Faceless in the city [burqas in the street]

A report from a member of the anti-burqa group, “Faceless”:

The men and women of Faceless made their debut in Sydney on Monday, 2nd April 2012. Members of the public were left speechless upon seeing a contingent of people wearing burqas making their way through the busy streets of the city.

We spent hours traveling the city footpaths. Along the way we encountered many people who questioned what was going on. We explained to them our mission for the day – to test security at a variety of city locations.

We entered two banks to test security. The banks we entered had stickers on their outside windows advertising the need to remove helmets before entering the bank. We had no problems entering the banks dressed in our burqas, even though we were a party of seven. Bank staff including security, were suspicious and looked worried but were afraid to challenge us in case they might be branded ‘racist’ or some other inappropriate label.

When we entered the Downing Court Building security went into overdrive and asked us to sit down while they questioned us. The two female security guards admitted they hadn’t seen anything like our group before and were concerned about security. At least the Court security was prepared to challenge us on the premise that security is paramount.

We stopped at an inner city pub for a few cold beers. When members of the group entered the toilets no questions were asked to prove our sexuality or identity. Whilst only females from our group went into the female toilets, no-one would have known if one of them was a man dressed in a burqa. This hypothetically proves a pervert or criminal could enter the toilets without being stopped.

Our last stop was NSW Parliament House. We arrived at the entrance of Parliament and were stopped by security. The Security Constables informed us that we could not enter Parliament and would have to wait for the senior security manager. The Manager of Security finally arrived after nearly waiting for one hour and would not give us a reason why we could not enter Parliament. We decided to move outside to Macquarie Street.

While waiting on Macquarie Street, a car passed by with two Muslim men waving their fists and yelling abuse at us. The two Muslims parked their car, crossed the road while continuing to yell and scream at the group. When they reached our side of the road, their rage continued and then they started to demand we remove the burqas. We would not remove the burqas nor would we move our ground. One of the attackers pushed and spat on one of our photographers. During the attack, pushes were exchanged and the one wearing the fake Versace glasses grabbed my niqab. The assault was caught on camera by the media. During the heated exchange, the Muslim men continued their intimidation and told us, “You will all be bashed”. In typical fashion the aggressors assaulted participants and also threatened us verbally. Despite all this, the police who were present at the time did not arrest the Muslim attacker — maybe assault and battery is no longer an offence when it comes to certain minority groups and issues of “political correctness”?

Zubeda Raihman from the Muslim Women’s National Network said, “I think it is pretty offensive because we live in this democratic country and we are given the freedom of choice”. This is strange coming from someone who adheres to a political ideology that has never respected freedom or democratic principles. I am offended everyday when intolerant people demand we tolerate their offensive behaviour and ideals.

Our message was well received by the Australian public and media. The outdated and incompatible burqa poses many threats to civil society and raises many security, criminal and cultural concerns. The time has come for NSW Parliamentarians to act and ban the offensive burqa.


  1. i see many people here blame government. i have one question. why cant you vote them out and establish the good government before it is too late?

  2. Do this……
    1 Go to your local clothes shop and buy a white tee
    2 Buy a thick black nikko and write ” What about the burqa” on front
    3 Go buy a balaclava from the army disposals
    4 Go to your local bank and put balaclava on and walk in with keycard in hand and make a withdrawl
    5 Stay in bank till the cops and media arrive…..lol

    End of issue, burqa banned, over, dusted,lol.

    PS. I would suggest that you ring the local police station when outside the bank and tell them what you are about to do and that it is a peaceful protest.

  3. FYI covering the face is optional in Islam, in fact nothing in Islam says you should cover your face !! Why can’t they follow Islam only and not their culture ..

  4. Next time you should walk the streets wearing Ku Klux Klan robes and masks. I mean, if Muslims can cover their faces, why not other people? Why can't everybody choose to wear whatever they want?

    Or is it only unacceptable if white people do it?

    • I dont think Muslim will be worried about Ku Klux Klan robes, you need to be careul with Afros now.

      Blacks are now breeding like rabbits now.

  5. Trevor says

    Read most posts and most are right I think we are going down hill real quick. what we need is some democracy and a right of say by the people, an Australia type card with electonic voting and the facility for people to put forward propositions on any matter.

  6. Sacha Listel says

    Good on you,however if you were attacked why did you not give them some back,these arrogant intruders?

    Did you know that in WA a whole swimming pool is closed once a week in summer for hours so that the Muslim women can swim without men looking at them and yet their men purve on our women all the time.

    Try telling someone you are a christian in these arab

    countries,in some places you will be jailed or worse,

    send them back before its too late,look at England now.

    • Good on you,however if you were attacked why did you not give them some back,these arrogant intruders?

      Why should we lower ourselves to their thug and chest beating standards?

      Best thing to do is make them look bad….

  7. The Muslims that come here have NO intention of ever becoming " Australian " or being anything other than Muslim. They have no wish to assimilate , in fact its against their religion to mix with non believers.(non Muslims) When is this insidious creeping culture, who have a long term plan to make Australia another Muslim country, going to be stopped from telling us to change our ways ?? The Labor Govt with all their PC rubbish ,the news, controlled by people that take money from their O/seas masters. The Police who are handtied because they have all the PC rules . Who is going to stand up to this cancer?? Only us , the little people at the bottom !! And if we don't complain, chivvy the Polititions, make a noise NOW, it will be too late in a decades time !!

  8. aussiepete says

    Mate, It's called tolerating intolerance

  9. European says

    It's great to see that Aussies have the courage to oppose the spread of Islamic fascism. Here in Europe, no one dares oppose Islam after Breivik's dirty attacks. Well, maybe in the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, but thats it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Maybe in the future Australia can offer asylum to some of those Europeans who are fleeing the Islamic violence…

    • OzPatriot says

      Hi European,

      We love Europeans who emigrate and we would be more than happy to have you all.

      Luckily our country largely comprised of European stock – 92% to be exact.

      Dont hesitate to come here, in fact many peace-loving European Australians would really like to have more Europeans here – its what made us great in the first place.

      Good luck over there

  10. Its about time, someone had the guts to stand up and be counted, I applaud all that took part in this demonstration!

    • Its a national disgrace that we have garbage like Gillard as our 'Prime minister' not once has she ever had the decency to stand up for one thing, that this country was based on, instead, we have to tolerate a diatribe of drivel, telling us to be more tolerant, while Moslems, are just laughing at us and taking advantage of the cancer we call a government.

  11. I had a post that was deleted why APP?

  12. I admire and applaude anyone who sticks up for our Aussie way of life, God Bless You All 🙂

  13. The River Styx says

    I am in total agreement with you Renee. When I had trouble with this group I could not get any help from the state police, they would not even interview me at first. And when they did, the Muslims got to them first and they believed the 6 of them and not me. We really do need to engage the Federal Police and against Politicians too who dont listen to our pleas for help and simply overlook facts like this Burqu demonistration, and the fact that we are an unarmed community and the criminals have the guns and we know who most of them are. But no one will listen to the people. We are just racist. This is a cop out of the lazy politician.

    Police in Bankstown hardly ever leave their glass tower. They are never there when we need their help. We dare not use a phone to call the police because it would be grabbed and smashed.

  14. What's concerning about the events that unfolded on this day is the failure of police to arrest the muslim offenders who spat and assaulted the participants. We need to start with making the police force accountable for not taking action. If someone spat on a muslim or grabbed their niqab that person would be locked up by police in an instant, and the entire muslim community would be screaming bloody murder through the courts of Australia. You'd probably even find Julia Gillard making a formal speech about how "un-Australian" this was.

    We need to make a formal complaint to the Australian Federal Police-Commonwealth Ombudsman and take this action to the highest court of Australia if we have to. Only when we win a case like this will police and other authorities step up to do their jobs. Winning a case like this might also send a clear message to all muslims that the special treatment for them is over, no matter how many show up with their community muslim clergy people.

    • Typical cops, they fine my disabled son for riding his bike across the railway crossing ($299), and yet they didn't arrest those muzzies, unbelievable, no wonder a lot of Australians have no respect for the cops these day. The Police should get off their high horses and come down to earth and help the people who need it, afterall isn't that what they were trained for, to help those in need. This PC crap has gone way to far, and I am always emailing and annoying the MP's about it to, and will never stop speaking up. Renee and River good posts:)

      • Terry Odgers says

        Sue….while I have some sympathy for those who have found the police to be less than what was expected of them, the real blame for the lack of response from officers on the street rests with the government, which during 16 years of Labor Party rule politicized the police to the extent that is now very apparent to those who find their response less than helpful.

        Blame must also be sheeted home to the police hierarchy which has allowed the politicization process to continue unopposed, Commissioner Lauer being the last Police Commissioner to effectively resist the politization process then being undertaken by the police minister at the time, Ted Pickering.

        The street cops must follow directions as given them by their bosses who tow the political line if they value their jobs and wish to be promoted. No Australian police force is truly independant today as they used to be. So all that angst you and other commenters feel toward the street cops should be directed elsewhere, as the street cop today is truly the meat in the political sandwich.

  15. I do not like that word multicultualism?, neither did John Howard. We are Australians, the early immigrants mixed in, why not these later ones? The early immigrants worked hard, and didn't bludge on taxpayers money.

  16. Walter Horsman says

    I find it a little strange ,that all of youtube videos

    worked well . BUT the one item dealing with BURGAS, some how !would not work!

  17. Good on you APP….at least someone is trying to stand up for the decendants of the REAL AUSTRALIANS who died in wars to protect this country….something the gutless govts are too scared to do….I doubt most of the soldiers would have ever bothered to fight if they had know that decades later the country was being sold off to their killers….WALLETS AT 10 PACES….not a shot fired but the war is lost already….unless govts grow some balls….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK APP….we need you

  18. Len Davis says

    Typically not a single mention of this went on the TV news. It seems the TV channels do not wasnt to get involved in the most importnat political challange for the country – multicultirism.

    • It is typical of the media to not cover this story, they are all weak when it comes to fixing the political correct crap that goes on with muslims and their buqua's. I for one along with most Australians are sick and tired of these people wanting to come here for freedom and yet they still dress like they are in their country of origin, I say if they like that then why stay here go back, they are not welcome, they only bludge on taxpayers money anyway. I don't give a dam about pc rubbish if I want to speak up I do.

      • The River Styx says

        Again, as Terry mentnioned it is not the foot soldier journalist who makes the decisions. Nor the cop on the beat. These days, it is hardly even the editor but rather the owners of newspapers i.e. Uncle Rupert, you know that one who gave up his Australian Citizenship to become an American citizen so he could buy Fox! Now he has sold it to Muslims. So Muslims dictate what journalists can say there as well. It's the owners with vested interests, and politicians who do their bidding for them. It all comes at a price.

        News of the World told us another side of corruption in journalism with law breaking, and ruining peoples lives for money. They don't care at all.

        The police are no different from the rest of society, they love something for nothing. Why else would they overlook criminal activity in front of our eyes, and side with bad guys against innocents as they did on April 2, with the Burka Bandits from APP. Too much corruption, too little love of our country. Ego's as big as the sky. My Italian friends have a saying that sums it up "The Fish rots from the Head down". And that is a fact.

    • It was on the news. Channel 7 and Nine:

      Channel Nine:

      Channel 7:

      And it's all over the net, even a picture on the Washington Post website:

      Sergio even chatted with Ben Fordham:

      • Thankyou Martin, I don't watch much free to air tv, and I am not one to watch the news either.

        I will click on the links and have a look.

    • The River Styx says

      Chanel 7 let the cat out of the bag. But the lack of coverage is criminal. They stop the Australian people from knowing the real true about people who want to harm us. This is no joke, it is our lives and they hide everything from us. The Newspaper Barons must be in bed with the Oil Elite. Which make them prostitutes to their country and its people and they are not worth a cent. Shame on them all.

  19. Trevor W Sullivan says

    Dear friends of APP

    This is a courageous and patriotic stand you have made for all Australians and our children. The Lord bless you for it!

    May I encourage you to do what you do for the honour and glory of the Lord Jesus as well as for us. According to our history, our Constitution, The Westminster System of our government, our Flag, and the Bible on which we are nationally and culturally founded, He is Lord of all and Lord of Australia.

    He said to His disciples, (Matthew ch5) "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of


    5:10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for

    theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and

    shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

    5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven:

    for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

    In His service

    Trevor W Sullivan

    Nanango Qld.

    • Good post Trevor.

      God Bless Everyone:)

    • The River Styx says

      These men of Australia are very courageous and really show the cowardliness of our politicians and the police and the courts and the Newspaper Barons who sit in league with the enemy against the Australian People.

      I am so proud of you all and I thank you. Happy Easter.

    • God Bless You Trevor.

      Just had an encounter with a muslim few weeks ago and I questioned him about head scarf and covering. He asked me why a statue of Virgin Marie is more muslim looking and covered. If we are so much concerned than how come Catholics haven’t ban the habit for their nuns they are wearing from centuries. This has left me with no answer as his argument was that all the women are religiously devotee with primary human right of getting married and having family.

      I really need your help in case I confront him again and get into argument.

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