Anzac Day forever (2012)

On this day, we pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country.

We salute the memory of those who fought and died, were wounded and suffered, worked and sacrificed, all in the cause of furthering freedom and protecting the future of their people.

The lives of our military personnel who served on our behalf will not be forgotten. This day is sacred in their memory.

* * * * *

However, we realise that there are those who want to undermine the traditions of this sacred commemoration. Recently some multiculturalist bureaucrats wrote a report saying that the upcoming 2015 centenary commemoration of Anzac Day was a “double-edged sword” and a “potential area of divisiveness” because of multiculturalism, and that it should be changed to make it more “culturally sensitive and inclusive”.

If we let the multiculturalists get their hands on Anzac Day and change it in line with their “political correctness”, then Anzac Day will become a shadow of its former self and be turned into just another multiculturalist propaganda event, more like “Harmony Day” in uniform.

We should not be surprised by the low act of multiculturalists trying to change Anzac Day, trying to destroy its original meaning. Multiculturalism is, by its very nature, an anti-national and destructive ideology. Multiculturalism claims to love all cultures, but the reality is that it is an anti-national political ideology that undermines whichever nation is foolish enough to give it credence.

The treacherous nature of multiculturalism means that it will not only attack and undermine our Anzac Day traditions, but that it will attack and poison the national body from within, just as a parasite attacks and poisons its host.

Radical socialist types, more extreme multiculturalists than most, want to put the boot into Anzac Day as well. One article in the Green Left Weekly said “The cult of Anzac Day is pervasive, the culture of war unavoidable. … Anzac Day helps the rich get richer by blurring competing class identities and interests. … Some Anzac apologists ritually claim to condemn war … Wilfred Owen, the anti-war poet, called this “the old lie”. Anzac Day is a big part of that old lie.” Anzac Day a cult, a lie? With multiculturalists in Australia like that, who needs foreign enemies?

We must join together and reject the destructive ideology of multiculturalism, to ensure that Anzac Day and all our other institutions will survive.

Gemma Jones. “Anzac centenary could be divisive”, The Advertiser, 26 March 2012
Phil Shannon. “Dissenting look at militaristic myth”, Green Left Weekly, 26 June 2010


  1. RightWingEye says

    Dont worry if lefties down talk anazc day more people will support right wing movement

  2. The report into ANZAC Day is just another pathetic excuse from the Gillard whore and her spineless ministers to buy votes. We need a government who will stop kow towing to these immigrants and send them back to where they came from. John Howard fixed the problem – bring him back.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Pat…with all due respect to your patriotism, John Howard was part of the problem of why we are constantly inundated with illegals and have been since the United Nations 1951 refugee legislation was signed onto by our dim witted politicians.

      He had the opportunity of repealing the very legislation that has binded this country into accepting the United Nations legislation on refugees, and chose not to, which would have freed up our own parliament into deciding what to do with those that come here un-announced and unwelcomed, and not become subject to United Nations dictates.

      While Howard may have temporarily stopped the boats coming here his lack of action in legislating for the protection of future generations of Australians against unwanted immigrants, by disbanding the United Nations Human Rights legislation, has enabled the Labor Government to continue importing illegal immigrants. If Howard had thought long and hard on how to protect our borders for decades to come, he would have repealed the 1951 United Nations Declaration of refugee legislation.

    • The River Styx says

      No need to use this filthy language in speaking about our Prime Minister. It does not wash well with other women at all. We may not agree with this woman, but there is no need for your venomous expression to boil out of control about our Head of State. Sure every country needs to stop kowtowing to these extremist terrorists which is effecting Europe, Britain and us too. All Politicians in most countries are tainted with the same disease. And you are carrying on the venom of words when not necessary. Use facts, use historical and present if you want to mount a real argument. You sound so anti feminist.

      • Kay Treble says

        Gillard doesnt deserve respect shes never earnt it and shes not a leaders bootlace only place she deserves is a boat back to wales see if they will take her back

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