The real story behind the Skype Affair

Most Australians hearing of the scandal going by the name, The Skype Affair, would be familiar with the basis of the story which is centered on the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and revolves around a young female cadet named ‘Kate’ and the antics of a male cadet, with whom ‘Kate’ became a little too familiar.

While this incident would have not been made public by the Commandant at ADFA and would have been, as all other non-criminal incidents are, dealt with through a system of disciplinary channels – which is necessary in any military establishment that wishes to maintain a disciplinary standard – a standard required for military cohesiveness, or esprit de corps and morale purposes. However, and despite this fact, cadet ‘Kate’ decided to breach protocol and go ‘public’ with her story, which the public are now familiar with as the Skype Affair, which not only brings into question cadet ‘Kate’s’ fitness to become an officer in the Australian military, there are also several details about this story that have not been made public.

One of those details is that Stephen Smith, the current Defence Minister, is an affirmative action man and a person who believes quite strongly in social engineering through political means. He also believes that women should have the ‘right’ to serve alongside their male counterparts as front line soldiers in combat zones. Anyone who has been following the Skype Affair would also know that on the same day that Smith publicly lambasted the Commandant of ADFA over his perceived handling of cadet ‘Kate’s’ complaint, Smith also chose to launch his political agenda of affirmative action by emphasizing the role that he wished women to play as front line soldiers. In short, Smith used the perceived ‘crisis’ of the Skype Affair to his political and ideological advantage, by choosing, and not based on any facts relevant to the case, to stand down ADFA Commandant, Commodore Bruce Kafer, who was resisting Smith’s and other politicians interference into ADFA, and the military in general. It must be stressed here that none of the politicians now advocating front line roles for women have had any military experience!

Those readers who have no military experience, unlike the author of this article, must realize that in order to have a strong and effective fighting force that can guarantee this nation’s preservation in times of conflict, there are certain traditions that must be adhered to, and that having females in combat roles, in submarines, on ships, or other places where males and females share working and living quarters is a recipe for a dysfunctional military. To date, there has been recorded over 774 incidents involving issues based on gender or a sexual nature within the Australian Defence Force, where both genders co-habit and have done since affirmative action was first introduced in the 1990’s.

Those who are also familiar with how ineffective our police forces have become since affirmative action was begun around the same time, and how feminizing the police has also increased crime levels and anti-social behaviour, particularly by our young ones, and across the board, would also realize that once time-tested traditions are abandoned on the altar of affirmative action no good can come of it!

The Australian Labor Party is heavily into all things politically correct and the Human Rights industry. The Liberal-National coalition are also embracing some of these destructive to Australian culture policies and are really no better than the rabid left wing radicals when it comes to not being seen as a ‘traditionalist-conservative’ political parties. The coalition also supports affirmative action for women in combat roles, yet the question has never been answered by either party: what military fact agrees with women serving on the front line and as apart from rear echelon roles?

While the APP does not support the use of women in front-line combat roles in the Australian military, the party does recognise the reality of international relations and believes we must learn from history. There are numerous examples around the world which show the necessity of women being trained to acquire the skills used on the front-line, but for the purpose of defending the homeland should the situation dictate. The formation of National Guard, armed forces Reserves and Militia groups in many countries for the purpose of ensuring the freedom of the homeland in event of military attack shows there is a place for women to have the skills and preparedness of frontline troops. However, to avoid women troops being misused by any future government, their role should be strictly limited by law, such as by constitutional amendment.

The APP does not support women in combat roles in any branch of the Australian military, and apart from those positions that were once held by female soldiers, sailors and airmen, prior to the destructive policy of affirmative action, does not envisage women risking their lives in place of their male counterparts. No nation has women serving in combat roles and a precedent in 2005 has already been set by the Israeli military which withdrew their female soldiers from the front line during the war with Lebanon and have since refused to reinstate their role. A valuable lesson was learned in this exercise and our current crop of ‘progressive’ politicians would be wise to learn from it!


  1. rigorously said. Yes it is true story of Skype Affair…

  2. Jake,

    Please explain your comments. DO you know Kate’s true identity? If not how would you know came up if you googled her name. Everyone is entitaled to an opinion but I suggest if you do not have merit for that opinion you keep it to yourself.

  3. Jake2308 says

    Ever googled your name to see what comes up? If only Defence recruiting did this with ‘Kate’ (not her real name) they would have found a few reasons not to recruit her. To have her comment on the latest Defence ‘scandal’ just shows the lengths that tabloid journalism like The Australian will go to for a story.

  4. Women should not be put on the front line, they should be at home acting like women I don't want to go over seas and fight for a man like woman at home whom cant cook why have our woman turned into men it gross

  5. Defence member says

    Women have equal rights so dont try to dictate where should they work and where not. As a defence member I am quite happy and dont have any issues.

    • As a former defence member I say to you women have no place in the line.

      • Defence member says

        Thats why you are a former member and more than 10 yrs past I am still current. People like you don't last long in Defence

        • Voice Of Reason says

          To supposed defence member…

          That was just a rude and stupid comment.

          How long was the other person in the defence forces? 10 years? 20? 30? I don't know and neither do you.

          Besides which, there are a lot of members of the defence forces, past and present, including people who have served longer than you, who don't believe that women should be serving in front line combat roles, in the infantry in particular. For good reasons, not because of bigoted anti female discrimination either.

        • Terry Odgers says

          Well come on Defence Member, speak your mind and tell us why women should be used as cannon fodder in front line duties. Tell us all why you believe women could be as good as men on the front line. You can tell us can't you?

  6. Devon Warrington says

    Very well said!

  7. fabianism at work again.

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