“We want an election now” rally: 1st of July, 12 noon, Sydney

The CATA (Consumer and Taxpayers Association) will be holding nationwide protests on the 1st of July, which incidentally falls on the day of the implementation of the carbon dioxide tax and the mineral resource rent tax. CATA has been the driving force behind most of the anti-carbon tax rallies around Australia.

The Nationwide rally theme is “We want an election now” Of course the people of Australia want an election now but more importantly “We want our country back”. The people of Australia are tired of the treason, dishonesty and lies perpetrated by both sides of politics. It is time both parties listened to the people of Australia and acted on our behalf with the national interest in mind.

For Parliamentarians to be legitimate representatives of the Australian people the national interest has to be put first which means turning our back on the disastrous neo-liberal globalist policies. Successive Labor and Liberal governments have signed a raft of unmandated United Nations treaties and conventions ceding sovereignty to a foreign dictatorial body.

The UN Lima Declaration has brought destruction to Australia’s manufacturing industries, opened our borders to incompatible Third World invaders, transferred technology and wealth to the Third World. The treaty is a declaration of treason and Australia should withdraw from this document which was designed to hand Australia’s sovereignty to the UN on a battered silver platter.

The rally is an opportunity to voice our opposition on a range of issues facing our nation. Never before have we witnessed such an inept and impotent government drifting from one disaster to another. Bad decisions, poor policy and run away spending have created an environment of uncertainty and insecurity. We need to put our Politicians on notice that we will not tolerate their anti-Australian behaviour anymore.

The Australian Protectionist Party is a principled political party calling for an end to the following disastrous federal government policies and signed conventions.

  • Rescind the Carbon Dioxide Tax and the Mineral Resource Rent Tax
  • Abolish government-funded multiculturalism
  • Stop Muslim and Third World immigration
  • Rescind the disastrous FTAs (free trade agreements)
  • Abolish 457 visas (visas supported by Liberal and Labor parties)
  • Withdraw from the UN Protocol on Refugees, Lima Declaration, Kyoto Protocol and Agenda 21

Location: Hyde Park, Sydney
Time: 12 noon to 3.00pm

The CATA is looking for Volunteers. If you can help please contact CATA direct at “cata@hotmail.com.au”

This rally is nationwide so please check the CATA site for nationwide protest details.

Here is the link to the CATA page advertising the protest:

Here is the APP Facebook link to the event:

Here is the Conservative Cafe Facebook link to the event:

APP members and supporters will distribute party material on the day. If you want to be involved please contact Nick Folkes on ph. 0417 679 972 or via protectionist.nick.folkes@gmail.com

Spread this rally information far and wide by informing your family, friends and neighbours.


  1. ringer from the west says

    One billion dollars for Afganistan Now we know where the refugees get their $15000 us from.


  2. Do not underestimate the flag of Australia

    The flag is a symbol for the country, for people of all citizens to respect the flag, should not be used indiscriminately.

    A minority comes from a region of Asia, they settled here and they have Australian citizenship. The self-proclaimed "leader" of ethnic minorities was often agitated using Australian flag during demonstrations organized against the singer, artist, clown views from the country they left to find arrived refugees

    Together to protect the flag of Australia and tax payers.

  3. To everyone !.

    There is a website of LAWYERS WEEKLY where I wrote a view point about Carbon Tax. You click a photo ( left side), there is some view points about asylum seeker….those I wrote before. I feel so shame while seeing the detention center for Australia's uninvited guests in Western Australia, the center cost tax pay up to $143M, inside likes a luxury resort center with bed, mattress, computers, telephone line, sporting courts…the employee is up to 700, but serve for about 600 guests at first. I saw the homeless people on Television, some lucky country citizens have to live with their children in car, tent…where is the tax pay go?. I wish the best to all for rally tomorrow.

    Hoa Minh Truong.


  4. History shows that you can cow a nation for some time – but be warned, eventually the worm turns with devastating consequences.

    I believe the time is approaching when Western populations will say Enough is Enough !

  5. Australian Federal Parliament is not the United Nations

    On 21-6-2012 a minority to Congress submitted to the Senate in Canberra "petition" ask Congress passed human rights laws of their country. Is a country in Asia, and the National Congress and pass motion same day (heard)

    Australian federal MP You also have to worry about many things: homelessness, poverty will after Carbon tax, mining tax. Increase in a robbery last week at the Victoria … that's what you have to worry about clearing rubbish MP right on your home country is this in Australia.

    Australia has more than 68 ethnic MP have time to worry about more than 68 human rights for their country or not? Congress is an representative for the Australian citizen and not the United Nations job.

  6. I'll be at the rally, can't wait. Me and my mates have made a banner: "JuLIAR – all that CARBON TAX has given you a FAT ASS" lol. Gonna show that leftard what the public really think of her.

  7. Soothsayer says

    A Somalian once told me that Islam changed the culture of countries. It was a strange comment because his family were refugees in Australia and had received all the benefits of this country.

    I look at the Islamic countries of Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Yemin, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and the list goes on) and I don't like what I see.

    I don't want Islam to change the culture of Australia because I know this country will become another basket case with a broken system that can't be fixed because fools really believe it is God's final word.

  8. Will this be more successful than APP's rally last Sunday?

    • The Sunday rally has been organised by CATA. The APP is merely advertising the event. It will be a huge day so make some time and join us in protest against the unnecessary and evil carbon dioxide tax.


    CATA is right, I don't trust UN & UNHCR at all. As an evidence, the Geneva convention on July 28, 1951 confirms: the refugee couldn't come back to where the fled and claimed the refugee status to UN and UNHCR in the refugee camp, even they couldn't contact to its embassy.

    However, a case of Mrs. Carina Hoang Oanh has to notify. She is a Vietnamese boat people, after became the resident in US and moved to Australia, she returned safe to Vietnam since 1987 and 1996 has started business successful in Vietnam. She became membership of Vietcong business organization. Actually on June 15, 2005, she attended a special course of Vietcong for mission 36 ( the mission likes a hand of communist overseas to abuse and attack the Vietnamese community refugee), she linked with a high ranking Vietcong cadre, Mr. Tran Quang Hoan, vice president of Vietnamese committee. She told about these into the Vietnam. net, a media of Vietcong.

    Mrs. Carina Hoang Oanh is not real refugee, but an asylum seeker, unfortunately, the UN and UNHCR appointed as special representative for refugee in Australia, her position likes ambassador of UNHCR. It is so, so funny and pointless. The UN & UNCHR act against their rules of Geneva convention in 1951..

    I am refugee, I feel so shame while an asylum seeker behaves the refugee in Australia. The Vietnamese overseas have strong reacted Mr. Carina Hoang Oanh in media world widely.

    I agree with ACTA to Withdraw from the UN Protocol on Refugees, Lima Declaration, Kyoto Protocol and Agenda 21, because UN and UNHCR have turned off its duty, without respect the code practice… that is just a case, but possibly, there is plenty of fraudulence hidden under the humanitarian program, so the most country have to pay for that.

    Hoa Minh Truong

  10. Alan Ling says

    This has been a creeping problem for decades. Unfortunately Aussies are to trusting of our political representatives and are prevented from easily finding out the truth about Political Parties intentions. This is due to the general past feeling of "well being" that everything is OK and, claims to the contrary being rebuted with arguments like "Reds under the Bed" ridicule, Hansonism, and jovial dismissal as "conspiracy theories. Unfortunately to many of the claims of legitimate protestors have been dismissed and the are mass media have chosen to support the socialist agenda to destablise our democracy with the end result we lose our sovereignty. Australians risk losing their freedom unless there is action by the people to reject Globalisation and the International Treaties that are destroying our traditional way of life. The current sell off of Rural Land to Communist China and other Countries with our Governments blessing is surely not in the National interest of the majority of Australians. However, the Left Wing International Socialists and Globalism supporters are making excellent progress by flying under most Aussies radar. Patriotic Aussies really need to get their heads "out of the sand" and be reactionary before it is to late to save our sovereignty and our traditional freedom.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      Yes. Somehow we have to educate the unknowing naive fools that are Australians. No offence people. It's true. They swallow the 2party preferred bull hook line and sinker.

      Organise QUIETLY letter box drops with flyers laying out the facts.

      As long as we advertise a political party we cannot be touched. And if said political party did not endorse the drop? Any advertising is free successful promotion of said party. Good way to hit the front page.

      controversy starts debates most times.

      could hit the front pages. no…. the newspapers are multicultural backers.

      Actually I wonder if people realise exactly what their support of Islam is doing and will do to our great land.

      Most Islamics are sitting there smugly knowing our ineffectual bleating is like piddling in the ocean. Especially the Pakistanis.

      And what makes me question the sanity of these people is that most Muslims want out of their countries to escape their hard lives. AND when they get here they want to change everything here to the same system they wanted to escape from in the first place. Its like they cannot marry the misery of their systems – islam – to the reason why they wanted to escape it.

      Then i wonder how many So called Muslims KNOW the truth about Their pedo prophet. too scared to leave islam because they might get killed for doing so.

      As for our land getting sold to all and sundry non Australian people who have no allegiance to Australia. We must seize it back. Nationalise Australia. Let the buyers prove to us they do not have any agenda other than to serve Australia. PROOF mate. not just words. Otherwise hand it over and get out.!

      We really have to stand up and get active. We have to get the ball rolling. Start running for the seats in political office NOW.

      Somebody do something concrete, Standing around waving a bunch of placards in the air might give the anger we feel a bit of relief but is not going to do much except get people pointing fingers and treating us with derision.

      The grey power of Australia are the ones to target. Educate them first. Flyers first mate.

  11. What a lot of you are missing including abbott and Gillard is that refugees and asylum seelers are mostly muslims and males and look well built and fed by the photos.

    This is part of the slow invasion of our country by muslims. Statistics show they are the fastest growing population in australia,having 6 kids each does help. In WA muslims have bought most of the abattoirs and going to shops like IGA, its HALAL meat or pay more for non halal which is fast dissapearing.

    Muslims are hell bent on the islamisation of Australia, if you dont believe me speak to genuine migrants that have come here because of the trouble they cause everywhere they go.

    We should all lobby our local members or walk on parliament house in protest but beware you will be branded racist by the gooddoers.

    • peter traine says

      Once muslim numbers become high enough we will be at a point of no return and the only option will be civil war. Watch Europe it will happen there first followed by the USA and then us. What a world we are leaving our kids.

    • I often find that the word 'racist' is bandied about by those who wish to silence people whose opinions differ from their own and stifle debate. This tactic was first used to great effect by Marxists early last century. These are dangerous times people. I for one will not be silenced! This is a free country and we should be free to speak our mind. Yes I may branded as an extremist by the socialistic zeitgeist currently holding sway, but I say it is they who are the extremists, programming our children with their politically correct mumbo jumbo,giving away our sovereignity to foreign powers, stifling freedom of opinion. Knowledge is power people-it is time to educate ourselves!

  12. Right now former PM Mr Hawke is co-ordinating Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu's bid to take control of 30,000ha of new irrigation land – and the attached water rights – on northern Australia's Ord River. He has the all-clear to use taxpayer dollars to organise foreign raids on Australian farms. The globalisation of Australia is a threat to our sovereignty, our economy and to our own food security in face of "peak" oil, "peak" soils, climate change and global population blowout to 10 billion in the near future. Enough is enough, and it's time Australia's woke up and became "xenophobic". Multiculturalism is diluting patriotism and fragmenting society so that governments have a free rein to do as they wish to our detriment.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      Hawke is another traitor. I would never have believed it of him. Money mongrel. Makes me bilious just thinking about it. We cannot buy land in any Asian country. Why the hell are we giving it away!

      Because it is a give-a-way. whatever the price.

      Get these people out!

      Hawke should be jailed.

  13. i agrre with all this article says.

  14. -Carbon tax and mining tax are the capitalist beaten as Karl Marx Theory, but those apply into a wrong place as democratic country of Australia. The taxes harm national interest, people and effecting long term into the society. The Australia is lucky, because the socialism has not control the army, police and beside having the other political parties, if not, they will apply as the same way in China, Vietnam, North Korea…

    -The multiple culture policy could help development country, unfortunately, sometimes that failed badly while there is some ethnic groups have used the tax pay money for creation the hatred, selfish, separation into the society, even corruption the funding's government . As an example, Vietnamese community staff in Victoria, in the period from 2000 to 2009 corrupted the money up to $ 2M from the sate and federal funding for multiple culture and people contribution and people contribution ( The corruption taken to magistrate court in three years by the volunteers in staff, but the Vietnamese's plaintiff solicitor misled, he replaced by the title Civil court, despite the Criminal court and the AUDIT did wrong, then the case doesn't solve yet. Now the plaintiffs are looking the government help to get back the money to public. I contacted and knew the plaintiffs, they are pensioners, the eldest is 90 years old, so they are not able to help government, they commit to provide the document if the authorities want to).

    – The UN and western states have made the terrible mistake, they have no distinction between the asylum seeker and refugee, so the asylum seekers returned safe to where they escaped and condemned. The asylum seekers have become the problems: people smuggling, fake marriage sponsorship ( using the loopholes of immigration law to make money), espionage, terrorist, drug traffic, cannabis plant, getting more family under the reunion visa…

    I am a boat people, Vietnamese refugee, I understood the people who fled their own country. I saw, heard, so I have to speak out to alert to Australia people. It is my second homeland, I have to protect.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author of The Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

    • The 2 million should be reocvered and returned to the Goverment ho had initialy provide these fund ASAP. How would tax payers feel knowing that their hard earnnrd tax dollar have been going to drain with out any valid justification ?

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