Some immigrants will never fit in

The author of this article was a serving member of the NSW Police Force until 2005, and while some of the incidents as mentioned in this article are largely drawn from memory, they are not allegations but are factual incidents as have been recorded on the NSW Police computer system. The incidents you will read about concern some of the actions that some in the Muslim community from Sydney have been getting up to during the past 15 years, while our authorities and media have gone to sometimes extravagant lengths to keep these public interest stories from being made public. This article also serves to highlight the growing threat to our nation that Islam is becoming.

During the autumn months of 1998, police from Eastwood Police Station took a report of several ‘youths’, trying to light a fire near the Channel Seven Studios in Epping. The time of the call was around 9pm, and as Channel Seven is located in heavy bushland surroundings and Sydney was experiencing a long drought, the call was promptly responded to. Upon arrival at the location attending police noted a number of young males of Middle Eastern appearance standing around a camp fire just inside a cleared area, but an area that was also surrounded by some heavy vegetation in close proximity to the southern extremity of the perimeter fence that surrounded the studios of Channel Seven. Details of the nearby motor vehicles that the young males had arrived in were taken along with the names of all those in attendance while the fire was extinguished by order of the police. All the young males were of Lebanese Muslim extraction who offered the excuse they were cold and wanted to ‘warm up’. Unknown to the attending police at this time was the penchant for some Muslims to use fire as an act of Jihad and this incident was reported as an ‘incident only occurrence’ with no further action to be taken.

During the latter part of 1998 the Station Officer at Eastwood Police station was working the night shift and trawling through the police computer system for ‘significant events’ which are those incidents of public interest that are recorded to be perused by other police throughout the state. Not all of these incidents are made public and are subject to police hierarchy censorship. In other words, if a Duty Officer considers an incident could cause inflammatory actions toward a minority group, that incident will not be released to the media, and if possible, is usually swept under the carpet. One incident which was of particular interest to the Station Officer at Eastwood concerned the ‘invasion’ of the McDonalds Restaurant in Sutherland just before closing time, by a group of young males of Middle Eastern appearance. Upon entering the restaurant they began shouting abuse at diners and staff and then proceeded to upend those items of furniture not bolted down and to take uneaten meals from late night diner’s while throwing whatever loose items were available at McDonald’s staff who were forced to retreat into a secure back area of the restaurant where they called police.

Several arrests were made that night by Sutherland Police, but the biggest concern that developed from this incident was the closing down of the Southern Emergency Radio Network for several hours due to excessive “call ins” on the emergency 000 telephone number which completely overwhelmed the system. I guess most folks are aware of how some Muslims like to use their mobile phones to call in ‘brothers’ as reinforcements, whenever they come under police notice. On this particular night friends and relations to those Muslims arrested at McDonalds were enlisted to call 000 and lodge a complaint against the arresting police. To state that this tactic was an overwhelming success is to indeed make an understatement. The emergency system was completely overwhelmed to the extent that anyone needing emergency response from police, ambulance or fire, had to call their local stations direct. And if the deliberate and complete shutdown of an emergency telephone system wasn’t bad enough the arresting police from this incident soon found themselves having to fight against unsubstantiated claims of police brutality at the hands of those they were FORCED to arrest. If not for the actions of the police union following this incident, several officers who had been involved in the arrest of those ‘invaders’ would have found themselves, not only out of a job, but facing criminal charges! Such is the leaning of the justice system today that any criminal’s word is as good as the police officer who has arrested him!

During this time, the notorious Skaf brothers, of Lebanese Muslim descent, who would in the year 2000, be incarcerated for an initial 55 years jail for rape and other degrading offences against Australian females, were beginning to cruise the streets learning how to entice young Australian women into their vehicle on promise of drugs or alcohol, and were, as one could say, just getting into their stride. Also at this time, another family of Muslim brothers, of Pakistani origin and now known only by their initials because they were under age 18 at the time, were, like the Skaf brothers, beginning to commit similar offences against young Australian women who were naïve enough to fall under their spell. To refer to those Muslims (who enticed their victims before humiliating them through degrading acts until finally gang raping them while calling them “Aussie Pigs”) as animals, is indeed an insult to an animal, as no known animal is capable of such degrading acts. It may gladden the heart of those of us who are aware of how some young Muslims operate within an infidel society to see those Muslims being locked up for their crimes, and crimes for which they seldom admit to. But in both these cases, justice was seen to be done only because the victims of these Muslim brothers were brave enough to testify in court and to withstand the sheer hostility of those Muslims who were friends and relatives of the defendants and who attended the trials in support of them. That some of these friends and relatives were not removed or locked up for contempt of court, speaks volumes to this author of how multicultural and therefore pandering, the judicial system has become. And it should be of grave concern to all authorities and law enforcement agencies which are charged with keeping public order that there is never a proper police presence in or around courts to prevent the outrageous behaviour that is so often displayed by some in the Muslim community whenever one of their own faces court. It should also be of concern to those same authorities that the Muslim community is now over-represented in all our correctional facilities, and that per head of population, their criminal actions now exceed all cultural groups now living in this country, including the native and white Australian.

Then in 2001, we had Al Quaeda declare war on the West by flying fully-laden passenger planes into buildings which were fully laden with workers. Since then there have been over 16 thousand Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide which the media and our authorities would rather that you know nothing about. That militant Islam is at war with the West there can be no dispute to those who get their news from uncensored sources. That the West is at war with militant Islam has never been admitted, and is not likely to be admitted by our authorities while the current politically correct and multicultural establishment continues to dominate national politics, media outlets and places of education. Change is needed and needed urgently to better reflect the true nature of current events.

Then in 2002/2003 and closer to home, we became aware of the two separate Bali Bombings by a sect of Islam devoted to killing the infidel which snuffed out the lives of over 80 Australians. These incidents occurred in Indonesia, a nation with over 200 million Muslims who are systematically being ‘radicalized’ island by island as this article is being written. But unless you are able to monitor non-regulated news sources, you would never become aware of what is now occurring within the borders of our nearest neighbor. I guess the authorities vested in keeping us informed of what is occurring around the world and in our next door neighbors’ back yard, do not wish us to overly panic at the future prospects of what a radicalized Islamic nation may do.

During 2002, the author had access to a ‘significant event’ which had been posted on the police computer system by a known colleague, a Senior Constable, who was then working in the north western area of the state which is sparsely inhabited and is mainly populated by owners and their workers of vast sheep stations. The event was concerned with a report received by the Senior Constable who had been called out to one of these properties by the owner who was in the habit of leasing out part of his property to some ‘Arabs from Sydney’ who would drive up from Sydney and spend the weekend on his property. This had been going on for some months until the owner heard live firing coming from that area he knew the ‘Arabs’ would be camping at. As he was alone at the time he decided to wait to investigate what they were up to until he was sure they had left the area and returned to the city. When he investigated the area where a temporary campsite had been set up he found ‘thousands’ of expended brass casings from short cartridge 7.62mm rounds, which is a designed round for AK47 type assault rifles. The owner notified the ‘Sydney Arabs’ not to return to the property by telephone and then called local police who attended his location to take a report. Apart from the mobile telephone number which was disconnected shortly thereafter, none of the names of the ‘Sydney Arabs’ given to the owner, or the plate number from the vehicle as recorded by the owner, could be verified by police.

No major terrorist incident has yet occurred within this nation, however, it must be remembered that several would-be ‘Muslim terrorists’ are now cooling their heels in Australian jails having recently been found guilty of plotting a terrorist attack against the Army Barracks at Holsworthy in Sydney. There, it was planned they would enter the main gate by blasting the security guards with automatic rifle fire and then kill as many soldiers and infidels as possible before being killed themselves. The weaponry these would-be terrorists had access to, were assault type rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition. While this would-be terrorist act has been another close call which the authorities have managed to curtail through a system of informants and intelligence gathering, this incident also exposes the farce that is the current Gun Control Laws of each and every Australian state. It seems that only the law-abiding are mistrusted and so therefore are denied access to semi-automatic weaponry, while the criminals or the Jihadists are able to obtain whatever they wish.

In December, 2005, following years of intimidation and assaults, which were sometimes deadly – to my memory at least two young Australian men were knifed to death, one particular murder occurring in Campbell Parade which is just off Bondi Beach – against beach goers at popular Sydney beaches at the hands of young Muslim men, a mass rally was held at Cronulla Beach in order to force the authorities to do something about the Muslim problem which had been continually swept under the carpet. Several Lebanese Muslims who must have either been oblivious to the rally, or were there to stir up trouble, were set upon by some elements within the rally and had to be protected by local police where they did more to protect the Muslims that day than they had ever done over the previous years of complaints to protect their fellow Australians.

The hue and cry following this so-called ‘riot’ from the multiculturalists and compliant media was, in the author’s opinion, outrageous and hypocritical. Those who screamed the loudest were those who failed to protect their own kind from the intimidation that had been going on for years up and down the coast, by young Muslim men, who would attend beaches fully dressed so obviously not there to swim, to intimidate young men and their girlfriends through sexual and suggestive taunts so as to initiate a confrontation, which would usually end in violence, with the naïve ‘Skippy’ being assaulted or worse, by numbers of young Muslims who would remain hidden until the fight started and then join in with their ‘brothers’ to beat up a ‘Skip’. Such is the mentality and cowardice of the gang member, whatever their background, to which the author can attest to the fact, that the lone gang member when in police custody is no hero.

This article serves to highlight a problem that is apparent to those who have had any adverse dealings with Muslims within their neighbourhood, or in other scenarios. This article has not been written to propagate the belief that the typical Muslim is capable of carrying out Jihad as it is generally the background the Muslim has arrived from that will dictate his/her religious perception as to how they will view the world of the infidel. Some arrive in this country and settle in while studiously avoiding any trouble. Some don’t. And this is the crux of the Islamic problem: The fundamentalist Muslims that follow Islam will carry out to the letter of Islam by following Islamic dogma which encourages jihad and subjugates the unbeliever and the Christian, Jew, Buddhist, etc, and holds them as less than a Muslim, and so therefore subject to conversion, to pay the Jizya, or possibly even to suffer death.

It must also be considered, that unlike the past where the children born to immigrants as Australians, from various backgrounds have largely assimilated into Australian culture, the Muslim in general, shuns any semblance of taking on Australian cultural values. No other group of immigrants have used religion as a crutch to exclude themselves from assimilating, and indeed, to abiding by Australian standards as those who follow Islam. It should also serve as a lesson that our current crop of authorities would have you, the concerned citizen, kept in the dark about how the majority of Muslim criminal activity is now being perpetrated by the children of Muslims who have been born here. This fact should also give pause to those who push the ideology of Multiculturalism that not all immigrants from all cultures will make good citizens. While the argument that so readily comes to hand from the multiculturalists is that all cultures have their criminal element, statistically speaking and as my own experience shows, per head of population the Muslim is over represented in all our jails. And these statistics may be applied to any Western nation that has been foolish enough to allow the Muslim to settle.

The fact that authorities have no way of determining which Muslims will become problems and which Muslims won’t has to be used as a basis for determining future immigration policies. Where we obtain our future immigrants from will in all likelihood go a long way in reducing the risks associated with importing those peoples who uphold their religious belief above Australian law and who refuse to assimilate or take on an Australian identity, while deriding at every opportunity Australian customs and values.

Having a larger number of Muslims in a Western society leads to a larger number of hardliners, which leads to a higher likelihood of terrorist acts. Because fundamentalist Islam presents such a clear and present danger, large numbers of Muslims should not be allowed to settle in any Western nation. After all, it is only in recent years, with the rise of the number of Muslims in Australia, that we have seen the arrest of a significant number of hardline Muslims who were intent on terrorist acts on Australian soil. Clearly, and as shown from recorded and recent history, fundamentalist Islam is the complete antithesis to what we as Australians hold dear and value, and as such, it must not be allowed to firmly take root in this nation.


  1. kickin back says

    I have recently been released from jail and before i went in i was an open minded person who believed that every one has a place in this country but after doing 2.5 years locked up with these people i dont see what we are doing letting them into the country they have and wont contribute anything and all they will do is rape our country for all it is worth.

    I am of australian born and proud,my parents are of eastern european background. I have copped my fair share growing up and gave as good as i got but at the end of the day we aussies fight fair, these guys dont.

    What this man writes is the truth.

  2. Australia Day has become a time for dampening overt patriotism for Australia, and for the media to warn us about being a "racist" nation. Although Australia must be one of the most tolerant mixed societies on the planet, celebrities are called upon to support our "diversity" and whip up guilt about racism. It's all about avoiding too much support for Australia, and toning it down so our government can continue with their multicultural agenda. The "racism" is obviously aimed at "white guilt". Australia Day is thus muted, for drinking, BBQ, a day off work, citizenship ceremonies and awards. Too much patriotism is seen as a danger to "big Australia" and ongoing mass immigration.

  3. Armedaussie says

    For ***** sake, why can we all see the problem but our gutless politicians won't do anything about it!!! We need to stop all Muslim immigration now!, what can we do?, how can we get this ball rolling?…. Are we just going to wait until it all turns to s*** and a civil war starts??… ******

  4. TrueBlue62 says

    Thankyou for a great article. Being an older aussie I find myself having great debates with the younger generation ( my adult kids) Through uni and the education system I find that they do not see or agree with our strong concerns in regards to Islam etc. This idea of Multi-culturalism needs to be researched and explained in depth as many of this next generation lack the insight to see where this will end up and lose what we have…..our unique way of life to be an Australian!!

    • Soothsayer says

      They will learn by experience. For a long time I agreed with multiculturalism and a diverse immigration policy, mainly because there was no counter argument and the belief anyone who disagreed with these things was a akin to a mass-murdering nazi.

      My life experiences when interacting with multicultural, diverse Australia were very different to the propaganda, and eventually you have enough and start to seek answers.

      Hopefully as barriers to discussing this are bought down the younger generation will have alternate viewpoints rather than the airy-fairy version they get fed by the government in schools and university.

  5. Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

    I couldn't agree more with this article. The political system of Islam and its adherents are incapable of integration into Australian society.

    The leftist elites supported by Labor, Liberal and Green parties continue to support the failed policy of multiculturalism and Islamic immigration.

    Overall muslim immigration into Western countries has only produced negative results. Muslims continue to be over-reliant on welfare, over-represented in crime statistics and now make demands on changing our legal system to accommodate barbaric sharia law.

  6. Soothsayer says

    I'm currently reading "Allah is Dead: Why Islam is not a Religion" by Rebecca Bynum.

    The author explains the difference between Christianity and Islam and how different civilisations were created by each one. It has clarified a lot for me and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more. You can buy it from Amazon cheaply as an e-book.

    I saw a YouTube interview of two Iraqi Christian women in the States, and one of them said to the interviewer about muslims 'for God's sake, work out what these people believe in before you let them into the country'.

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