What is a Mosque?

A Mosque, according to the Macquarie Encyclopedic Dictionary, is a Muslim place of worship. What that simple and frank description conveys to the reader is that the Mosque is no more than a Church or a Synagogue. However, there is ample and readily available evidence to verify that the suburban Mosque is more than a simple Church or Synagogue and is instrumental in promoting Islamic ideology and doctrine, and anyone who has an understanding of Islam knows that Islamic ideology is completely incompatible with Western societal and religious standards, laws, and social expectations of the general Australian population.

Those unfortunate enough to be living within earshot of a Mosque will verify the early morning noise from the call to prayer and the heavy human and traffic congestion that follows, particularly on Friday mornings. They may also inform you of the anti-social behaviour they have experienced from the regular Mosque attendees and the spiralling crime rate that is usually associated with a large Muslim population that live on the fringes of the average Australian suburb.

Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch writes; “The noisy call to prayer [Muezzin] is an act of dominance and aggression. The louder it is, the better. Mosques were always supposed to be built in high ground, or in the most imposing spot, towering over churches and synagogues in the lands first conquered by Islam. Those aggressive skyward thrusting minarets were symbols of power, of dominance. And the same thing continued wherever Islam went.” [1]

Whilst it is recognised that old Christian churches were built in a similar imposing style, the important difference is that Mosques are more than a place of worship, but are centres of cultural and political change as part of a spearhead of Islamification into Western societies.

If you think that Mr. Fitzgerald is promoting anti-Islamic sentiment based on historical fact, you’d be right and the following will only confirm his thinking:

“The Mosques are our Barracks, the Domes our helmets, the Minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers……..” so quoted Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the current Prime Minister of Turkey, in 1998. [2]

The Mosque in any Muslim community is more than a place of worship. It is also a political and social centre where sermons and lectures against the infidel can be preached. Where responses to perceived slights by the infidel against the Muslim, as in the Cronulla riot of 2005, are also organized such as from the Lakemba Mosque, which has been readily identified as the staging point for the payback raids against the infidel over the following three nights after the riot. The Mosque is used as a platform for every fundamentalist Islamic group, such as Hiz ut-tahir, which is an Islamic sect and is proscribed in several countries as an Islamic terrorist organization, but still has free rein here. The group recently held ‘Muslim Uprising’ events in Sydney to proclaim the coming of the Islamic Caliphate. [3]

Once a Mosque is built the surrounding suburbs often become subject to being ‘conquered’ through the purchasing of nearby residents’ houses, either offering money to the owners who accept the offer, or by intimidation tactics against those infidel occupiers who refuse to move. The intimidation tactics have become a hallmark of being the underlying cause of ‘white flight’ from those areas the Mosques have come to occupy. Just ask anyone who has been forced to move from their suburb over fears generated through intimidation tactics, such as late night bricks through bedroom windows. One can only imagine the sense of foreboding by these acts that those who have been forced out of their homes went through, before finally giving in and moving. This kind of thing should never be happening in a country like Australia.

The fact that the NSW Police Force now has in place a special Middle Eastern crime squad should bear testament to the higher than average criminal activity that is so often mixed with violent aggression, that is usually associated with Muslim communities. These communities include a significant element that have a propensity for crime that our authorities have yet to fully appreciate and act on; meanwhile, the Australian citizen continues to suffer at the hands of those who refuse to assimilate, which can only lead to the assumption that they are here to take over.

There is an old Islamic phrase “Al islam deen wa dawla” (“Islam is both religion and government”) which means that Islam is not just a religion, it is a complete religious, social and political system, and as most Westerners would agree, religion and government do not mix (at least, not to the overall benefit of the people). Yet we now have in place within our many systems of government, the active promotion and growing of a religious ideology through Human Rights legislation, which was purportedly enacted to protect religious groups, but actually assists Islam in dividing and conquering the land via the building of Mosques, the erection of which is actively assisted by government bureaucrats and their agencies that are now so restricted by political correctness and pandering to multicultural values, that it is taboo to even mention the so very obvious link between fundamentalist Islam and Islamic terrorism.

So the next time you pass by a Mosque, please remember that the impressive building you see before you is a statement of intent – to you, the infidel, your family and your property.


[1] Hugh Fitzgerald. “Fitzgerald: An act of dominance and aggression”, Jihad Watch, 12 February 2008

[2] “Turkey’s charismatic pro-Islamic leader”, BBC News, 4 November 2002
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan”, Wikipedia

[3] “Central Asia: Banned Islamic Group Hizb ut-Tahrir Continues To Gain Members”, 13 August 2007
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  1. Islam is a religion of peace. This is inscribed in the Holy Koran and in the teachings of the beloved Prophet (Pbuh). Generally, Muslims are very law abiding citizens who maintain high ethos in behaviour and trust. They just want to be left free to practise their religion and continue with their simple lives. At the same time they would love to maintain good relationships with people of other faiths by sharing their love with them. This interaction builds up a strong bond of friendship and trust amongst the fellow countryman. Nobody is forced into their belief system and a great deal of respect is offered by them to others belief systems. The Mosque of Islam is strictly a place of worship and education and not what some non-believers ascribe it to be. It’s absolutely sad that we see Muslim countries being bombed by the West for no apparent reasons, whatsoever. This happens inevitably without any provocation or attacks from Muslims. The West even go’s to the extent of manipulating attacks against itself just to find excuses to bomb certain innocent Muslim countries, in the process killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Now, who are the biggest terrorists in the World. When Muslims fight back, they are cast as extremists and terrorists. It’s time to closely study the teachings of Islam and it’s people and then express your views. This has to be done in a very fair and just way, not out of hatred and racism. The religion of Islam might change your lives for the better, who knows!

  2. Soothsayer says

    While we are on the topic of good books.

    I've just read Nonie Darwish's new book "The Devil We don't Know: The Dark Side of the Revolutions in the Middle East.

    All her books have been excellent, but I think I liked this one the most. I recommend it to everyone.

  3. I loved the church bells on a Sunday, I loved the chiming of the town clock day or night, but some people thought they disturbed the peace. If you think that I am going to tolerate some vile, disgusting yodelling of a call to pagan prayer or block the footpath for me to walk down then you are very much mistaken. Take your ludicrous, primitive, violent and depraved customs back to your own countries, they do not belong here. No counrty can survive with two sets of rules.

    • The River Styx says

      These are the things we all miss in our Beautiful Sydney by the harbour and sea. Unfortunately, our leaders do not share our despair for all the reasons you list Veronique.

      I rack my brains with what we can do but again I despair. They and their cult do not belong in this country or any one else' country on earth. They will usurp our country like they have done to others and Christians in the Middle East, the home of Christianity will cease to be.

      The German Pope does not seem to care either, he kisses the Quran, so did the Polish one before him and we wonder why. I don't hear any mention of these problems from any churches in our country.

      People are dying for their faith in Africa, Priests, Lay teachers, Nuns and many others hacked to pieces in raids by Muslims. Now the same in Thailand. The photos from Thailand will break any person's heart. I don't hear a word about it from the UN. Buddhist monks are being burned alive there, and little kids too. Movie Stars who represent the UN don't say a word either.

      What to make of it all I don't know? But something must give soon. The longer we wait the worse it will be. None of us can defend ourselves.

  4. The River Styx says

    Both books are really great source books and have used them extensively in my own work. They are easy to read and comprehend and a fountain of information. A must read for anyone wishing to understand the great problem we face with the invaders of Islam.

  5. When the Irish,Germans,Italians and Greeks,etc started arriving,we always knew they would fit in quite easily as their culture,religion and values are closely aligned with ours.Other than having surnames I sometimes can't pronounce,they've mixed in well,especially once they have Aussie-born children. Muslims,Africans and some Asians are another story.Take blacks in America for example,despite being there for thirty generations,they still don't quite fit in.They're more likely to be in jail,in gangs,unemployed and guess what…..its still always whiteys fault! They even talk differently.They can't string a sentence together without saying 'man' at least ten times. Europe is a similar story. The western people should have the right to say no.

  6. Off topic here,but been reading about racist magistrate Pat O'Shane,who clearly is unfit for such a job. There is an onus on judges to be impartial,and not have an agenda.With O'Shane,this clearly isn't the case. To accuse paramedics of racism against an African who was abusing them……what planet is she on? She's not too fond of the police who bring these cases to her court,constantly throwing out cases brought before her.She's a joke.One day her home may be robbed.Who will she call……..

  7. Skipping Girl says

    Cassandra thanks for your insight.

  8. Why are our abattoirs being bought out by muslims and

    meat killed Halal style, who asked us the majority what we thought about it.

    Now its halal, next they get in the council,then government and we are screwed.Muslims do not want to integrate,they live in the 10th century still,they want to take over,this is proven all other the world,what are we going to do about it?

    • The River Styx says

      Why, because we allow it.

      Halal killing of an animal is so cruel. You must have seen the footage from Indonesia recently.

      I have photos of men taking their lamb in the back of the family car to their local halal butcher. There is not a word in our language that will describe it.
      Also photos inside the killing house. It is a total shambles. It is so bad, I mean so really, really, bad. Just awash of blood.
      Also have a video footage of a Muslim having sex with a donkey taken by an American soldier with his comment. Not happy Jan!

      Still, we have to shut up about it. We are racist if we say anything about it. Our politicians should be forced to look at it and every Australian citizen should be allowed to hear what they do. Open government – bull s***. Cover up, Cover up.

      Beheadings of humans is a preferred kill for us by Muslims. If you ever get to see one of those, I would say, no don't look. It is so bad words cannot describe it at all. Last week in Philippines Muslims beheaded a little boy of nine years. What the hell did a little boy do to upset them?

      Barbarian comes from the Greek word Barberoi. (literally, "those who babble and we cannot understand". They were referring to the Persians at the time. They call themselves Iranians today. But, they are lovely people we are told. They hang little girls, bury women to the waist and stone them to death. Heartless bastards. But………..we are not allowed to say, WE are RACIST.

      There is a website you can go to and it gives the list of foods and there are hundreds of them.

      There are many, many more and they won't tell you so just check the packet it should be marked halal if it is produced this way.

      How is it that a minority can come into our country and have this *** granted permission to produce an article under these conditions. Next thing we know, there will be slaughtering allowed on the steps of our parliament. Maybe in the chamber. But we are not allowed to say. The Australian People are racist.

      LISTEN UP ALL POLITICIANS: Your Australian People who keep you in your job, are not going along with this. You will have so much trouble if your do not concede to the will of the electorate in every state of the Commonwealth. We just dont like it.

      In history, any King, Leader or whatever, when they dont listen to their people – they are thrown out on the same ears they refused to listen with. It's called "Payback Time".

    • The River Styx says

      Defender, They are being bought out because we sell it to them. Like we sold large tracts of our shoreline to the Japanese in the 90's. We allow it.

      Now we do know about it and have for some time now, about two years. And we don't complain. Every time we buy halal products, we support it.

      I am now Vegetarian because of this practice and will continue to do so until our governments halt this in our country. There is no reason for it except to bow down really low before the religion of peace.

      We are losing Australian jobs, and the halal butchers are using boat people who get the benefits we pay for them anyhow, and once again they laugh at us. Its a big racket.

  9. The River Styx says

    I totally agree with you Cassandra. Some of our own people truly believe we are against all migration. This is untrue. We need migration, and this is not the problem at all. We are not anti black either. But we are anti Islam – black or white. It is so dangerous. I married a migrant and so have many of my friends and relatives – very happily.

    We are called racist. To be a racist we must abuse a RACE OF PEOPLE. Islam is not a race, it is a cult made up of people from the Arabian Peninsular in the beginning and has spread through violence and promises of rape and riches and a Paradise for men to enjoy their deflowering virgins and little boys. Not my quote, but that of the quran.

    The people in this country who are racist – are the Islamic groups from many countries around the world, and no race in particular. They call us racist at every opportunity. However this is not the case.

  10. The River Styx says

    "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers"

    This is a quote from a Turkish Poem and used in a speech to the Turkish faithful.

    Is there any doubt about what is a Mosque?

    A Mosque is a military barracks which the Turks have used for their gathering place for centuries. It is where their weapons and explosives are stored during war and in carrying our their genocide of most of their neighbours and across the Mediterranean.

    Recep Bey is not joking!

  11. "Once a Mosque is built the surrounding suburbs often become subject to being ‘conquered’ through the purchasing of nearby residents’ houses, either offering money to the owners who accept the offer, or by intimidation tactics against those infidel occupiers who refuse to move."

    The grandmother of a friend of mine lived in a suburb where a mosque was set up, she lived very close to it. She had a visit from some very nice Muslim men who wanted to buy her house, but she didn't want to sell because she had lived there for a long time.

    They visited her a few more times, even increasing the offer. Then they stopped coming.

    And that's when the trouble started. First it was knocking on the door, but whoever had done it would have run away by the time she got there, over and over again. Then dog excrement was smeared inside her letterbox. Then she got threatening phone calls late at night. Still she didn't move.

    Then she got knocked down in the street. Then a brick smashed through her window, luckily it didn't hit her on the head and kill her.

    In the end she moved, she didn't wait around to see what the next level of harrassment was. What would have it have been? Knifed in the back? Killed in a "home robbery gone wrong"?

    This would be bad enough if it was one isolated incident, the one and only of its kind in Australia. But that is not the case.

    I have heard from others who have related similar stories from other areas with mosques, in more than one Australian city. And there are similar stories from overseas. This is an established pattern for when mosques are built and the Muslims move in.

    The increasing numbers of Muslims in Australia is a bad thing for our country. Anyone who tells you otherwise is kidding themselves.

    • Soothsayer says

      I've heard about these types of activities as well. Similar things are happening to Europe too, but more violent. Most likely the level of violence will increase.

      I've just discovered some good books for anyone looking into Islam more. Try Bill Warner's books: "Sharia Law for Non-Muslims" and "An Abridged Koran – The Reconstructed Historical Koran". His written style is very easy to read, and some of his witty insights are things I've thought – he just says it!

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