Hildebrand’s anti-Australian propaganda: Dumb, junk and tasteless

In yet another example of anti-Australian racism, the ABC has broadcast a dirty little show called “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”, in which trash journalist Joe Hildebrand spends his time taking four Indians around the country, bagging Australia and Australians.

Oh, but wait a minute, you can almost hear the multiculturalist apologists saying “No, they were just asking the question – are Australians dumb, drunk and racist?” Now, really, anyone saying anything like that would have to think that Australians really are “dumb”. The vilifying intent of this show was obvious from the start.

What if somebody made a show about black Somalians in Australia called “Dumb, Black and Violent”? Would the multiculturalists say it was alright, just so long as it was posing the question?

The bias of Joe Hildebrand was so obvious, just as the propaganda intent of the show was obvious.

To one Indian, Hildebrand says “I see you’ve stolen a towel from your hotel room; that’s a very Australian thing to do”. Just another example of anti-Australian racism from Hildebrand. Maybe he was just joking? Sure, maybe all of his anti-Australian comments were just jokes, maybe he’s not bagging Australians lots of times on his show after all, maybe he’s just misunderstood – or maybe Joe Hildebrand hates true blue Australians.

Joe Hildebrand obviously supports the ideology of political multiculturalism and is using this show to push his own agenda.

Members of the Australian Protectionist Party were asked to appear on the show, with arrangements made for Hildebrand to come along to see an APP rally. Except that the company producing the series, Cordell Jigsaw, were calling their show “Aussie Road Trip”. After all, would we want to help Hildebrand make a show called “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”? Hardly. They must have changed their minds on the show’s title; after all, it’s not like they would have lied to us or deceived us, is it?

Some types of journalists are well-known for lacking in morals, but surely anyone making a show called “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” wouldn’t be like that, would they? Or would they? We’re not saying they are, we’re just asking the question. After all, if Joe Hildebrand likes to ask his question about Australians, then surely Australians can ask their question about him?

The nasty racist title of the show was no doubt chosen so that patriotic Australians would get annoyed enough to watch it; but despite that, if you want to see an example of modern political propaganda, then go ahead and watch “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” – but be prepared for the snide anti-Australian attitudes and blatant bias it contains. But be warned, after immersing yourself for a half hour in Hildebrand’s dirty little propaganda film, you may need to have a shower afterwards, just to feel clean again.

Anti-Australian racism

A screenshot from the show “Dumb, Drunk & Racist”


  1. Hi. I am an Indian & have been here in Australia for 2 years. While I have read in the media that Australia is a racist country, I HAVE NOT ENCOUNTERED A RACIST here in Australia.

    Even if there might be a few occasions of racial/religious tensions in Australia, it is comparatively still a LOT lower than in other countries as I discuss below:
    – Malaysia (animosity between ethnic Malays & ethnic Chinese, animosity between ethnic Malays and ethnic Indians)
    – India (Riots between Hindus and Muslims such as Godhra riots in 2002, Bombay Riots in 1990)
    – Pakistan (Tensions between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims)
    – Indonesia (Attacks on Christians)
    – Nigeria (bitter animosity between various tribes)

    The above few countries mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. I therefore think it is HYPOCRITICAL to label Australia as racist.

    And by the way, Nick Folkes was RIGHT in Episode 2 of Dumb, Drunk & Racist when he said "religious tolerance is a 2 way street", because it is true that Saudi Arabia does not have a Christian Church.

  2. We keep working, our government keeps building mosques, I've had it. Our elderly don't get enough to live each week and these muslims get everything and more. Australia needs to wake up now, not tommorrow, not next week, for our governments are killing "our" country.

  3. The River Styx says

    Its about time Hilderbrand gets his lying, turncoat, treasonist ars into gear and ships out of our country. A few more insults to the country who pays his rent and he will certainly provoke the ire of those he may not like to meet on a dark night.

    He is the dirtiest and scruffiest person on television. and looks as though he just got off a boat with the invaders. He has neglected to mention that these Indian people are probably Muslim Indians and would say anything Hilderbrand pays them to say.

    My beautiful suburb has been trashed in Sydney. Picnic Point was one of the most tranquil and Anglo Saxon area in Sydney apart from The Shire. The invaders now have the biggest homes there, sometimes leveling three homes to destroy what was once a lovely environment. There is no parking space in the street for anyone who lives in the area. The driveways are blocking the owners of other houses from gaining entrance or an exit from their properties. And, you would have to have big guts to ask one of the invaders to move their cars please. We are threatened to be killed on an hourly basis.

    Hilderbrand should live out there on the coalface and see what Australians have to contend with every single day. It can be life threatening. But, no one says a word, they allow all the bullshit flow from the invaders mouths. I have had enough.

    I moved from Sydney, but the muslim hordes are moving north. Even little country towns have those kebab shops rising among the pie shops and the produce stores. The owners speak another language, and have chin strap beards or are unshaven with dark skin. I ask my fellow Australians in my new country area about these people, but I cannot write what our country people say about them. It is not nice, but they have hit the nail on the head. They just want them out. And the Greens, and Negative Abbott and Lying Julia. These country folk want to sweep the lot of them out.

  4. Hildebrandt is quite the little floozie – this despicable little piece of blatant anti-Western/anti-Australian propaganda was simply brown-nosing the ABC in order to be accepted at their bossum, everyone knows what they like. And it worked: He now appears on just about every ABC panel, even though – working for News Limited he pretended to be "conservative".

    What I resent the most is that I AM PAYING for this cheap prostitution.

  5. ringer from the west says

    Well all good left wingers work for the ABC.

  6. Thomas Farriner says

    I would not bag the ABC show too much. I thought the APP got some good air time on the second show. Most people would not have known about the APP until it was aired last week.

  7. The River Styx says

    Indians are not all Hindi, a lot of them are Muslims.

  8. It's a disgusting show. However I'll watch it for a bewildered laugh, just to remind myself how much contempt both Labor/Greens and the Liberal party have for Australians.

    Good on you APP for standing up for yourselves so well in front of the Villawood centre.

    Don't forget about the Stable Population Party if you don't have an APP representative in your electorate.

    Don't forget the Liberal party sides with Australians on refugees whilst frothing at the mouth to flood this country with legal immigrants. Which imo is a way bigger problem simply because the numbers are so much greater, about 13k compared with 200k+.

  9. Newman Behan says

    At least a million Indians were actually murdered by other Indians in the civil strife of Partition of 1947.

    How many were murdered in the 'civil strife' at Cronulla? Was it less than a million?

    A bit of perspective might not go astray.

  10. What amused me about episode 2 was when the supporters of the Greens immigration policy challenged the APP outside of Villawood, not realising that if the people luxuriating inside the detention centre were running the country, these supporters wouldn't be walking the streets bikini clad.

  11. The River Styx says

    Tony Abbot has shown us his manhood in more ways than one. Someone suggests we get rid of Gillard, and this is a great idea. However swapping her for "The Jesuit" is far from a good idea. He is a whinging, whining schoolboy, who has not mental prowess at all and he is a politician just as bad or as good as any other. Neither side of politics has any answers and have left their people in the lurch and gone on Winter Holiday. Leaving the people who pay for this to fight on alone. They are the rats deserting the ships.

  12. The Government doesn't care what we think. There are genuine immigrants who come here. They are those who come by plane, have a business plan and work for a living. I'm tired of having to support these future welfare cheats with my own money. Time to let Abbott have a crack and put down some hard policies. Screw the U.N. and its stupid arrangement. The people don't want it.

  13. I simply can't stand that muslims are dividing this country. Why are Australians so apathetic? Can they not see the writing on the wall? Everyone should be contacting their senators via email this morning demanding that all boats be turned around, our foreign aid to Indonesia cease immediately and no Centrelink payments/medical assistance to any immigrant who arrives in this country. The taxpayer has spoken.

    • oldschool says

      couldn't agree more… head them off… refuel them, offer medical assistance if needed and send them back, if they sink, they knew the risks.

    • Agree 100% but there are a minority of bleeding hearts, who by the way do not live in the areas these boat people are placed. Liverpool is the biggest multicultural city in Australia.according to the last Census. I have lived in the area since 1960 and now feel like a stranger, walk down the streets and all you hear is the babble of their language, Restruants, clubs, are the same,No where to relax. This is an English speaking country and to me, speaking in their own lingo in public places is Racist to me. Especially when I had two Grandad"s two uncles and my Father fight to keep this country safe for their future generations. Australia is FULL GO HOME Not for the scum that is invading us.

  14. Joe Hidlerbrand is just making a fool of himself by not telling the full story of the Cronulla riots.

    • oldschool says

      Funny how that little weasel failed to mention the number of aussies that were bashed in the aftermarth of the riots, anyone else remember the image of a guy walking down the street , when 10 to 15 lebs attacked and stomped him, or the guy who was stabbed so many times the blade snapped off in his back.

  15. Australians have never had the right to express their views about immigration.

    ( among many other issues ) Having our unreprepresentative politicians force their agenda on us is despicable.I think it too late to close the flood gates now but it obvious they must destroy our race, religion and culture in order to keep us divided and controllable as we get conditioned for the "new world order". ( global dictatorship )

  16. Yeah that'd be right, the ABC getting stuck into us true blue Aussies again.

    And speaking of racism, I recently lost my job at the pie factory. Got replaced by a Bangladeshi who works for less money because all he eats is rice and cabbage. Now that's discrimination for ya. A bloody Aussie can't even keep his own job from these invaders. And tell me – what the hell would a Bangladeshi know about making pies? Then our "national" broadcaster puts on a series telling us we're a bunch of dumb drunk racist tools. I've had a bloody gutful!

    • Soothsayer says

      Sorry to hear that you were replaced in that way. I've heard about this from other people. One woman told me an Indian women with quite good qualifications was working at an old folks home well under what the award was for someone with those qualifications. Basically the cleaners were on more.

      In my neighbourhood I see people from the Indian region distributing advertising leaflets to houses. That used to be the work of kids and pensioners. How are these people getting into the country if they have no other way of earning money other than leaflet delivery? Their taxes (if they pay any) are never going to cover the cost of the the health services, education for their kids, infrastructure, welfare payments.

      • My oath. The last thing this country needs is Asian muslims delivering leaflets to our homes. How easy would it be for them to just put a bomb in our letter boxes? It's a security scandal waiting to happen.

        And it's not just muslims and Asians either. The other day I went to grab a coffee and the guy making it was Ethiopian. Guys! This is Australia! What the hell would an Ethiopian know about making coffee?????

        • Hehe, that's quite funny. I'm not sure if you know that coffee originated in Ethiopia??

        • Hey Pete, you are seriously so ignorant!!! ANYBODY can learn how to make coffee! One just need to stick their head into something like a barrista course and make something for themselves to earn their living, not like you "dumbo" that can't do so!

      • The Kuta Kid says

        extremely good point. my guess is Australians will not employ them unless the task is menial

        • Baggie – don't know what point you're trying to make, but if you've come on here to make anti-Australian racist comments then find somewhere else to go.

          Kuta Kid – good onya buddy, exactly. We should make all the immigrants work purely in menial jobs, and once they've lived here for a generation or two, then we can see if they've assimilated to our culture or not. If they've assimilated then fine, let them work in whatever job, because they're responsible Australians, doesn't matter where they're from, coz we're not a racist country. We've got every right to watch 'em for a little while to make sure they're true blue, that's all I'm saying. The Bangladeshi crip at the pie factory, would you wanna eat his pie? I don't think so! You'd want a litre of tomato sauce with that mate!

    • Don’t know if you knew this already, but pies originated in Bangladesh

  17. Another powerful reason to privatise the ABC, and scrub out the lefties, and make the AEC, ( Australian Electoral Commission ) responsible for giving fool's tool's !, "make the voting", non-compulsory, and only for Australian citizen's over the age of "dumb", "stupid" and "loud mouthed" or usually 28 years of age.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      if voting is non compulsory then we would have MUCH Bigger electoral spending. also we would get even piggier yobboes in power.

      an opinion only


    A dirty little show called “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” broadcast on the ABC, a national television network has sent the dangerous message to society, destroying the multiple culture valuation. The racism does not only appear on the different skin, but in the same skin:

    -China communist regime kills, imprison and terrify its Falun Gong member and the pro-democratic activist.

    -India people treat badly to its untouchable caste in their homeland. However the India migrants afford the fair, equal in the western states as Australia.

    -The most communist government killed its people, same skin, victim is up to 100 million.

    -The genocide in Africa doesn't cause the racist, but the tribal ethnics.

    -For myself, Vietcong is same skin, but they had the worst treat: 6 years in 9 hell of re-education camps, I survived and the western states, the most white skin as Australia, different ethnic rescued and helped me to resettle anew life.

    I have seen the different skin people have lived peacefully in US, Australia, Europe, it is better than the non-white skin people live in the dictatorial and communist regime with their people.

    Does the Journalist Joe Hildebrand see those?.

    However the dirty show on ABC.T.V creates the racist and exciting the hatred into our multiple culture society.

    It is the dangerous show ever on the national channel. ABC T.V uses the tax pay money for destroying the social valuation and harm the multiple culture.

    I propose the APP will have to action by transforming the voices to the power with rally at the ABC T.V head office, they will know what the people want to and ABC T.V won't ignore the people's anger, so they have to broadcast the demonstration on screen.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author).

    • Hoa, all very good and valid points. Good onya.

      • “For myself, Vietcong is same skin, but they had the worst treat: 6 years in 9 hell of re-education camps, I survived and the western states, the most white skin as Australia, different ethnic rescued and helped me to resettle anew life.” – Don’t forget that they threw napalm and agent orange on children, women and elder. Nuclear bombs(japan), napalm, carpet bombing of “military” targets which turned out to be villages. Involved self in coups in many countries around world and similar. And yes, I have almost forgot, they helped you for single reason only, you were opposing communists, not because they loved you so much, or they were fascinated by viet. people

  19. Self hatred is a horrible thing. I am unwilling to join the leftard collective and do not subscribe to anti white behaviour.

  20. I am grateful the western states help a refugee likes me, a Vietnamese boat people in 1982. I recognize the great contribution of the western country for the humanity tireless. So they have no racist as ABC T.V show broadcast by journalist Joe Hildebrand. The world have very, very wrong concern about the white people, because the most western country are wealthy and freedom, they have been jealous by the other ethnics, most poor or under development. The bad concern" White people racist" has being poison world widely and become the habit long time, why do people have not speak out and fix it?. But the white people often open heart to help the others in the world on the natural disaster, war victim, famine, foreign aid program…. Even in US, candidate Barack Obama in the presidential election 2007, he has used the iron shield to prevent anyone in US attack his policy by the title racism, that limited the campaign of Republic and today, its shield is still being used into the next presidential election on November 2012.

    The multiple culture is good but some failed if some ethnic groups have not removed yet the wrong concern about the white people racist. I am yellow skin, have lived nearly 30 years in Australia, I came to US…so I concern, the white people have no racist, but some individual conflict could happen anywhere in the world, it is not enough to conclude the white people racist.

    Journalist Joe Hildebrand has to open the eye, his show is worthless and also destroys his reputation. The ABC T.V director and staff have to have the action as soon as possible to save the prestige and APP can have the legal action for claim the defamation.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Hoa Mihn Truong. I agree with your comment re; the ABC (Anything But Conservatives) Maybe you could write a letter of complaint to the ABC about Hildebrands show and let the bosses know exactly how you feel?

    • Hoa Minh Truon, you are a nice person and I am glad you are an Australian now. We Aussies just don't want our country's wonderful way of life and opportunity stolen away from us by those who are greedy, lazy and unkind. You, I and all who value this need to stand united.

  21. Bobby Stoner says

    Now don't be too harsh on poor scruffy Joe, he has explained in his own words that his journalism career has been now at an all time low. Jumping from grimy grotty little editorial jobs and only a guest on some obscure talk back shows.

    Obviously scruffy Joe is trying too revamp his career before, he comes to the stark realisation that he will be soon, standing in a queue at centrelink.

    Maybe and just a suggestion, scruffy Joe might have missed his true vocation as a tour guide taking over zealous Indian tourists through the highlights of Alice Springs. Scruffy Joe it seems has a very good rapport with locals and tourism in that town as suggested in this article.

  22. What is happening to this nation.
    When idiots such as joe are allowed to air this crap on tv.
    We need to really push the APP agenda further or our country will become a third world nation.
    I could keep on typing about what im an witnessing in my country but i would rather meet up with people and talk and get some real action happening.
    If we dont stand strong against all these issues we will lose and by the look of the last census Australians are becoming a minority.
    (Please let me know when the next meeting for the APP is and where.)

    • Terry Odgers says

      Nathan….where do you live? Your best course of action if you wish to become involved actively is to contact an APP state chairman who will keep you informed of all upcoming events and meeting in your capital city.

  23. Jealousy is a curse to Joe Hildebrand and the anti-Australian, foreign controlled dictatorship mass media including ABC nick named the Kremlin that tries to defame, destroy, demoralise Australians for the treasonous New World Order.

    Jealousy is; Australians being known as the nicest people in the world and richest per capita and Australia having the richest mineral base in the world.

    Joe Hildebrand's social engineering doesn't work racist, dumb and jealous best describes himself.

    Jealousy turns to hate and undermining the Australian culture to destroy it by social engineering is treason.

  24. Joe Hildebrand says,he is a proud self-identifying Jew who knows too well the suffering my people have endured.

    Why doesn't he extend the same rights to Australians to be proud self- identfying Australians who knows what our ancestors endured some in chains to make Australia great, the highest standard of living in the world within 100 years, next 100 years the richest country in the world per capita. Australia has never had war or bloody revolutions.

    Why doesn't he allow Australians the right to be proud to be known to be the nicest in the world? Why does he want to bag them out?

    Why doesn't he call himself an Australian? Maybe he isn't?

    Racist, dumb and drunk best describes Joe Hildebrand and ABC not Australians. He and ABC (Kremlin) should be ashamed of themselves for this hateful propaganda for the New World Order which is normal.

    A better idea would be a trip to India and show how Christians are murdered, the seven caste system -if you are born a toilet cleaner that's where you will stay and how they treat widows and leave them on the streets.

    Better still show the slums of India and how they are the most muliticultural, racist nation in the world and live in poverty, warfare, conflict and are racist with each other.

    • On you Joe …… inspire a bit more "reverse racism" in this nation. !!! I have witnessed racism against caucasian Australians on several occassions ………. go have a look down in Adelaide and their taxi industry …… or Darwin's Taxis and Petrol Stations …… tell me who is holding the RACIST bat in these industries ….. your lil self indulgent and biased show will probably inspire me to argue even more against ANY IMMIGRATION INTO AUSTRALIA until we all fix the problem we have already created in this country by way of EXCESSIVE MULTI-CULTURALISM !

      Cheers from Darwin


      • The River Styx says

        Were the Indian people in the tv program Hindi or Muslim? This adds another question to the the debate. Do they make this point clear in the program?

      • I agree with you Doc, NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS until we have no AUSTRALIAN homeless, no AUSTRALIAN out of work, a great education system for our future AUSTRALIANS, a health system that works for AUSTRALIANS. I can hear many of you laughing at what I have written, but isn't AUSTRALIA a great country that has been trashed by the so called current Green Labour government. How is it that the MINORITY make the rules for the MAJORITY??????

        • oldschool says

          could not agree more champ, how many families go without these days, how many aussie kids go without breakfast, the fact we have families not even knowing were the next meal, or bill due , is a abolsulte disgrace.

  25. Soothsayer says

    "Misogynists, liars, violent and Islamists" – I'm just posing the question…I'm not being Islamophobic

  26. <code>

  27. The River Styx says

    I once had a delicatessan in a Westfield Centre in Sydney. With blonde hair and I could speak German, most people took me for a German or some kind of continental person as we were called then. You would be surprised how many of our migrants from all over would come to me and said the worst things about Australians. Like, "They don't have curtains on their windows" or they are so "Unsophisticated" also that we are dumb and or crazy, but mainly we were called LAZY.

    I used to listen and then at the end I would gently say, "I am a seventh generation Australian, and I have never lived in a house without curtains, and I work in this shop seven days a week and I dont drink". They used to go as white as a sheet, then as red as a beetroot. What was funny was that, my husband was German but they all thought he was Australian. Racism is in every race. I have found it in every country I have ever lived in. I have never lived in a country that I can do as I please, as do the people who come to our country. In Turkey, I had to obey the law, same in Germany or UK anywhere, and some of the Indian people are really racist against us. I just laugh at them because they have nothing to point the finger at us, knowing the conditions in their country and in Nepal. The caste system is absolutely the most discrimination against their own people. When I lived in China I also found it there. Chinese ladies won't go out in the sun because it is not considered nice to have dark skin and this is why the north Chinese think they are better than the Chinese from the south. So, Australians, don't take any notice about people calling us racist, we are not. Every country is to some extent Racist.

  28. Indians are *** discriminatory against their own people, NB Brahmins and Untouchable, and have the worst inferiority complex of any race that I know.(I worked on the sub Continent for 5 months in 1973) but then anyone who has been there can see that and why. Racist comment ? I really couldn't give a *** if it is percieved that way or not – just that I'm not putting these comments out on Indian tv and expecting them to like it.

  29. Len Davis says

    Well you must know that Indians are the worst racists with their endemic Caste system. Millions of people (Dalets) are born into servitude in India and they cannot get out of it. It is as bad, if not worse than the old Apartheid system in South Africa. Yet the world says nothing – no sanctions or anything.
    Read some news from the UK that some Indians (who are the biggest minority group) have launched racist attacks on their British hosts. That takes the cake, these bloody migrants and their millions of offspring and imported extended families feel that they have now colonised the UK enough to start calling the shots. No wonder the British National Party is getting more and more support. No wonder that madman in Norway went crazy when he shot so many lefty young pollies.
    I was born and bred in the UK and we lived in one of the many communities that was overrun by Indian migrants. Those same communities are now miniture New Delhis or Bombays with native Brits being a rare sight.
    It is happening here in some Australian communities and when I see these buggers in our shopping centres dressed in their saris and turbans, it reminds me of the hell that we went through when they invaded our British communities.
    India is also one of the two countries that is putting our planet at risk with their burgeoning birth rate. At least China has a one child policy. India, to all intents and purposes, is encouraging more and more births thus putting more pressure on our planet's resources.
    Whilst I have to admit there is good and bad in all races and I have know some great Indians, but as a race, they should be blocked from coming to Australia due to the record they have of taking over communities. It is not just the UK where they have done this – look at Fiji, they even tried to take over the country. Hats off to that indigenous Fijian army man for having the guts to say enough is enough – it is our country.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Agree Len. It is not only Fiji that finally woke up to the fact that when 'others' become a numerous part of any population, particularly Indians and Chinese, they have a propensity for looking after their own kind while taking the jobs from the native population. Pretty much like what is now happening in Britain and in this country. The Solomons also woke up to what the Chinese were getting up to, that is why Federal police are still over there maintaining law and order.

      Of course I am generalizing here, but what needs to be remembered is this. When a nation opens its borders to 'others', unless that nation is prepared to assert its own culture and values as the road to citizenship for those who wish to settle, and upholds the rights of its own citizens over and above the 'others' who must be prepared to become a part of that nation if they wish for citizenship, and not be permitted to be apart from that nation as is now occurring under multiculturalism, then tribes will appear much as is occurring today, and the dividing line between them, with ghettoes of Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Lebanese, Pakistani, Somalian and any other third world people you may care to name, become larger with those tribes looking after their own tribes best interests over that of the nation that has allowed them to settle.

      Travel to any suburb of any of our capital cities and you will become familiar with how the demographics of whole suburbs or more, have been completely changed, and now impress as a mirror image of the countries that the local inhabitants have come from.

      This is not being a healthy society. This is dismantling the very system that Australians have carefully built up over a century and a half before some people in high places decided to change everything without consulting the populace. This is the road to disaster and so much social unrest that if not fixed could result in some kind of civil war.

      I am an ex-soldier and ex-policeman. Back in 1980 I applied for a Defence Force Home Loan only to be told by a bureaucrat, with an Indian name and probably not even born here, that according to her I was not eligible! To be informed by letter that I was no longer eligible for that which I was promised, and by a foreigner who in all probability had taken an Aussie's job, I felt two things; I felt betrayed and I was livid that a foreigner could dictate what I was eligible for.

      This is the Australia of now, and the future is set to be become worse unless we start to assert our own culture and values while ensuring that Aussies get first pick at any jobs on offer and that no group of 'others' who refuse to assimilate into our culture are ever able to lord it over us.

      • Hi Terry, you say you were upset that a non-Australian could decide if you were to get what you were entitled to. Well I fully understand what you say as that is exactly how I feel about having a Welshman (?) running OUR AUSTRALIA into the ground. Taffy was a Welshman Taffy was a thief and everything we value in this country is being destroyed as Taffy is also a LIAR.

      • Three cheers Terry. wish it could change back to the way it was. So sad.

  30. OzPatriot says

    You know what?

    Just let Joe go; no normal, average Australian would take his fabricated and doctored garbage as fact….unless you may viewing it overseas?

    Good, let them think we are Dumb, Drunk & Racist, then maybe our suburbs would not be invaded by the third world masses, changing them forever!

    What made me laugh the most was when Joe asked one Indian gentleman whether he thought Australians or Indians were better educated – of course he said Indians were!! This was not the funny bit though.

    If Indians think we are so uneducated, then why do so many of them choose Australia to be educated? We are a product of the same education system, are we not?

    Like I said, let Joe go; after this biased rot has run its' course his reputation as a journalist will be shot.

    It is plain to see that he is a patronizing, arrogant joke.

  31. An indian says

    I'm an indian. Am I arrogant, pushy and rude?

    Hang on, maybe there should be a show called "Immigrants: pushing into queues and not wearing deodorant" as a MP once stated in 2011.

    • Perhaps you're not 'Arrogant, Pushy and Rude', but if you'd ask a lot of Anglo-Celtic Westerners to stereotype the Indian race, it's likely this is what they'd come up with. Is it true? Well, that depends on the individual in question, which therein highlights my point. I doubt there'd be an Indian alive who'd be impressed if I travelled around India putting myself into situations where I was likely to encounter Indians that could be classifed as arrogant, pushy and rude, in fact, it would be most likely deemed highly inflammitory and racist………..because it is both of those. Absolutely there are White Australians that are dumb, drunk and racist, just as there are Indians fitting that exact same description, but I'm not going travel all the way to India to point that out to Indians in their own country, even if an Indian journalist invited me over there to do so.

    • The River Styx says

      Are you living in Australia on a Student visa or Work Visa "An Indian Says". You cannot be naturalized as you call yourself an Indian. As an Indian you will know your have the greatest of bias against your own people "The Untouchables". I find India has some of the most exclusive societal norms that are not in keeping with our society and therefore you have no idea what you are talking about. If you are a Naturalized Australian, then you should be thoroughly ashamed to say such things about my country who has given you a bigger gift than your former country gave to you. i.e. a chance to live in freedom, to earn a good living, a health system that you do not not have where you cAme from and free education for your children- even for yourself, which is not a strong feature in Indian society.

      You may note we do not have such a caste as "Untouchables" in my country Australia. So, if you are a naturalized Australian, please keep your fake opinions to yourself. Please go back home and live your old life style, in your own country. If you are Naturalized Australian – then tell me why? And, please don't take our generosity, our Health Care, our Free Education, our Centrelink payments when you become unemployed. Perhaps you are one of those multi millionaire Indian people who sometimes grace our shores, if not I don't understand you attitude and as so many of my friends have told me over the years and some are Indian as well, that they come from one of the most racist countries in the world INDIA.

  32. The ABC T.V has broadcast a dirty little show called “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”. I think the T.V has to do something equally with the poison that they inject to the Australia society and world widely. An apology is very simple word, it is not enough to cover up the damages of Australia Protection Party. The ABC.T.V's apology likes using a little bowl on the elephant head, so it couldn't cover its body. So I suggest the ABC T.V has to invite the representative of Australia Protection Party on an interview, that is fair and approval the democratic media level in the freedom country. If they don't do that, ABC T.V to be criticized by viewers, not only Australia, but the world. There is no room for bias, but the ABC T.V show has shown the racist to APP.

    I am refugee, a boat people, I have lived in Australia since 1983. I haven't seen the racist there, so I live peaceful, safe. If Australia racist, I couldn't stay nearly 30 years.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author of The Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

    • OzPatriot says

      Good on you, Ming, it is immigrants like you that we need here; those that are willing to stand up for this country!

    • The River Styx says

      Good on you mate, too right you are just the kind of people we want to migrate to our land. Thank you so much and you are positively right. When I saw they were even presenting a program like this, I could not believe my ears. And yes, they do need to give the other side of the argument and I hope someone from APP is given the same amount of time and in the same time slot which would only be fair. I comment to the ABC all the time, but never get a reply and at one stage I was totally banned from sending emails and Channel 9 put me on their list as a very scary person for telling the truth. I still keep writing, but they never answer me. Much like our government.

      It makes one think what kind of a person like Mr. Hilderbrand, has the right to stay in our country and say these things. Where does he live? In the Gutter perhaps. This is a very big country with some of the greatest minds on earth and there are many. And, yes of course we do have some drunk and dumb people, but this is not the multitude of Australians.

  33. Maybe Hildebrand could do another of these shows, a series perhaps, examining different cultures. Since Indians have had their go examining us, the next installment could be entitled Indians – 'Arrogant, Pushy and Rude'………….not saying that they are, just posing the question.

  34. He is a moron he is the racist towards his fellow Australians I do not even like him on the 7.00 pm report he is just a fool

    • The River Styx says

      Or on QI. I am writing to the ABC to complain about the program and Joe Hidlerbrand. I hope you will all follow my lead.

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