Destiny Magazine Issue 9

Destiny Issue 9

Issue Nine includes:

  • Free Trade Agreements — It can be done, but is it moral?
    Andrew Phillips looks at the impact of free trade agreements upon the future of the Australian fruit-growing industry.
  • Quotes of note — Economic protectionism
  • Aussies Forever!
    [Verse composition]
  • Quotes of note — Journalism and the media
  • Dark days ahead
    Terrence Odgers considers the dark possibilities of internet censorship by governments.
  • The destruction of our nationhood
    Chris Steele gives his opinion on the impact upon Australia of the mass immigration programmes implemented by Liberal and Labor governments from 1966 to the present.
  • Working collaboratively to build a stronger nation
    An interview with Joshua Ferguson on issues facing Australia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Our other Anzac Day
    Terrence Odgers tells of his Anzac Day trip to Villers-Bretonneux and makes the point that there are many times and places where our military forces fought that should be remembered.
  • Neville the useless patriot
    A look at some of those who say they will be in the fight to save the nation, but who then create an easy way out for themselves or who are otherwise useless in the real fight.
  • I wanna be a Neville!
    [Some verse by The Bandicoot]
  • The Kimberley Column
    Gareth Kimberley gives his views on some of the issues that have been happening around the country.
  • True Finns: More success for patriots in Europe
    [A look at the successes of the True Finns party in Finland and of various other patriotic parties overseas.]
  • The democratic foundations of Australian nationalism
    Andrew Guild looks at the historical basis for the democratic impulse within the ethos of Australian nationalism and as part of the wider context of Western Civilisation.
  • Letters to Destiny

Australia, land of sunshine, land where I first drew breath,
My love for you is woven into my heart till death;
The smell of gums and blackboy, the earth baked ’neath the sun –
The land seems like a part of me, our destinies are one.
~ Ray, from “Song of Australia”, 1945

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  1. why does not the gillard charter a plane and fly the last lot of boat people back to indonesia. i can imagine an afgan muslim interviewing for work as truck driver arriving for interview in a would be one sure way of keeeping on the dole. like the 600 or so on cocus and keeling island still getting full pension. i am staggered at the gillard government sending navy to welcome the boat people and escort them to xmas island

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