips there every year. It is similar with our current Prime Minister who has no idea about the worker. A former union high paid lawyer who thinks she speaks for us.

    • Carbonscam says

      You are right, unfortunately, I was in the same situation till I woke up and indeed researched, but one has to realise the bigger picture sure Hawke is a scumbag along with all the others you mentioned, it is the Media who are owned by the same dead corpses that report bullshit and crap-propoganda that confuse the people. The old tricks division, distraction,disinformation. UN- war criminals in Iraq, UN-war criminals selling drugs from afghanistan, UN-criminals invading sovereign nations! This protectionist party is good, has great policies, but as usual we are all divided (Not Good) For instance why don,t you join the Citizens Electoral council ? Or they join you, as well as the libiterian parties its only then, we will change things quicker and put the real criminals away!


    The most Western states have an easily forgotten character, so the enemy communist has used their habit to invade gently.

    In the cold war, both sides of international communist Bloc clashed with the free world in the hot spots as Vietnam, Korea, West-East German. However, after a global communist cradle Soviet Union and total of Eastern communist state collapsed. In the low tide of revolution, the communist leftover as China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Laos have to find the way for survival. As the Lizard, China, Vietnam have changed the skin, but the organ has not never converted, while the communist regimes have an foreign relationship and trade ties to the Western countries, they also concern" the capitalist is the number one enemy". Nowadays, communist couldn't create the war as before, but China, update communist country leader changes the invasion strategy:

    -China, Vietnam have used the western money, technology to built up the inside economy and military. After US president Richard Nixion came to China in 1972, following, US continues to develop the trade to China, actually under 8 years of president Bill Clinton, China gained more profit, even the US top national security technology sold. President Bill Clinton also used a China super espionage agent. Mr. John Huang in White House, Mr. John Huang attended 37 top security meetings, he also promoted the assistant for under secretary of trade. The espionage scandal discovered by the unknown cause, but US covered by the sexual scandal Monica Lewinsky. China has sent many espionage agent to the western states, actually US. It is the serious alert to the democratic countries.

    -The economic invasion strategy has become the communist tactic, China uses their money to buy the land, natural resources, business, company offshore. During the most economic faction in the Western states being help privately, but the economy of China is in government hand with free fund by people paid, so China could buy any property overseas with any price, so they could buy the share hold in stock market more, easily than any rich people. The rich people love money, so they could sell company, business, share hold to the China communist without caution, So China has spread the hand everywhere in the world, they bought land, property, mine, business, stock market…The China update invasion is the economy replaces the military, then in future, China will be the most powerful in the world. The economy helps the people invasion by the immigration law of Australia under the reunion, business, overseas student scheme.

    Australia has become the victim of China, the politicians couldn't recognize the danger of China, so both main parties Labor and Liberal have deserted a lot of priority for a great red capitalist China, time by time, the economy of Australia has been going to belong to China pressure, Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawk sold land to China and he also allowed more 5,000 China migrants after the Tienanmen square ( the most China students overseas are communist family background). The other hand, Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser born the multiple culture, a wrong policy, that has opened the way for the foreign force invades to Australia, actually China has used this policy for penetration people, economy, literacy…As a story of Lion, in jungle, no any animal could challenge, even lion died, its meat could be eaten by any animal, but the worms could. The US, Australia and the others democratic countries couldn't collapse, but the childish politicians could harm the country by the wrong policy.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author of The Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

  21. Bob Hawke should be imprisoned for treason, not using public funds to sell off our land. He will have no place in history as a man of honour or patriotic service. He was unfaithful to his wife, and his family too.

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