The Voldemort tax

In yet another outrageous move against free speech in this country, the Labor government has brought in new rules to stifle businesses telling people their views on how the carbon tax has affected their prices.

Businesses face fines of over one million dollars if the government deems that their staff have wrongly blamed the carbon tax for prices increases or have supposedly exaggerated the carbon tax impact. If businessmen can’t pay the fines, or won’t pay because of moral principles, then they could be sent to jail.

Really? And who are going to make these determinations on whether the carbon tax impact has been exaggerated? Government bureaucrats, that’s who. They get to pick out the political heretics and persecute them. Putting freedom of speech into the hands of governments and their bureaucrats is always a recipe for disaster and sends us further down the road to a fascist state.

Remember that it is these same politicians who are responsible for the multiculturalism laws, which were created to fine and jail Australians for saying things that are deemed to be politically incorrect (both the Liberal and Labor parties had a hand in that little piece of multiculturalist fascism). Thanks to them, ordinary Australians face fines and jail for voicing their opinions about the realities of multiculturalism and various aspects thereof.

In a move worthy of Communist China, the Labor Party has re-cast the Carbon Tax as “The-Tax-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named” (a concept familiar to anyone who knows of Lord Voldemort, from the Harry Potter series).

Electricity bills are expected to go up by about 10%, due to the carbon tax. It will also affect freight prices and a whole range of other costs. Who is to say exactly how much the compounded effects of the Carbon Tax will affect each business? What is this, anyway – the Carbon Tax Vilification Law? Currently, there are political laws which make it illegal to criticize Islamic society, Third World immigration, homosexuality, and now we have another political law to add to the list. Can we expect similar laws to stifle critics of other government policies too?

In a democratic society, freedom of speech is of paramount importance; in a fascist society, it is something to be stifled and banned. The multiculturalists and “rainbow fascists” dress up their political laws as “vilification laws” or as laws to stop people’s sensibilities being “offended”, but whichever way they spin it these are still laws against democracy. Living in a democracy does not mean being wrapped up in balls of cotton wool; it means being part of a society where the cut and thrust of political debate is carried out by all sides, where people are free to voice their opinions, no matter who claims to be “offended”. Many Australians are offended by multiculturalism and Islamification, so why aren’t the politicians dragging themselves off to jail? Because their so-called “vilification” laws are not about people being “offended”, they are about silencing political enemies and stymying political opponents.

Banning criticism of government policies is something you might expect in nasty places like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, but the political multiculturalists are trying their best to mould democratic Australia into a fascist state; it is being done gradually, bit by bit, so that it is hardly noticed that we Australians are losing our rights slowly but surely.

These laws are the first signs of the rise of fascism. Make no mistake, the fascists of modern times will not appear in our suburbs wearing uniforms and jackboots; they are here already, wearing business suits and sitting in our parliaments, paying lip service to democracy whilst denying citizens their rights, jailing their political enemies, and passing laws to strip us of our freedoms.

The rights of Australians need protecting. Protest against government authoritarianism by joining with the Australian Protectionists today!

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  1. The River Styx says

    Our problem is we could normally throw out a defunct government and get the opposition in their place. Today we don't dare do this because they are made up of a bunch of liars like Abbott and self interested people like Christopher Pine and Julie whatshername from Western Australia. They have wasted 12 months of opportunity by disrupting our governmental processes, ruining the reputations of innocent people, allowed the people smugglers to take control our our borders and made a laughing stock of Australia to the rest of the world and this has a lot to do with the stupid Greens, especially the hysterical Sarah Hanson Young who does not have a clue about Islam and wants to bring them in unabated to destroy our land. She is such a fool.

    But she is not alone!!! There are many like her and Australia is poorer for their increasing numbers.

    Rob Oakeshot and to some extent Tony Windsor have been the only voices of reason in our parliament in all this time of the "Hung Parliament". They recognize the opportunities lost and Rob Oakeshot would make a great Prime Minister. I live in his electorate and he is well liked and does his job well, but continually frustrated by the political dead heads in Canberra.

    The APP needs candidates to stand, and we need to have them now. Six weeks before an election is not good enough and I am not suggesting we do this, but this is how it very often goes with all political parties. People come out of nowhere and end up having a say in our government and once elected, we could have this person for the next twenty years. This is not a perfect set up in any democracy.

  2. The only right we have in this so called" GREAT" country is the right to remain silent!!!…
    Remember;… In Italy it's called Family, in America it's called Mafia and in Australia it's called government!!!!….

  3. michael monroe says

    Labor, Labor have you any of my money?

    Yes Sir, Yes Sir how our coffiers are overrunning.

    There's lots for Africa and Indonesia too,

    300 million for Burma and a billion or so for Afghanistain, courtesy of you.

    Labor, Labor, is there any of my money left for me?

    No Sir, No Sir, there's nothing left for whitey.

  4. BTW about freedom of speech.

    Does anyone else has impression that Andrew Bolt's and some other conservative blog websites are being jammed?

    I wonder who would do that?

  5. The River Styx says

    The government has been well and truly sprung with the Smugglers Paradise revealed on Four Corners last night. I know as we all do the Liberal Party would do the same or similar, we can trust neither party with our Australian destiny. They have lost their way. Even worse, the Greens seem to be aiding and abetting these criminal smugglers and it is not just this trade they are into. They are running guns, control the drug trade and the prostitution and sex slaves in our country as well. Our society is sick to the core and there is no leadership any more. Power struggles are all the politicians care about. Slandering one another every day in parliament. We long for men and women of dignity and vision for our land and for the future of our children. We need leadership that does not shirk its duty and has the guts to stand up to the behind the scene players they bow down before. We need leaders who are honest, reliable and the heart of a lion. It is not easy to stand up for what is right and I cant remember when any politician last did such a thing. Always watching the polls, watching out for their electorate, spending the hard earned taxes of their people on things the people don't want. Why should our people go without the things we used to take for granted. Like, prices to be stable, every child had a good education, hospitals that work and care for patients, doctors who don't rip off the system and patients who are hypochondriacs who over burden the system. And the queue jumpers who, when they settle in our country bring all of their family out to use their medicare cards and these same people also abuse Centrelink. The people smuggler, Eman, has four family members living in government housing in four different homes and It is common knowledge, yet our government does nothing about it. Australians wait years for a home, yet these gangsters and their families go first. I am sick at heart for our country. And sick at heart about the abuse of our citizens by our politicians. 55 thousand children sleeping on the streets and the invaders walk into our country and are allowed to take over. We have all had enough.

  6. Are we going back to the Dark Ages????

  7. Terry Odgers says

    euro……when we comply with their dictates we all lose. There are many more of us who strongly believe in freedom of expression than there are those who would have us zip our mouths to placate their view of how the world should be. Don't allow any unelected or elected official dictate to you about what you can and cannot say or even think. We are right and they are wrong, it's as simple as that!

  8. Sorry, cannot speak my mind anymore. Neither can you, or Andrew Bolt….

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